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WTS or WTT Silvertongue Stone


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I have a silvertongue stone for sale or trade. I did an experiment with silvertongue before enchanting and so this stone will only grant 2 casts.

Reply here or PM on forum or in-game. You can, of course, find me in person at the Meeting of the Roads.

After the next spell recharge period, I will regularly have available 'locate' and 'silvertongue' stones. I will post a new topic at that point.

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It's in the announcement, so it should be okay to share Rumi :)

[quote][b]SilverTongue Spell[/b]
A new spell was added in the wish shop at 130 days depth and 1 consumed wp. The spell makes target to talk in fancy letters but also prevents it from casting any spell. It also increases Briskness by 100 allowing the target to gather heat faster for casting a spell after in retaliation after effect wears off. For those of you that are new, i remind you that the WishShop is not a shop where you pay with money but with wishpoints and you gain those by solving quests. If anyone tries to sell you a wishpoint please report him, you will get it for free for a successfull catch. Lets keep WP the one thing that only your brain can get not your pocket, thank you.[/quote]

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