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MD's Twitter Admin Second Stage


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Second Stage of [url="http://twitter.com/magicduel"]Twitter[/url] Admin Starts today.

Following Players passed to second stage after the interview:

a. Ravenstrider
b. Sasha Lilias

The stage is a practice one. Each will have one week to be admin of twitter page.

They can do quests, change anything (banners, backgrounds, and such as if they were real admins.
They can request me any rewards for their quests with a proposal. They practically have all the tools in their hands.

The one who do it best, will be selected as the official admin.

I'll supervise them but won't interfere in anything, unless they do something really wrong that affects md and or the page, which hopefully won't happen.

The first starting is Ravenstrider. He was told with time so he could set things and such.

Ravenstrider is NOW admin of MD twitter page until June 6, 23:59 server time


[size="5"][url="http://twitter.com/magicduel"]MD's OFFICIAL TWITTER PAGE LINK[/url][/size]

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added twitter link :)
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Both players Stepped Down.
Sasha= She said she don't have time.
Raven= [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9846-leaving-the-twitter-admin-position/"]Check HERE for details[/url]

I'll keep working with the account.

I might chose another admin or not.

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