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Weird Drunk Bug


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If you are drunk, release heat, and attack someone and declare a cause to be fighting for, then you lose all the heat that you had released.

I tried this twice and AmberRune tried it once. It happened all three times.

If you are drunk and attack with heat without declaring a cause, then you get to keep your heat.
If you have heat released and attack with a cause, you also keep your heat.
It's only when all three conditions are met that you lose heat.

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Just saw this today:

[quote]"Causes are group actions, leave empty if you didn't planned this first with more fighers or if you are uncertain what this is about. Fighting for a cause consumes all active heat"[/quote]

So either I can't read (which is entirely possible) or it was recently added (which I doubt).
I was able to declare a cause and use heat without losing it before, but now it works as it says it does.
Case closed.

Could a mod please close this? Thank you!

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