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Balcony of Horror

Fyrd Argentus

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Well, well. It seems that the spirits I first uncovered guarding the crown jewels, and the shadow army that invaded to try to seize them, are both lead by nasty witches, whom are now plotting a game to take over the MD Realm.

Don't go there, or you will be recruited onto one side or the other, or join me in the ranks of the neutrals trying to maintain balance in the realm. If one side or the other gains ascendancy over the weaker side (plus the neutrals) they would be in a position to wreck havoc on the realm, and I just might have to ransom that side off with treasures and prizes to get them to not hold their war. Don't even think about it. Don't go out and recruit players to your side. Please?

It seems that a player's power depends on how many of the Lost Path treasures they hold, so collecting the crown jewels gives one quite an edge. Hunting the shadow army helps too, as it provides short-cuts to the crown jewels, and opens up the door to venture against the Shadow Army in their homeland, the Primordial Source. This is some sort of feindish test the witches have set up to allow champions to switch sides. (I hope none of the neutrals helping me defend the balance get the idea of going in there...)

I am working on a way for concerned players to break the spell and go neutral, and also on battle plans for how to get rid of these evil creatures once and for all. There must be some hope in the newly discovered lands east of the Tribunal. All those clickies... all that power....

As usual, anybody helping to strengthen my magic by finding bugs in the incantations win pickle points - which can now be used to buy those wonderful magical items, spicy pickles, which also seem to carry power with them. And wish points are available for any player showing exemplary performance...

In closing, let me apologize for accidentally opening the door for these vile ones to enter the realm, and please join me in trying to get rid of them.

Good luck.

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I think I have found a way to counter the witches' invasion, over in the new lands east of the Tribual. However, it is going to take a lot of spell-casting to open the ways, and then help from all of you to win the assistance we need.

If you go there now, you will see lots of distinct and half-formed images of spirits I'm trying to help manifest. I will let you all know when I think the time is ripe to proceed....

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