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Help making an item

Fyrd Argentus

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I seem to have gotten an item from Junior:

Glaive (ID: 8123)Decorated with Golemus symbols like the drac and the little people (extremely valuable to the gg)

Which I would happily trade for a mithril-bodied, unicorn-haired autoharp..... [s](usable, of course)[/s]

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I'd just like to point out that AFAIK, default item created by the interface is unusable (because the interface existed before item using functionality was implemented). I was not sure of this for a while, but when I checked the last item I made, it didn't show a "usable" tag.

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[quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1306512224' post='85250']
Unicorn Hair?


Yeah, read my story. :) It's the only thing I've found strong enough to vibrate the mithril sound-box.

Of course this is time-looped here. I'm trying to get items to match things I supposedly already have... but this is the forum....

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