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Fossil Contest: Fossil lines and explanations(round 1)


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here are your favorit fossil lines and there explanations, enjoy :)

if there are still some lines missing then please send me your fossil lines and explanations in-game via pm or in the forum!

[u][b]*Shadowseeker*: Line for contest[/b][/u]

Argh! My tokened ritual with maxed combo is just losing, although its 3 drachs and 3 angiens!!!!!

Funny because combat changes relatively fast, kinda like seasons- RJ returning back screamed the same when using his 6 drachorn rit, any other fossil would do as well with the strength, since right now it obliterates.

However, if something new gets introduced, it may result in everyone being stronger than that.

[u][b]Prince Rhaegar: contest[/b][/u]

fossil contest, my line was “when I was your age, Dst was a dude! “

it is funny cause, at start, current owner of Dst wasn’t playing Dst account, but player “No One”, and he is a dude (dst is a girl)

so... at first Dst account was a dude, now it is a girl :)

[b][u]Fyrd Argentus: My line[/u][/b]

My line:

What do you mean I shouldn’t have touched the pink flamingo before lubing my Pimp?

It is an extrapolation into the future, to show how absurd a fossil might find today’s weird rules and nomenclature.


Oh i must not have missed anything AL is in the same spot it was when i left, MD must not be moving forward.

Funny because when I was a young MP3 the MD world revolved around AL. I.E the wodin storyline, Khlazdad, Alche, Akasha...etc and now a days MD is focused on in-game advancements and features.

[b][u]Lifeline: my line in fossil contest[/u][/b]

who is this muratus del mur imposter?! i only know of king manu. damn kids these days even copycat the game creator.

explanation: mur made the mur account much later, was around as king manu before

[b][u]*dst*: My line[/u][/b]

I'm the Game Manager! You shall listen to me when I talk!
[Spell]Shoeps is unable to speak(17096)

Shoeps was the game manager until we got into a fight. He lost the position and eventually lost all his privileges. I did not respect his position and he wanted me banned.

[b][u]from Nimrodel: Explanation for my lines in Fossil contest[/u][/b]

Ibruzu(mya's 1st husband): hello there... Me: Oh hey! Ibru: Hows mya? Me: She's happy with darigan. Ibru:You mean Icephoeni2nd guy)? Me: No. Darigan(3rd guy). Her husband, Ibruz..

I chose the lines so that People could reflect upon the constant changes in RP relationships with time adding a bit of humour... Ibruzu went inactive for a long time... And when He was spotted, Mya was married to darigan, the third man in her life... :)

[b][u]Raven: Contest[/u][/b]

"So old but feeling so young again. Seems like I'm just getting lost like a newbie again and all the shiny new things... What does this thing do??"

Obviously because when I was newbie everything was so new and was checking everything and now after so much time it's practically same all over again.

[b][u]Sagewoman: Fossilized Line[/u][/b]

I've quoted everyone and anyone. Is there nobody I haven't? Surely you know of someone.

What Yami no Sakura might have said. She was famous for quoting people.

everyone and anyone are player names

[b][u]The Warrior: Fossil Medals[/u][/b]

"MD hasn't been advertising! There isn't anyone at Willow's!"

Funny because, Willow's Shop used to be a place for stat-grinders and meetings and such. Now noone is there because of the party.

[b][u]*Clock Master*:[/u][/b]

mcvitie has a new account. expect increase in population. double increase if they are twins

mcvitie dated a lot of people in MD. usually those relationships would end up with a child(another account from mcvitie)


Khalazdad: I am Father of Night , He Who Walks Amidst the Shades Amongst the Tombs, The Breaker, The Blood Drainer, High Chancellor of Necrovion Sentinels, The Bringer of Shadow, The half-dead, The Eater of the Weak, He who listens to the wind in the dark, Khalazdad the Black, The Master of Assassins, Speaker with Shades.

Newbie: k, dude, can I have a win?

It refers to people not knowing K any more these days as well as new players being more anxious for wins than for anything else.

[b][u]*BFH LIGHTNING*:[/u][/b]

Lady Isolda appears: "I love you Jonn, my EVil little freak paranoid evil inquisitor!... *wide eyes* wait my tag says that I should love without been conquered... upps..!!

Everybody knows that Isolda loved Jonn. So we can see a contradiction between what she felt and her tag.


Let me tell you the absolutely true and relevant story of Jack Willow and Helen Wasp. Oh! After that I'll tell you all about Hallowed Zenith.

The three names come from Ady's stories which made up the old Lore that was banned because it was being taken too seriously.

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