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I am on Facebook a lot. I am working hard to be on MD more often, especially now that I have applied to be on Queen Ket's Marind Bell's Council.

The reason I ask for friends from the realm is so that we can notify each other when we are logging on. If you are interested, you can search for me as: Rhonda Trout Petersen.^_^

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Best of luck in the Council app, Windy-lass.
For Marind's Bell, and pub-drinks for all!
Huzzah! ...er.. or something. ^_^
Oh, and I'm on facebook too, but very, very infrequently other than to keep in contact with out-of-state family.

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[quote name='Quashen' timestamp='1309503407' post='86938']
c'mon everyone lets make a big Facebook family and post you're FB names here !!!

I am on facebook, but will make people search me out if they really want to friend me... if you know where to look. :D I won't post the "Who is Maebius on FB" spoiler in this thread. :rolleyes:

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basically I tried searching out a few people... to no avail :P so nah I like Quas's idea, though I won't share mine openly, tho Quas, I already added you =) my name starts with E, and family name with Y, I'm wearing a tux, on a pc :P... ADD ME!

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