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Birthday Contest results

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[u][b]Winning team is team Merry Devilers[/b][/u]
4 mods voted for team devilers and 2 voted for team bunnies based on the feedback they got from all participants.

For this only the feedback from the opposite team counted. so bunny feedback for devilers quests counts but bunny feedback for bunny quests didnt. also feedback from people who werent in any team didnt count as well. from that each mod got his/her own score. basically exactly what mur said at the beginning of the year in a forum post about the birthday.

[u][b]4 best solver:[/b][/u]
Nimrodel and Burns of team Merry Devilers
Duxie and Clock Master of team Bunny

4 out of 5 mods who voted for this reward voted for the exact same combination.

[u][b]8 elected people with the best feedback:[/b][/u]
Clock Master 6 votes
Duxie 6 votes
Fyrd Argentus 5 votes
Lifeline 4 votes
Eon 3 votes
Ravenstrider 3 votes
Handy Pockets 3 votes
Maebius 3 votes

All 6 mods picked 8 people whose feedback impressed them the most (most useful, precise, structured, etc feedback). The 3-6 votes after the names stand for how many mods voted for said person.


Aaaarrggggss why cant i simply make 2 posts?!
ok then here what should have been in a second post (mods please make 2 posts out of this):

[u][b]More detailed version:[/b][/u]

Mods who voted for team Devilers[/b]
Paracelsus, xcercses, Lifeline, Junior

[b]Mods who voted for team Bunny:[/b]
Sagewoman , MRHoly One

4vs2 Devilers win

[b]4 best solver:[/b]

Nimrodel and Burns of team MD
Duxie and Clock Master of team bunny

4 out of 5 mods who voted for this reward voted for the exact same combination.

[b]8 elected people:[/b]

Clock 6 votes (I, 7, 8, 8, 9, I)
Duxie 6 votes (I, 9, 10, 9, 8, I)
Fyrd 5 votes (I, 7, 10, 9, 8)
Lifeline 4 votes (I, 9, 10, 10)
Eon 3 votes (I, 7, 8, I)
Ravenstrider 3 votes (I, 9, 8)
Handy 3 votes (8, 7, I)
Maebius 3 votes (I, 8, 7)
Sephirah (I, 7)
Child (6, 9)
Lone wolf (7, 10)
Xrieg (8, 7)
Burns (8, I)
Yoshi (10, I)
NimrodelI (6)
Shadowseeker (I)
Dst (I)

[u][b]Individual results of the mods:[/b][/u]


In my opinion, Team Bunny won.
I believe Team Bunny won. Most of the reports given to me were for Bunny's games.

The 8 best are as follows:

Fyrd, eon, clock master, lifeline, ravenstrider, maebius, duxie and spehirah caelum



Ok for what i saw during the festivals i think i'd pick Deviler's mini challenges, that's because i saw loads of people having fun either participating or watching the challenges, i even saw some people training for some challenges as the Recitation Class, on the other hand i saw Few people analizing the crime scenes of Bunnye's quest, i'm sure it was fun too though, but wasnt as massive as Devilers challenges. Finally even if i have a difference in the ratings that diference is not that big so considering the previously said i'd pick Devilers team.

Top 8 Feedback:

duxie – 9, Lifeline- 9, *Burns* -8, ClockMaster-7, Eon- 7, Fyrd Argentus- 7, ChildOfTheSoul -6,Nimrodel-6

Top 4 Solvers: Nimrodel & Burns (MD) and Duxie & ClockMaster (TB)


[b]MRHoly One [/b]

I will say that Team Bunnies is the winner. After reading and rereading the information it appears that the bunnies challenges were well thought out and organized. And challenging.
It appears that they put forth more effort in the challenges as well.

Lifeline...10, Yoshi...10, Handy...8, Clock...8, Sephirah...7, Duxie...10, Fyrd...10, Lone Wolf...7

Top 4 Scorers:
Nimrodel (high Score), Burns (high participation), Duxie (high score), Clock (attended almost every event)



MD 7,8
TB 8,5

the riddles and quests of the Merry devilers where funny, not really hard, entertaining, not to long and always "formable"(you know, if one quest cant be done and there is the possibility to do an other one, plan b stile), they've had many different ones and people really enjoyed them.
anyway the most complains i caught up was that the quests where to short.....

the Team Bunny quest was big and also very entertaining, people really enjoyed it to investigate and explore every single corner of the Tribunal and it was very original and refreshing it shows that they have put much effort coming up with this quest.......but it was too long, some people got bored after sometime and it wasnt always executable....

MD quests
pro: many various quests, enjoing, always executable and challenging
contra: to short and not so original

TB quests
pro: big, entertaining, original and refreshing
contra: too long, not really formable(dont know if i spell it right :/ i hope you know what i mean)

so my vote goes to MD.....it wasnt so original but it was perfect for the anniversary, many little quests and overseeable

Xrieg – 8, Maebius – 8, Clock Master – 8, ChildOfTheSoul – 9, Ravenstrider – 9, Duxie – 9, Fyrd Argentus – 9, Lone Wolf – 10, Lifeline – 10

Top 4 solvers:
duxie, clockmaster, burns and nimrodel



Devilers: 7.6

bunnies: 8.5

in my opinion team devilers should be the winners. They had 12 smaller quests just the way it was supposed to be. They were fun and perfect for the birthday. Each day 2 challenges were held so there was always something to do. my scores for the 2 teams are really close anyway but in my opinion it was team devilers that made the birthday as alive as it was.

8 people:

clock master 9
eon 8
fyrd 8
duxie 8
ravenstrider 8
xrieg 7
handy pockets 7
maebius 7

top 4 solver:

nimrodel and burns for team devilers
duxie and clock for team bunnies



Devilers win for having emersed the most players into their mini-quests over the 6 days of celebration.
As well as producing entertaining quests and following the team competition guidelines as closely as possible.

best 8 feed back are 1. Clock, 2, Burns, 3. Duxie, 4. Shadowseeker, 5. Eon, 6. Handy Pockets 7. Yoshi, 8. Dst

top 4 solvers 1. Clock, 2. Shadowseeker, 3. Duxie, 4. Yoshi

Edited by Lifeline
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guess i will answer quickly how the grading was done:

all feedback from every mod got collected and then the whole thing got sent to each mod. each mod read all the feedback and based on the feedback made their choice for the winners.

winning team:
it was basically rate ur opponent. only feedback from the opposite team counted.

4 top solvers:
pretty simple. mods decided that each team should have 2 best solvers. obviously based on who solved the most quests, made the most effort, etc.

8 elected people:
8 people who send the best, precise, useful feedback.

mur will announce the reward and then things will get clearer i suppose.

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I will get the rewards out as soon as I possibly can. I am busy, but that DOES NOT mean to nag me. You will not be forgotten. Remind me once, and that will be it. Remind me again and I will snap. Remind me thrice, and I will not be very happy with you.

Keep that in mind because I am still giving out Aramors, working, living, etc. I will not dispatch anything on the weekends [friday, saturday, sunday] because I will be out of town, almost always on those days.

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  • 3 weeks later...

[size="2"][font="Verdana"]*ponders* now where did the promised reward go?.. or is this just me who's left without it?
i thought it was: Aniv. Aramor, GG drach, 10gc.

am i mistaken or something else happened? would love some clarification.
thank you.

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