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The Players of SoE

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An alliance is merely a collection of like minded people, And without those people an alliance is nothing. So, to understand the alliance you must understand the people inside the alliance, So here i will mention each alliance member, From oldest to newest

Senior SoE Members:

Chewett - What to say about me? In relation to the alliance, i helped co Found it with some like minded friends a long time ago. Since then i have been in SoE ever since apart from a brief spell during some arguments with the King. I make enemies easier than friends, But will trust you until you prove me wrong, Then its a long climb back to regain my trust.

Emerald Arcanix - Emerald is a delight to talk and work with. His ideas are very interesting to read, and can easily connect seemingly meaningless dots into a pattern that can surprise you didn't notice it before. His honesty is a breath of fresh air and his fiery nature can propel his ideas and beliefs forward.

Handy Pockets - You wont meet a nicer person than Handy, She is kind and considerate. A real Gem. If you do not already know her i advise you to definitely go and talk to her. She is one of the most excellent Roleplayers i have met and has had her fair share of time in the Adventure log. Recently she has become the Queen of Marind Bell, a much deserved title and continues her work as a Seeker during her rule.

Rhaegar - Rhaegars Breadth of knowledge allows him to see something that could have been missed by another member. His varied and colourful past also allows him to give an experienced view of how other lands and alliances go about different matters.

Currently we have 3 recruits in our training program, This program is designed to test and train a recruit up, Most recruits will become a senior member once they have particpated in the recruit stage. This can last an indefinite depending on how they progress.

Current Recruits:


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