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WTS Various for small prices (Rusties, BPs...)


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This is an auction. "Products" will have minimum prices, auction will last a week, and every "product" that had minimum price+ bid, will be sold, the rest won't be.

Everything is max-aged.

[u][b]Creature - Minimum Price - Current Bid leader [value of his bid][/b][/u]

[b]Rusty1 - 4gc[/b] - [b][i]Sasha Lilias [4gc 7sc][/i][/b]
-Stored Heat 599712
-Age 449

[b]Rusty2 - 4gc[/b] - [b][i]lone wolf pup [4gc 6sc][/i][/b]
-Stored Heat 285074
-Age 675

[b]Rusty3 - 4gc[/b] - [b][i]Buster [4gc 6sc][/i][/b]
-Stored Heat 237899
-Age 623

[b]BP1 - 10 s[/b]
-Stored Heat 526535
-Age 428

[b]BP2 - 1 gc + 5 sc (20 sc total)[/b]
-Stored Heat 793032
-Age 618


[b]BP3 - 10 s[/b]
-Stored Heat 483809
-Age 429


Imp1 - 2 s - [b][i]Emerald Arcanix [2s][/i][/b]
Imp2 - 2 s - [b][i]Emerald Arcanix [2s][/i][/b]

[b]Sharptrooper1 - 1 gc[/b] - [i][b]ZenTao [1gc][/b][/i]
-Stored Heat 204750
-Age 329

[b]Sharptrooper2 - 1 gc[/b] - [i][b]Pothos [1gc][/b][/i]
-Stored Heat 204750
-Age 329

[b]Both Jokers are with MAX + with both heat and age.[/b]
Joker1 - 5 s [i][b]Paracelsus [6sc][/b][/i]
Joker2 - 5 s [i][b]Esmaralda [5sc][/b][/i]

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Sorry Sasha, already have two Santas.

I would prefer coins for bids, much easier to show which one is more valuable :P
But of course, I will "settle" for tokened creatures, Windy, Tainted, Morphs and such... But somehow my intuition tells me that people won't do that.

Main post updated with new offers (Pothos one :P)

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wooops my bad.

Didn't see new posts.
Auction prolonged till tomorrow 21 hours server time (unless new offers arrive), updating the main post with new offers!

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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