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Selling Memory stone

lone wolf pup

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Can only re-order after fulfilled
Orders will be filled one at a time.
Selling memory stones 2 sc each.
Maximum order of 20 stones per 5 days.
[log=Old Prices]
1-2 stone every other day per customer for 3 sc each.
3-10 stones in 5 days for 3 sc fee and 2 sc each.

If in a rush, stone price: 4 sc/stone.
See Side notes for more ways to transfers.

Side note: ( Immediate transfers.)
Will trade a stone for 10 sands.
Will trade a stone for an enchantment on a stone. (Encantment: Stone shall be negotiated based on spell rarity.)
Will trade a stone for 5 timeless dust.
Will trade a stone for 4 silver coins.

Currently Selling:
Mirrorritual (4 sc)
Attacklock (6 sc)
Movelock (6 sc)
Locate (5 sc)
Teleport Papercabin (1 gc)

[log=Priority List]
Priority List (Stones/Ordered)

Unable to order: (Day able to order again)
Anonymous 13: Day 227

List is based on time set of reserve, prices and list is in experimenting phase and may change.

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so you have none now ^^ darn =P

EDIT : at anyone who thinks this is off topic, I just posted here so that if LW decides to post more stones, I can know (by looking at my content and such)...

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