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You all [Treasure Keepers] know what the rules are, but just to have them out in the open:

1. Treasure keepers are to keep a uniformed list of all stock received and sent, including the name of the stock, id, who it went to and why. This goes also for WP codes, Items and Codes. Each list is to be held separate from each other for neatness.

2. Respect and impartiality are a must when delivering things to their prospective owners.

3. No one shall steal stock from Mur, and shall be punished hard for their crimes.

4. Follow instructions carefully when given to you. If you have questions, please ask.

5. Please remember that this is a voluntary role and one of very important standing. If you feel you cannot commit to this role, or are having trouble keeping up, please contact me. I will always help delivering things if you ask.

6. Do not use alts to send CTCs out to people.

These are all I can come up with now that have been pointed out at the meetings, so if I missed any more, just let me know and I'll edit the page.

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[b][size=5][color=#ff0000]MUR'S post [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11117-a-request-for-shift-of-power-or-change/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11117-a-request-for-shift-of-power-or-change/[/url][/color][/size][/b]

For now, the following lines will clear out some of seigh behavious issues discussed above:

by my orders, TK, (mainly represented by Seigheart till its other members will 'grow up')

Optionally Can:
- decide upon the value of a quest, but never decide its winners
- reject any or all direct requests for sponsorship. You can notify or email tk for a request, but it will simply matter equally to posting a forum topic.
- put up for auction non b/w creatures in the tk stoc in order to replenish the gold/silver cash supply.
- purchase market goods if needed, using tk valuables
- exchange gold/silver notes into cash coins and back, as needed, if needed. (this was not clear till the requests came, so the delay was because seigh waited for me to clarify if he can or not. Currently tk has no cash either, so ofc the coupons can't be exchanged. Again, tk internal business is none of your concern, and i will ask seigh to be more clear about things to avoid misinterpretations

- constantly look for interesting ongoing quests or events and sponsor the creators. tk doesnt have to spot all good quests, but needs to spot at least one constantly. If there are no interesting quests it means md population got dumber and tk will still sponsor existing quests (adapts to what is)
- avoid sponsoring repeatedly same creators to avoid favoritism, even if some really deserve much more sponsorships than others
- keep a clear and dated list of all rewards given. preferably if this list goes public periodically
- follow an internal directive ( i wont discuss it here) regarding rewards given for certain forum posts
- dispatch any goods me or council asks, even if the request does not have a stated reason.
- dispatch promised/awarded sponsorships/rewards within a decent time. nothing like me or council. By decent i mean fast enough not to hear any complains, usualy a week tops is enough in my opinion, anything over is not good.

Should not / can not:
- reward participants to a quest other than quests created directly by the tk or its members ofc
- mix personal grudges with the judgment regarding the value of a quest or event and its sponsorship
- cause a group of constantly sponsored people. Seigheart is not allowed to sponsor his friends simply because they are his friends, in his particluar case thats very easy to avoid. I mention this as opposed to how kings could have done it, kings were allowed any sort of favoritism simply because they were kings.
- give wishpoints directly, unless specifically told so by me. Instead tk gives wishpoint codes, that are transferable and matter to whoever activates them too.
- sell anything from the tk stoc without a public auction - specifically to avoid potential abuse temptations.
- create items of any sort. This is for now reserved just for some, other roles, because it involves an entire range of rules
- tell you of any direct, implied, or ongoing discussion with me about your requests.
- seighheart can't reward himself, ever..obviously. He receives occasional goods from the tk stoc, and can use those for his own quests, or for his own fun, but can't use tk stoc in his favor.

Guidelines i asked to be followed:
- use the email instead of any other means, mainly because i can follow that one myself too, and PM i can't. PM's are still, since the beginning of md, not tracked in any way, and they will remain so. It is also more convenient for seigh to use email, and for you is not convenient because you are scared about your alts to be found out, i dont care.
- during christmas period tk will 'show off' by inflating the sponsorship values with themed creatures such as morphs and reins, much above what you will see throughout the rest of the year.
- keep the tk rewards above player supported rewards. this means that if current quest reward is one pimp for example , tk can't put in anything less than two pimp value (or equivalents ofc)
- push in as sponsorship anything that is in surplus at that time on tk stoc. For example you could wish for a gold coin but if tk has more morphs than cash gold , you will get a morph instead..and the opposite. I directly use TK to balance the values in md, i don't need to explain why, but here is how.

Guidelines i will ask to be followed from now on:
- ignore all quests and avoid all sponsorships to players that claimed they "left" but still haunt md. Thats targeted to curiose, but it involves many more actually that pop-up like ghosts from time to time and have no clue whats going on but still speak.
- ignore jail time. thats why its jail..a punishment..but once out you should have a chance to do better. I ofently jailed people i didn't wish to, because they did dumb things, but that should not remain as a stain.
- oscilate between periods of heavy sponsorships and low sponsorships. this is 'healthy'. I will think of a time interval and announce when the low and high periods are, or tk will, its their job afterall.
- keep a more respectful way of communication and avoid any comments regarding quests quality. However this can't be achieved unless its both ways. If you will start shouting "why was my quest ignored" you might get an answer like "because it sucks", otherwise, TK should answer politely and avoid to imply your quest sucks, but just deny your request gracefully.
- avoid asking people to find seigh, or any of the tk members. I hate those mood panel posts "find me" ..To make that possible tk has to have a way to travel to the sponsored people. That implies chase spell, and i don't like it, but i might give tk the summon spell and prepare them an office. i will see how else to do it (you can vote for it if you like)

What things Seigheart could do that would bother me badly:
- show grudge against a player and repeatedly avoid sponsoring that player despite obvious reasons to do so. In such a case, I will investigate the quests myself to see if there was indeed any reason why not to sponsor them. I will do so with a clear intention to protect the tk decision, yet not blindly.
- tranfer tk stoc goods to others, in private, outside publicly announced sponsorships, or rewards given under the forum rewards internal directive
- sell tk stoc without public auction, or ending tk auctions in suspicious ways
- not be active for more than a week, unannounced (to me at least).
- miss to reward a very public quest or event posted by someone not yet sponsored by the tk. Its human to miss things, not notice them on time, tk is not allowed that luxury.
- become fluffy, friendly, lovely and ask you if maybe you don't like the shine on that gold coin and want an other newer one. Seigh attitube is good as it is, and you won't like this for a long time, so what, i am a lot worse.
- gamble with the decision of sponsor you or not. TK decision should be clear and to the point. There are NO IFs in that, so hearing seigh doing anything like "i might sponsor you if" would be wrong.
- influence quests or advise quest makers in such way to make them gain or lose sponsorpship. TK should never influence how quests are done

and very important: - keep rewarding same sort of quests over and over..that would be also a bad mark on seigh and the tk alltogether. Quests diversity should be supported and not hindered through rewarding just some quests. To achive that is not easy, and i will support/advise him constantly till he will show he can spot a quest with not so obvious potential on his own.

Last words. All the rules and regulations i posted here are the conclusions of things i already discussed and were implied to the treasure keeper role. This is not a puzzle for seigh or a series of lines he needs to follow, but more of an attitude built over time. Short time, but enough time. Because of your cries i put them here in clear form. When you criticise someone think well if you can say anything about the role/job/duties/responsabilites/etc of that person, or you are talking about its character just. How could i judge character? thats the flavor , and if you don't like it thats it. If whats under the flavor is faulty, then yes, i will act, and fast, but so far you are just crying about an attitude and about things you thought they might be wrong because sadly i never detailed the tk activity, hoping you will accept it as it is.

-Mur's post

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