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Memory Stones


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Books store memories of the past, the brain stores memories, both true and imaginary, both sources are reliable, nearly never fading... however, a new 'memory-holder' has appeared, and it in the form of ... a stone???

Memory stones are now spread throught magic duel, and are being regarded as a recource. The can only be gathered in the precense of a Memory stone detector, that Mur has granted to two people (so far), they are : Aranna, and Lone Wolf. These memory stones do not hold regular memories, but rather, they hold memories of spells, accordint to Mur, the operation is described as such : "They work in the following way: If you have a memory stone, and a spell, you can use all the casts of that spell at once to "memorize" that spell into the stone, enchanting it. The memory stone will then transform into an enchanted stone, named after the stored spell. This is a usable, tradeable item. When someone uses it, it will grant that person a limited number of casts from the stored spell, till the casts get consumed or for a period of 6 month. When casts run out or 6 month pass, the spell will vanish from that persons spells. Memory stones are a resource type of item."

so basically, memory stones hold spells, but since they are stones with no actual brains, they will forget this spell (in 6 months, so use it quickly) and since this stone is 'sharing' with you memories of another, there is no way you can 'keep' that memory with you, and thus, once you've used up all the memory there is on that stone (all the spells) the stone stops being enchanted, and you can not do that spell anymore, so you throw it out =)
Also, the memory stone value you find depends on what memory the caster has chosen to put, and how much of the memory he/she will put, so depending on what spell they decide to 'enfuse' and how much casts they decide to enfuse it with, the stones would be of different value.

Now, and as we speak, memory stones are being integrated into the MD market, the two lucky barrers of the detectors are making a fortune off selling these stones, and there might be a guild for them soon to follow (eventhough whether or not that is a good idea is being highly debated).

This is one of the many new 'resources' that have appeared in MD, along with the fresh water resource, and mineral water resources, and also the 'memory stone guild' will be one of the many that will soon rise (Water Dowsers guild, and Fusioneers guild will be following shortly) this might be a lot to take in, but it shows that MD is advancing and improving, and thus, I wish it the best in these new ideas, and hope they succeed.

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