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Wookie (De-)Masquerade!


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This is now going to be a quest about who can utilize Chewett's current avy best and replace his cap and boots with a wookie cap and wookie slippers.

For those who do not know about either, examples in RL are these, but you are not limited to drawing them, these are just models you can use:

The reward will be a WP for the winner and may get better prizes if it gets sponsored. Don't you all want to see Chewett wear the disfigured avatar? He agreed to wear it one month in advance without knowing what awaits him, so people, please come up with some nice MD-style avatars.

I can clean the boots and the cap for you if necessary, providing a blank to draw on.

Deadline: 1 month from now, assuming an avy with enough quality comes in.

P.S.: Bonus points for drawing item pictures for Wookie slippers and the Wookie cap as well. So if I have two avy's I like as much, the one with a decent item picture as a bonus wins. Multiple entries allowed.

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I had to make you lose weight to fit into your new slippers, but I left your broken finger alone :P

Will edit this post & images herein if I make changes etc.





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Some days ago, while walking through the Archives I caught the Chewett while trying to hide his true nature.


In that occasion I could gather some of the remnants of the shaving. If I can find them back, I'll try to make a cap and a couple of slippers and draw picture suitable for the contest.

Update: Ready!




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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1311450774' post='88704']
Yes- I want to encourage people to post though :D

you asked for it...! :D

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery/image/1771-gimme-some-wookie/"]gimme some wookie![/url]

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Ok so...I had a little free time so I thought I would do a drawing. In real life..it looks ok! But when I upload it...it becomes..uhh...cut,enlarged and more...transparent. Anyway...



The second has been edited with Gimp to show what it looks like, I can make it darker by re-drawing if needed....will probably do another anyway :)

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First attempts (one more in progress):
items unfortunately weakly visible (will try to improve quality and edit post) - higher resolution items below:
PS I assumed items are to be redesigned and left the remaining avy sections original. Pls let me know if I understood wrong.

I realized it would be essentially wrong to try to force Chewett to appear in public in uniform jacket and pants but with some casual slippers and cap. I prepared something to make the military bearing more complete - let's just assume the 'regular' avy is official uniform and the one below is field uniform.
The helmet is state of the art model - ultimate wookie (what can be more wookie than carrying a wookie on your head?) and also heave armanents, with built in guidance and targetting. To protect user's neck, partial weight support is provided
Boots... Well - troop field boots are not something to play about much. Some discrete Wookie image on front and furry finish is about all that can be done. Otherwise - just strong boots.
(-> last avy is not 160x100; too large helmet)

another variation, mild cosmetic surgery added (resolution 320x200):

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Okay, it's been VERY long. I'm surprised nobody prodded me about this, but the result is out: Ungern, you won. Could you please upload your first (half masked) submission to the avy system? Would be great if the avy mod approved it as well :D..if not, we'll have to see.

If Chew wants your pictures on his items, he'll have to contact you- you get your WP when the Wookie has his new avy in place though.

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