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One of the longest surviving people in MD and most famous for founding 'The Wind and Rain pub' which rapidly became popular. Since then she has carefully nurtured the pub until it became one of MD's longest surviving traditions. Since it's founding Windy has moved the pub three times, whenever it was become constantly empty, the first move was to the Fenth's Press, the second to the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot, which Windy then became a citizen of. Finally though the pub moved back to it's original location in Wind's Sanctuary. Windy has since joined Marind Bell showing a great loyalty, if not to any land then to her pub.

Windy is friendly enough as long as noone starts a fight and has what would best be described as a devilish sense of humour. She spends a lot of her time now talking with other players from the pub's founding about the good old days...

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