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Fyrd Argentus


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Fyrd Argentus is a well known player in the MD realm, leader of the great Legend Speakers, and also a brilliant quest-maker. He always finds time to help anyone who asks for it, not to mention adding a little of fun to the thing (once when asked what a trigger was, he replied that it was what got released on the gun to make it shoot ^^).

Whether you know him in-game as Fyrd, or as the 'old man with the flute' who was trying to beat the shadow army (and he has done so, but the future might change), or as the pickle master, you must have felt his great degree of care, care for the well being of those still new to the realm, and the caution with which he treats his adepts, and the helpful mannor with which he treats his friends. he has, on more than one occasion, given up all his adepts to some friends, just to help them maintain their status/rank.

Eventhough Fighting is not one of Fyrd's main specailties, his Quest making is A+ material, making you run all around the realm, following strict time intervals, and if you are not such a move-about type of guy/girl, he also has a few 'neat' riddles that will keep you thinking for an hour... and everytime you do one right, you get... A PICKLE!!!

yes, a pickle, for as the pickly master, this man has quite a few to offer. The are worth more than a silver coin, and, of course, you may trade his pickles for a spicy one, and is described : "This nasty little bundle of energy will make you hop on one foot, run in circles, flap your arms, and scream your head off, all at the same time. Very powerful, very dangerous - but very temporary" or you could chose his one of his pickly packages where you trade a certain number of pickles for some other benifits.

In short, Fyrd is a man full of joy and help =) looking for a quest? try Fyrd's, I did, and it worked out great, killed all of my boredrom. Have a question? ask Fyrd, I did, and he gave me a good and complete answer relatively quickly. Need some sponsors? you know who to ask... Fyrd! yet again, I did, and he gave me 3 sc (for a n00b - MP3 tourney) and the winner was just overjoyed =)

NOTE : might be changed, awaiting answers to a few interview questions I asked Fyrd

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