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[?] Lost Wander's illusion: Zenbu

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[Note: Gonna add abit of actually reality into this so beware *ooohh scary*]
Edit: Sorry this is for my character Obier ID:49572

The remaining faint memories are clouded.... twisted and confusing...
Their truths and lights are turned into riddles and swirling darkness.

What I knew once all too well has been "Cleansed" and removed from my mind...

I remember nothing.

What is this place I see before me... This isn't right... This isn't the world I knew..
Where is the barren wasteland I hated?
What has happend to people I surely knew?

I curled myself up into a heap at the foot of the roman bust statue, It's piercing stare rained down onto me
as I began to shake violently in panic and fear, My emotions running about uncontrolled as I began yelling out
into this foreign land I knew nothing about or how I came to be here.

The creatures I've amassed and raised... Have they abandoned me?.

I scream once more, This time in argonizing. My body feeling as if I was being pulled apart and pulled
into all directions then crushed back into itself all on the same accord.
My hands vanished before my eyes... Only to reappear after I feel Myself on the blink of collapse.

Once again I find myself wondering the streets in confusion, Trying to find answers to my questions but only to come
back the the statue once more. Repeating the process.

I roared out as tried to hit the pavement to vent my frustation... to not avail as my hands cease to be. Only
to reappear clutching my head in pain.

Where did all this began? ... How did all this came to be? ... Why is this happening to me?

My thoughts plague mind on a repeative cycle, No end within sight.

I tried to focus all my effort into recalling what I knew...

I recall 7 mightly pillars of Light, shooting up from a island as a great crowd was gathering...
discussion of heat release and pillars meaning and a countdown was all I could grasp.

A woman... Talking to a man about a vision quest in a anicent tower... stepping forth onto a important path.

A boatman, refusing my request and questions.

A swordmans duels of riddles.

And finally darkness...... With those demonic eyes.... My entire being shivered in what would be called terror
as many hands grabbed me and pulled me into a opening...

What laid after was shattered faded recollections of swirling colors, weird strange shapes, disembodied voices and
the chilling feeling of being lost into realm that is beyond man....

My eyes closed as I shuddered.
Praying for release.

Edited by Zenbu
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