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a way to get Player Creatures?


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Just a random thought, inspired in part by Fyrd's chessboard idea, and also on my own quest I'm trying ot make "automated" now instead of via PMs...

Is there a way to check the id, or type of creatures a player has in their army?

I highly doubt it, because I can see it being "spoilery" to sneak peeks into a person's potential defenses (well, those that change their Personal Profiles to not show them by default).

Still, if there is a way, I'm trying to figure it out, in hopes of working something into my quest.
(spoilery info of my own: Get a creature, upgrade it once, Ding you win that round of questions)


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you could use part of the CTC to check the type and such of the creature, to prove they have that type, as for checking if they specifically have it in their ritual, no.

But yes, using the CTC you can find out TONS of infomation about a creature including wins, type, level and such

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I saw how you can get the CTC and all sorts of info.
I was more interested in something akin to:
Quest note: Get an Egg.
code at clickie elsewhere checks for Egg-type somewhere in user's "Army". If exists, go to step 2.

Quest Note2: Hatch the Egg!
Code section in other content area confirms, Little Bird-type found
Content = You did it, huzzah!
Code finds if (!exists LittelBird) Then content[] = Booo! hatch dat Egg, yo!

For example.
(yes, the code is not correct, it's pseudo-code to make my example)

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if you don't want them having to type in the CTC-MDC (which would kinda work perfectly for this, just awkward), at least for the first part (rather un-elegantly) you could check if they've been to Wind's Crossing (where the eggs are) and if they have, take it as they have the egg?

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Hmm, you know, in typing up the question, I suppose typing the CTC would still fit the overall "theme", even if rather klunky (and would get a LOT more info than I need, if I ever need it later). I could frame the content text as confirming they know how to trade creatures or some-such, and call it "Educational" if a newer person does it. :P

I'll keep fiddling to see if it's possible, but that might just be a suitable workaround with less user-input required, checking mds_location_visits(some_coords) and then checking it again to verify it increased. Useful for Birds, Remains, or anything else I come up with. Mwahahahaha...
Thanks for the idea! :)

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With the ctc-mdc, you don't need to store all the info, if you just bring up the creature id and level, and match it against that of a bird, storing the creature id in a variable.
Then for stage 2, check the creature id is the same as used previously by matching against the stored variable, and check that they have the creature id and level of a hatched bird.
etc etc

So only need to look at crit id, level, ID and that's it.

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