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Extreme MD- Strongest Fighter Contest


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I have been wondering. Who has the STRONGEST ritual in the game. By strongest, I would mean who can cause the MOST damage with one single round.

The Rules:

You can use as many creatures as you want
You can use as many Tokens as you want
You CAN'T use Spells to effect the attack. (Including burst)
Combos ARE allowed.

In order for a submission to be considered "legal" it must be a screenshot of the Log with your Playername, ID, Server Time, current spells, and what ever round you wish to submit in full view. You may send them to me via PM if you wish, but I would like the submissions posted in this thread.

Happy Hunting!

Reward: To be Determined by how many submissions there are.

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hmmm may I suggest also making it MP-dependent? of course, no prize for the 'MP' submission, but it'd still be nice to know who would win on EVERY mp lvl...

just so we're clear : the submission that could win a prize is independent of MP, but there is also general tracking for MP-determined wins (with no prize to those)

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