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Advertisers Guild disbanded - Advertiser role remains

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It seems this role was and continues to be something highly depenent on a motivated person, not on a group of people. I am disbanding the Advertisers guild, and BFH remains the one person to handle such matters from now on. As i see the collaboration with him, i believe this will be a long term role. Helpers will be assigned from time to time if needed, by him, and rewarded based on their efforts, but there won't be an advertisers guild again.

The advertisers forum remains to discuss like till now, matters related to advertising MD and/or keep BFH's work organized.

This was discussed and agreed with BFH, that is currently the only member of a guild that turned now into a singular role. BFH is free to change land, join whatever ally he wishes or do whatever he wants, he is no longer bound to the tribunal or to an ally. This forum will move IF NEEDED ONLY, to an other land or to a more general section of the MD forum.

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