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Full Disclosure about Chew <X> accounts


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  • Root Admin

All of this refers to all of the Chew <X> alts, They do not apply to any of my other accounts. The full list of accounts will be posted at the bottom of the post. Where there is any reference to Chew X it refers to any account listed below.

These accounts will be primarily for Bug testing. For some bugs they need a larger test bed than just one or two accounts, and due to the nature of some bugs i test it can lead to a total account banning. This is one of the reasons Mur needs you to inform him of any and all bug tests before running them, so as problems can be sorted out quickly. He has also given me an item that will allow me to unban these alts without his help. Thus acknowledging the authenticity of my alts and their use.

During their course, they may get credits, wishpoints or creatures that will help them to test certain things. Any wishpoints will specifically be noted as to where they came from, and if they are given in the form of codes i will use other Chew X alts to reward them, keeping my main accounts separate from the testing.

Any items or such benefits gained via testing will not be used, to further my Main accounts. Any big action that my main or other people interact with these accounts will be detailed here or to the council and Mur, So as to disclose what is happening with the accounts. Due to the nature of some of the tests i cannot disclose what they are testing specifically at any one time.

They may be used for community events, to help others or my own personal events, whereby their use will be stated on that specific thread or here if there is no specific thread at the time. When doing this they will not use any of their powers attained through bug testing.

This list may be updated from time to time, to change their use and following announcements from Mur. In changing them i will always bump the thread pointing to the changed areas.

[log='List of Chew <X> accounts']Chew A
Chew B
Chew C
Chew D
Chew E
Chew F
Chew G
Chew H
Chew I
Chew J
Chew K
Chew L
Chew M
Chew N
Chew O
Chew P
Chew Q
Chew R
Chew S
Chew T
Chew U
Chew V
Chew W
Chew X
Chew Y
Chew Z[/log]

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  • Root Admin

One of the 5 Wishpoints that were provided by the council has been used to increase Vitality by 15% on Chew A, gaining a grand total of 400 extra Vitality. I am waiting on active day requirements to use the other ones.

Currently Chew A is holding 15 Water and 15 Mineral water, these were given to him by Nad a while back without asking my permission first. They should hopefully be removed in a couple days to a better home. As i have made clear these alts are mainly for testing and should not have been given the water in the first place. Nad shall hopefully not do this again.

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  • Root Admin

Similarly i have also been informed Chew Z has 5 water, again i will be removing it as soon as i can back to Nad.

Chew A has transfered all his water to another account, Chew Z will be doing the same soon

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  • Root Admin

Keida helped me to pass 2 memory stones to the target

Upon testing with them, Chew A used one to make a locate spell which was tested since i believed that it was an spell gained upon using said spell, but it wasnt

The other memory stone will be tested with other parts of the illusion, I have yet to decide what to do with the stone, possibly trade it to someone as a quest reward.

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  • Root Admin

Today Firsen and Yrth agreed on 2 Chew X alts being given citizenship of each of their lands for reasons undisclosed. Handy has yet to be contacted regarding this due to a cancelled meeting with her yesterday, Hopefully she will be avalible to speak soon, and then i will be able to apply and post the names of the alts involved.

When they are approved i will name them here. When citizens they will follow all the rules of the land, And if there is any issue with them you should speak to the Kings or me regarding them. Removing their access citizenship immediately is always an option but i discourage this because it may interrrupt something i am testing, As always, i am open to any questions regarding them, barring spoilers.

These alts will be used when citizenship is needed to test some facet of MD current and forthcoming.

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  • Root Admin

As discussed with the kings, Two Chew's have applied to each land excluding necrovion.

These are:

MB - Chew G, Chew H
LR - Chew I, Chew J
GG - Chew K, Chew L

These alts will be used when testing specific land related matters that need alts from multiple or specific lands.

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