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WTS: a Soulweaver


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[s]Creature for auction: a tokenless [b]Soulweaver[/b] with Heat Stored of 500k, and 206 age [i](Day 201)[/i].

Starting bid: 3GC[/s]

[b]Soulweaver sold[/b]

[s]creature[/s] item will be sold to the last bidder after [s]24[/s] 48 hours of no topic bids, [b]and provided that he/she is completely ready to close the transaction[/b].


[i](instead of creating a separate topic, and to help save forum space, i included another item for sale)[/i]
[i](i apply the same auction rule, but with an extra day, for this item, to avoid myself on requesting to open/close)[/i][/s]

1 pc. [b]Enteroaktower stone[/b] [i](gone)[/i]

[size="1"][i]* Thank you boss Grido for opening my topic.[/i][/size]

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B, it's like this: You use the stone, which makes it disappear (because you used it) and give you 2 or 3 casts (depending on how it was charged) of the spell it was charged with, which in this case is enteroaktower.

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1 use to learn the spell with X number of casts it has on. If the stone was enchanted with the spell that had full casts, then the spell will provide you 3 casts. If the spell casts were less, then you will received less casts from the stone.

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the stone.

thank you sir. i think MasterB has a little problem with Windy's bid. and i am about to close this auction, based from my rule, i believe the '48-hours of no bid' has passed, with Windy as the last bidder.

anyways, auction of this 1-pc. [b]Enteroaktower stone[/b] has now closed, with Windy the winner.

..and i have not received any reply from Windy since yesterday. opening auction again IF she did not reply after 24 hours, and when Udgard's auction is done too. ty.

[b]2nd Edit[/b]:
1 day has passed and i still got no reply from Windy. Re-opening auction after Udgard's is done.

[b]3rd Edit[/b]:
requesting any handsome/beautiful moderator to kindly close the topic. thank you!

Edited by nadrolski
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