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In need of someone who can script items


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I've got a few items that are usable and would like to script a few simple things on to them and am curious of the various people with the ability and their willingness to do it for free or a price of some sort.

Also I have a few questions about scripts that I'll ask to someone with the ability in person.

(if for some reason this is in the wrong section please move it to the proper area please and thank you, wasn't sure where to put it.)

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I've got the Root of the Matter Inn Guest book and was thinking of either having something like Awiiya's water can that lets people leave comments about their visit to the Inn or create a list of the room available with names next to the room number. Also I'm curious if someone can do something with my Brain but that can come later.

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I hope to -soon- be able to script, (once I get another wishpoint if I understand the process correctly?).
But I know a few programming languages, and can be available to bounce pseudo-code off of if anyone's interested.

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I can fiddle with items and have a script that's similar to what you want done at hand already.
Should be an issue of 5 minutes to implement it and change it to your likes, but i can't code any layout, just basic read-store-write.

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