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Ok finally its finished and I thank everybody who participated which technically speaking was everybody but particularly I would like to thanks those who where open to a interview or showed interest. As for the finished project I will be presenting it but not actually completely. There are a few things that some people want me to leave out and its my job to honor that since they where those people involved. With the MD party going on I will be holding off on sending it off to you because I don't want to interrupt anything and besides I have to make a few edits to make the abridged version of it.
This is by no means a thesis though so it pretty light reading for those who jump into it. I should have it done at least by the end of this month if not right after the festival. I'll edit this post and bump it once its there for you don't have to look for it. Thanks for your help and have a great MD birthday party.

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sry to rebump this post but there have been a few changes, Due to my leave of absence i was unable to finish and post this on at the time I wanted i apologize for that. On the other hand I look at this as an opportunity. My writing style has much improved in a year so i will be rewriting my findings and what I have also additionally found in the following months. The end result will be my hope to be better than my original report. I will also will be officially announcing this as my K document subject. So if anybody wants this ethnography send me an invite code via PM. The K doc I do have will be publicly displayed and i will try write a portion of it daily so make sure to check it often. I will most often be idle at winds sanctuary in marnid bell. I apologize for my grammar and spelling at this point because it is 5 Am and writing often help me get to sleep so I did some. If I made anything unclear please tell me so I can resolve it tomorrow when my thought process is no longer clouded.

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