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Stock Inventory Check Up


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I am Stock Inventory for creatures that I have, and I want to make sure that I have everything accounted for in my page.

Right now, I am only concerned with recording where the Morphs went.

So far, I remember the following:
1 Morph sent to Shemhazaj for FB Contest
1 Morph sent to Crazy Mike for FB Contest
2 Morphs sent to Phear the Wolf-- [b]Need ID numbers[/b]
1 Morph sent to Eon for Tombola-- [b]Need confirmation and/or ID Number[/b]
1 Morph sent to Kamisha for BFH Tombola-- [b]Need ID Number[/b]

If Clockmaster could please PM me the ID of the Morph he received from Phear, that would be greatly appreciated, please.

The information is basically what the morph was for, and its ID for tracking and record keeping.

If anyone has any information as to any other Morphs sent from January to the present, sent by me for events, please state so here and its ID number if applicable. Thank you!

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..We are supposed to record the morphs? I kinda understand the need for the aramors, but the morphs have been given out a LOT...

I could name a handful of people who do own at least one now. Did Mur want this, or is this for your organisative purposes? (He could just pull a list after all)

ShadowSeeker- as from january till now, I never got one. My morph is ancient in those regards...

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No, no...

I have my own list containing ALL stock id, where they went, who to, and what for. I just have to update it, because I had forgotten to while doing so.

I just know I had sent a few morphs out for events, and I can't remember. I like to know where they went so I don't freak out and think that they somehow disappeared. I can account for... 7 I think, but I want to be sure.

Mur did indeed want me to keep a list, so this is both for my purpose and his as well.

I am going to edit my first post to look a bit more organized, now that I know what everything had gone towards.

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