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Selling various creatures

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Here they are:

[b]Santa[/b] (Cancelled)
Age 97
No heat
Token [onyxfangs,blooddrop1,stardust,goldtear,blackdiamonds]

[b]Dream mutation (Colorless) Joker[/b] (Cancelled)
Age 264
Heat 690164
Token [Claw1]

[s][b]Unholy Priest[/b] [color="#FF0000"](7sc, emerald arcanix)[/color][/s]
Age 278
Heat [color="#008000"]21996416[/color]
Token [jewelshards]

[s][b]MD Shop Joker[/b] [color="#FF0000"](5sc, Esmaralda)[/color][/s]
Age 422
Heat 1395612
Token [kellethafire,enlightning,blooddrop2,claw2]

[s][b]BloodPact Archer 1[/b] [color="#FF0000"](5sc, xrieg)[/color][/s]
Age 379
Heat 800620
Token [blooddrop2,blackdiamonds,enlightning,claw1]

[s][b]BloodPact Archer 2[/b] [color="#FF0000"](4sc, lone wolf pup)[/color][/s]
Age 266
Heat 492796
Token [blooddrop3]

[s][b]Imperial Aramor 1 [/b][color="#FF0000"](3sc, xrieg)[/color][/s]
Age 8
Heat 892695
Token [claw1,claw2]

[s][b]Imperial Aramor 2[/b] [color="#FF0000"](3sc, xrieg)[/color][/s]
Age 6
Heat 827475
Token [claw1,claw2]

[s][b]Pimped Grasan[/b] [color="#FF0000"](2sc, nadrolski)[/color][/s]
Age 263
Heat 504823
Token [blooddrop1,darkshield]

[s][b]Heretic Archer[/b] [color="#FF0000"](4sc, Sunfire)[/color][/s]
Age 399
Heat 541284
Token [antifreeze,blooddrop3,jewelshards,claw3,darkshield]
[i][size="2"]1sc still a good offer, I would still include them, but please note that I will only sell with a minimum price 3sc, applies to all creatures [/size][/i][/color][/color]

[s]This offer has no time limit, I'll sell it whenever I want[/s] and [b]with whatever price I deem appropriate[/b]. But still in the end I will provide information about this trade.
[s][b][i]It now has a time limit, the offer will expire on June 14, Day 164 Year 6[/i][/b][/s]

*I'm also looking for the Anniversary aramor, so if anyone wants to trade one with some of creatures above please contact me, thank you.
*And an item related with mask or blade/sword/anything sharp and able to cut someone head is acceptable. :)

[size="2"][i][color="#8B0000"]in the name of machete,

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[quote name='Sunfire' timestamp='1307457853' post='85884']
up 5sc

Err.. U wanna up your bid for the archer or u wanna bid for the UP (Unholy Priest)?
*ok i assumed a bid for the Priest then, just correct me if i'm wrong.. :huh:

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