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shared items :s and ap


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okies few questions[list]
[*]why did mine ap suddenly jumped after 3 months of not playing XD from max of 100 to 281?
[*]does that mean there is way to increase your max ap? how?
[*]what are those shared items? how do they work, i am specifically interested for fenth thingy, how to gather those, with which items, how to get items, etc...
[*]does junior's trade ban affect item trade as well or just creat trade?

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[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1939 - [2011-07-25 01:14:33 - Stage 10][/color]
[b]Actionpoints bonus for Active Days[/b]
The number of active days will influence from now on the total action points you can accumulate. The older you are the more Ap you will have. The way the bonus is distributed is not constant but in the first 6mo matches half of the active days count, later on growing slower. . The exact bonus values are posted on the forum. The intention is to keep newer players in more central areas, while older players will feel more comfortable to adventure in deeper areas of the map.

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2006 - [2011-08-30 04:15:01 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]All shared items have been returned to their original place.[/b]
Go grab your favorite tool and engoy it till the next regroup. Try avoiding cauldron type items just before this regrouping takes place (same date and hour weekly) as they will regroup even if they are in use. Item keep some of the modified values on regrouping. You should not use alts to store multiple shared items and you should not hoard them, these items are meant to be used by many people not hoarded by a few.

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2000 - [2011-08-24 03:55:15 - Stage 11][/color]
Additional unusable/regular items will be added as shared items in various locations. These items you can grab from there, hold and 'use' till the items regroup back once a week. Some of them will be usable later in cauldron type recipes (like the tea cups for preparing tea). A recipe could require for example an ingredient that is not available as a resource but you can find it if you know where to pick it from. Other items will have no immediate use (like the flags in the capitols). There are several ways you can use apparently useless items, you can use them for role-play/enhance your role, you can use them for quests, tickets to the BHC even. Whatever you will use them for, remember they spawn back to the original location on every Tuesday (or on every use if for a cauldron recipe).

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1980 - [2011-08-16 06:14:38 - Stage 10][/color]
[b]Shared Tools[/b]
A vast majority of tool items will be turned into shared tools. Shared tools can be picked up in a fixed place, probably the capital of each land or other suitable locations. After a time they will spawn back there to be picked up by someone else or same person (time and way they are picked up is not final yet). All current tools except a few ones and the tools marked as "independent" will move to this new way of using tools. The guilds responsible with resources will remain as they are but their purpose will shift to a new direction when their tools will be migrated to the shared system. This is a major concept change and won't come easy to do. During this process all migrated tools can be taken freely from the item dispatch places described, but eventually, tools will be "rented" by each land and resource guilds will have a much better purpose and way to determine hierarchy (based on skill). This way tools will remain always in action and anyone could work for his resource related role and will not depend on joining a guild or receiving such a role as a gift. As always, use the forum for commenting this.


You can read more about such by searching through the announcements.

Junior's trade ban doesn't affect creatures.

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[quote]Ann. 1977 - [2011-08-15 18:01:49 - Stage 10]
In relation to this trial of Princ Rhaegar against Junior, it has been decided by the council that Junior suffer a 1 month trading ban.
This ban will affect both directions of trade with creatures - he will neither be able to get additional creatures from trade, nor trade his own away.
This action is effective from the time of this announcement.[/quote]
I'd even say it only affects creatures.

And Lib, you could find all that by searching the announcements yourself :))

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Fenth tool does not spawn.

They are currently hold by Master of Magic (character name). You should try to contact him for getting one. Those tools are called "Reality Coagulator". I believe MoM has another tool allowing to recall all reality Coagulators when he wishes so, but you better confirm that with him.

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Go read the Annoucements! :P

They basically replace any ressource you have in inventory when you use a tool with a recipe: if you need water and have water + fenth in stock, the fenth will be taken first instaed of your water.

I hope that makes sense. If not, go search Fenth in annoucement and you will know as much as I do. ;)

EDIT: I have no idea where to find MoM, but I believe he has a forum account...

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