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labyrinth trip


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basically this is for quite a few reasons :
1. (and most importantly) it'll help new players be able to try and solve the labyrinth to reach GG and enjoy it's beauty, after all, having to wait half an hour to go from place to place is not exactly appealing to them
2. to help GG citizens to get to GG, thus also decreasing the viscosity in the land... it might not cost 24 per movement like the tribunal, but with the labyrinth before you can reach, it's pretty much the same...

so we need a time...

current list :
1. MoM

just post below to add you, and we'll try to decide on a time... I'd say 1st of August???

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  • Root Admin

the path throught the lab is a spoiler. so to confirm you wont be leaving the path to follow in chat?
if not then i would love to come and join in.
in regards to your first point it will merely partially spoiler it. they will more than likely follow the trail of viscosity and will still get stuck if they take a wrong turn because your plan will only lower the main route

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Well, I'm for it.
Been exploring the labyrinth for a week or so, the masochist that I am, and have already started talking to myself, laughing without a reason, seeing things that aren't there and so on.
Don't let that happen to you!

- edit - Path through a lab? Hmm... interesting...

Edited by Duke of Malfi
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@Chewett, I've thought that over, and here's what I found :
1. if when we want to move we just say : okay, next, or move, then we won't be showing the way to those who don't know how to cross,
and then, they'll be lost, so they'd go the wrong path for example, and that way, soon enough, we'll be rid of the n00bs who try to follow, the viscosity will still be low for them to continue exploring, but they won't know the direct path...

so, should I sign you up?

Edit : sorry, I wasn't entirely paying attention to what you had said, and just now noticed that what I said was basically said by you before... but the problem is : if we want to go ALL the ways, (to remove low visc from only the main paths) no one would come, and it would take us quite some time... but given the regen period and what not, I think that those trying to 'know' based solely on visc will soon find themselves in a really big mess as the viscosity re accumulates... they'll be stranded in the middle, not knowing how to go on, or how to go back... that should scare them away...

Edited by MoM
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  • Root Admin

Yes, But the point i was making was that, as soon as you step into a high viscosity area, you know if you are going the right way of not, then you just have to make the way back to the low viscosity path. If it were as simple as you say its not, then i would be totally against it.

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If somebody is resourceful and patient enough to make their way through the maze following somebody's viscosity trail, good for them, because they didn't just hear it from somebody and follow instructions.

Also, as a matter of fact, it's the EXACT SAME THING as following somebody's traces through the maze. Are you going to say that traces are spoiling the maze too?

If you care so much about this, Chewett, then stop deterring the effort of these people, and go put in some effort of your own, gather a group and go into the multitude of side paths in the maze. If you aren't up for doing that, then don't expect these people to.

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  • 1 month later...

Personally I have been in the maze for 5 days now, and it seems to me there are only dead ends. I have been building a map along the way, but it seems I have tried all paths, without success.

Quite frustrating, considering the time it takes to make every move.

I have also considered the viscosity, but that didn't help much.

I'm now on my way back, cold and low on food, need to reach MDA and Marind Bell quickly!

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