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have you ever wondered why you could go all the way from the paper cabin to Fenth's pass with 0 ap, but can't cross Mirand Bell's gate or even go from one location to the other in the Tribunal even with 30 ap? the answer is simple. It is viscosity.

First introduced in the announcments on 2011-06-30 07:32:15, Mur said : "NOTICE: This is a presentation of concept. The feature is implemented already but won't be activated till some fixes regarding papercabin/noob area are ready. In the places that it will start to be applied you will see viscosity value different from zero. For now all places have viscosity zero.

Viscosity of a location determines the increase or drop in action points cost for moving or using clickables in a location. It is determined by how often that place is visited by yourself or others. Visited more recently/often, the location memory becomes more fluid and fresh and thus the ap cost is less.This "Viscosity" builds up over time and makes long forgotten places even harder accessible. It is possible that the Viscosity will render certain deserted places fully off limits due to their Ap cost if nobody will visit them for a long period of time/ At the same time it could make other locations, that have a natively high Ap cost, easy accessible when when more people go through them. This value and influence is shared by everyone in the same location. This feature is intended to make the edges of the MD world harder to reach, while keeping more popular places with low Ap cost. It also encourages collaborative exploring of places like the Tribunal for example."

basically, it says that places visted a lot, will remain at low cost due to their popularity, and places that are irregularly visted will cost a high amount of ap to pass... It contradicts what the market does (more popular, higher price, less popluar, lower price) but as Mur has explained quite well is that :"It also encourages collaborative exploring of places like the Tribunal for example."

Not too long ago these 'trips' have begun, where Lone Wolf organized a trip into the heart of the Tribunal (when looking for stones) with quite a few others that are ready to help bring the viscosity down, for frankly, the Tribunal whihc costs 24 ap, without adding viscosity, is a nightmare in it's self, so those who were unlucky enough to go the wrong way *raises hand* have had a terrible time, moving at a pace slower than 1 location change per regeneration period.

Of course, the opposite is also true, and as I said, it is now possible to travel from the paper cabin all the way to the armory and back if necessary, without ap. Hopefully, the MD community will soon increase the number of trips into the 'inaccessible' lands, so that viscosity will decrease, and we can have even more freedom in roaming the realm.

Current visocsity settings

- A player can lower visc in a location once every 1 hour
- It is lowered by 4 for each player passing through
- Visc increases by 4 every 55 minutes
- Max visc a scene can accumulate if unaccessed is +40Ap
- Maximum drop in ap cost if many pass through is -40Ap

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