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Price check on register four.


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Ok, so, those of you who are looking to buy these crits.. Lose all hope now. I want to know the prices, that's all.
Please be realistic about prices. This isn't a bidding war, so no '1sc for sharptear' or some such.

Here's the list:

Imp [2-3 sc]
Age: 341
Heat: 430036
Tokens: claw 1

Imp 2 [5-6 sc]
Age: 209
Heat: 1497550
Tokens: claw 1, claw 2, Kelletha Fire, Emeral Glare, Jewel Shards, Osiris Belt

Imp 3 [2-3 sc]
Age: 37
Heat: 228032
Tokens: None

Bloodpact [9-12sc]
Age: 66
Heat: 277968
Tokens: None

Bloodpact 2 [9-12 sc]
Age: 54
Heat: 237380
Tokens: None

Sharptear [15-20 sc]
age: 208
Heat: 466970
Tokens: Claw 1, Onyx Fangs

Elemental [2-3sc]
Age: 126
Heat: 4,678,288
Tokens: None

Those are the ones i'm interested in getting prices on. So please post with the prices. Thanks to those who help out.

Edit: adding price ranges that are rough esitmates. correct as you see fit please.
Edit-2: Price drop on BP's. -3 from each [a few = three or more]

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