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I am back (and I am not schwarzenegger )

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Soooooo... let me first say HELLO ALL!
Now grab a drink and something for the sweet-tooth, please. :D

Anyhow, I am back... at this moment only on board. I have no idea if anybody of you here remebers me or not (I know I am not so remebarable so no fault on your side ;I ) but still, I feel I should explain a bit where and why I dissapeared for so long... (If you just came for drinks and cookies you are free to leave now, no hard feelings :D )

Anyhow, after all the buissnes things I had to take care for I got extremly sick and was actualy on my death-bed (couldnt eat for about a month, was able only to drink but was dehidrayted over the limits, wasnt even able to get out from the bed due to physical exastion and pain etc etc). Anyhow, to make things short at the end they dragged me into hospital and it was, well more or less last minute. After they discovered that I got pneumonia (due to my laying in the bed unable to move etc) they did some further tests and disovered a 10x8x5 cm growth on my ovary. They decided it must go out (naturally) and it should be a standard operation but when they opened me they were in for a disgusting surprise because I had numerous little growths all around my abdomen sticking onto more or less everything and on spleen and so on, so it turned out to be 6 hours long operation with me having only about 5% chance to survive. Wont go in all gory details of it... Anyhow, that was just a bit before New Year. Just last week I had the second and last operation and I got out of hospital just yesterday (with my tummy looking like a battlefield :( ). Anyhow, basicaly I am just happy to be alive and almost ok now...just need to take better care for me in future.

So thats one of the reasons why I was away for so long, the second one was, as I said work.

But now I would like to return, if you ladies and gentlemans would take ma back...

And well, lets for the sake of discussion saaaaay that you do... and advice please: Should I start totaly anew or pull one of my chars from the closet? Oo

Anyhow, how have you been??? Missed you all.

*hugs and kisses*

Post Scriptum: Sorry for all my spelling mistakes... been awhile... :S

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[color="#2E8B57"][i] I remember you!! :D and keep the old character!!!

Welcome back. :D *munches on cookies while gulping copious amounts of alcohol*
Im glad to hear that you are all better after that horrid ordeal you went through. Anyway recovery time = MD time!! [/i][/color]

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[quote name='LadyDawn' timestamp='1303268181' post='83085']
Wont go in all gory details of it...
Actually the gory details interest me... but if you don't feel comfortable divulging them, I understand.

Anyway, here's hoping that you won't develop more growths. Glad to have you back.

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