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WTS/ WTT Windy. Anniversary, DM


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I want to sell or trade:
1. [b]Windy[/b], fresh - 1 token (claw 1) (offer should include multitokened aged GG drach)
[s]2. [b]Anniversary Aramor[/b], age 93, no tokens (min 5gc 5sc)[/s]
[s]3. [b]Dream Mutation Joker[/b], fresh, no tokens (min 2gc)[/s]

1. I will proceed with trade only if/when the offer is satisfactory
2. as no time limit is set every bidder is entitled to retract offers - but only 48h+ after posting them
3. crits trade preferred; accept multi-tokened crits: ele, heretic/BP, aramor/imp, grasan/pimp, drachs, Winy is highly unlikely to be traded if there is no GG in offer
4. send offers by posting in thread, forum or in-game PM
5. I will be updating the top thread with current offer I consider highest
6. all crits belong to me, package deals accepted

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