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I'm thinking of a word...


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I recently to be came the proud owner of an Anniversary Aramor. I don't have creatures or fight. I also don't have items, silver, or gold, and so there's really no way for someone to bribe it off me.

So instead, I'm going to hold an absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary competition.

Here is the premise:

[b]I have a word in my head. If you say it and I hear it, you get the Aramor.[/b]

That's it.

A couple of extra rules:
1. It cannot be in a sentence with the following: is, are, am, was, were.
2. It has to be part of a sentence.
3. It has to make sense. If you are send me long messages or nonsense I won't give you the Aramor, and I won't even tell you if you get the word.

If it takes more than a year then I'll consider giving out a clue or two. But I'm not leaving anytime soon, and I won't forget. Will you?

Note: Personal messages ARE acceptable, but you must have something to say in them. Such as a description of what you are doing... or something.

Good luck. And yes, I know this might take a while. I can wait. Again, can you?


Assorted Questions I've been asked:

Q: Is this word a noun, adjective or verb?

Q: How do I even know that this word is in English?
A: I do not know any language besides English well enough to do a competition in it. The word is English.

Q: Forgive my impertinence, but what guarantee do I have that you will not change the word?
A: You don't! But I would like to think myself trustworthy, and am not interested in playing favorites when it comes to quests. If you say the word I am thinking of, and there is only one word and I have not and will not change it, I will give you the Aramor. You don't even know have to be actively trying to find the word to win. In fact, it might almost be better that you don't.

Q: Would you consider a valid entry if I send a poem via PM?
A: Absolutely I consider that valid.

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As long as those messages and chats are constructive, interesting, amusing, or in some way useful to me, you won't get disqualified. HOWEVER whether or not something fits those qualifications is highly subjective. So be safe. And yes, you can get disqualified.

You have as many tries and as much time as your heart desires.

You can ask as many questions about the word as you want, but the game plays like Mindreader, not 20 questions. I won't answer any questions about the word.


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The search for the word continues! Keep in mind that you don't need to say things like, "This is my entry: blah blah blah." Any words out of your mouth are entries. It's a contest you can't escape!!


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Curiouse, upon leaving MD, gave away the aramor that was originally a reward for this quest. She had forgotten that the aramor was mine and reserved for the quest.

SO currently this quest has no reward...

In that light, I'm going to end it. The word was altruism.

No one wins the quest, but Hedge ends up with the aramor (Curiose gave it to him).


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