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MDA Festival Chat logs

Fyrd Argentus

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Opening Festivities
:Innocence looks around and eveyone and smiles.
:Dragual Monarth slips his hand into Katts
:Princess Katt smiles at Dragual
Awiiya:Hello Inno
Awiiya:It's been a while. Even though we live so close, I hardly see you.
Innocence:I know, Spike... I should get out more often...
Innocence:Okay, everyone, I want to welcome you all to the first MagicDuel Archives Festival!!
Phantom Orchid: *claps* Hoorah!
:Brulant cheers and claps
Innocence:As Kyphis and Eggs have mentioned, please register with them for a tag and a riddle.
Innocence:When you have your tag and half-riddle, search for your match and solve the riddle to get a prize.
Innocence:Also, I have placed within my alliance page a list of other games to play between the various events.
Innocence:Now enough of my talking. I turn this event over to Spike.
:Innocence bows and steps into the crowd.
Awiiya:So to start of the festival, we have a Story Night with a twist - your stories should be parodies of the AL.
Awiiya:Have you ever thought that the style is ridiculous of melodramatic? Do you wish that Khalazdad could have had an obsession with dolls? Now is your time to drag us into that fantasy.
Awiiya:Or melodramatic. Typos are accepted in your stories. *laughs*
:Innocence smiles and giggles.
Awiiya:Does anybody want to start us off?
Awiiya:Anyone? *laughs* They can be made up on the spot too.
Lone Wolf:How long do they have to be >>
Phantom Orchid:Don't be shy
Awiiya:There's no limit on either end.
Phantom Orchid:I will start if nobody else wants to
Awiiya:In fact, they can even be a line. Hemmingway was famous for his 6 word stories.
Innocence:I suppose I should ask... did anyone prepare a story?
Passant the weak:I can start with a very short one
Awiiya:Go for it, Passant.
:Telemnar cleans some grass for a pleasant seat
:Passant the weak sits on the grass blushing, actually red as a tomato
Passant the weak:This I have witnessed with my own eyes
Passant the weak:A few days ago I saw 3 mages, named Brulant, Amber Rune and Awiiya trying an experiment
Passant the weak:They had a large pot, some fire and started putting ingredients into the pot
Passant the weak:Brulant put water
Passant the weak:Amber put Aromatic herbs
Passant the weak:And Awiiya provided branches to light them up
Passant the weak:The result was not as expected: a large explosion was heard and a hole appeared somewhere around the center of that realm
Passant the weak:Later on, we discovered a Jester with a crown trapped at the bottom of the hole.
Passant the weak:All he said was "please don't forget the Tea Leaves next time"
Passant the weak:I am not sure I understood what he meant, but that ends my story
:Brulant laughs and claps
:Vika Noir claps
Phantom Orchid:Thank you for sharing
:Innocence giggles and applauds.
Paracelsus: *smiles* nice Passant
:Telemnar chuckles
:Sunfire claps
:Princess Katt applauds
Awiiya: *claps* That was very good.
Awiiya:A parody of the Golemus wizards, no?
Passant the weak:indeed
:Handy Pockets claps
:lashtal claps and greets the big crowd
Awiiya:Well done.
:Passant the weak bows and gives the spot to the next candidate
Awiiya:Though... maybe I'll refrain from using my arms for tea fuel in the future.
:Awiiya laughs
:Dragual Monarth claps
Awiiya:Phantom Orchid, did you say you had one?
:Phantom Orchid nods
Phantom Orchid:It is unplanned.
Phantom Orchid:It has one twist. Also, I would like it to be interactive for those who know the story - feel free to embellish it as you please
:Telemnar prepares to throw in an embellishment about books on properly brushing drachorn's teeth
Awiiya:Phantom Orchid - does that mean we get to inject things into your story?
: *itLesn to me ppleo!e*
: *Litnes*
: *eiLtsn cosel*
: *I am the Anecint Draogn Metasr*
: *I have rrtueend form the bnniiengg of Time*
: *to rlue my dogarn kngdiom angai*
Vika Noir:And a bit drunk..
:Innocence stares at first and then snickers.
: *As you can see, II am aa Gdo*
Brulant:That is why we cannot fully understand.
: *I am bieggr tahn you and II hvae divnie pseowr*
Telemnar:Divine breath maybe..
: **kolos rael saryc*
Phantom Orchid: SUTHOS: Sn!!cl!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!e!!!e!!!!
:Handy Pockets looks around to find this god
Dragual Monarth:Hey... Who has the alcohol?
: *fAter aa lnog mmneot of seilecn, the tniy ant plopee sarecm*
: *aiHl The Dgoran Ms!erta*
Phantom Orchid: "iaHl the Dgaron Mtresa"
: *Hail the ...hic ... Dgoran Mtreas*
: *All Hail the Doargn Mtsrae*
Awiiya:All hail the Dragon Master! And her chat breaking abilities... [which have been removed from the transcript]
: *gchuso*
Phantom Orchid: SelInce!
:Dragual Monarth looks around at the crowd
: *I am yuor mteasr and you shall do as II say*
: *Or II salhl turn you itno Dstu*
Telemnar:I don't want to be turned into dst!
: *meha*
:Innocence giggles.
:Telemnar does as the dragon master says
Phantom Orchid: *ihts the basntreyds with aa book caleld "ortsihy of the ancinet drgaon mreast"
:Dragual Monarth smiles
: *hits must be aa ...hic ... jeko*
: *koje*
: *hTe Book edns as ...hic ... etxcpede*
Passant the weak:I bow to the aster!
: *I am the Doargn ...hic ... Mrsaet*
: *hewn the lttlie plopee smearc, you all cvoer your eras*
: *ehty ...hic ... eat and deuovr aa ...hic ... dhrarcon until its bones are piekcd caeln*
: *Woderns waht heeanppd ...hic ... to the exn-Bnuy Mresat*
: *He wdeso.rn.. waht hpnapeed to ...hic ... the ex -- ...hic ... Bnuny Martes*
: *lAl hail the Daogrn Maerst*
: *woDn with the Bnnuy Eeirmp*
: *The edn*
Phantom Orchid: ..
Dragual Monarth: Yhaeeaeha! Go bnnuy msreta!
Passant the weak:All Hail the drunk Dragon Master
Ars Alchemy:I hoped there would be more dancing girls
:Awiiya claps
Dragual Monarth: All hial the drogan masert!
Awiiya:Just like RJ remembers it.
:Innocence applauds and laughs.
:Passant the weak claps
Brulant: *claps* All hail the Dragon Master!
Innocence:That was wonderful, Poe!
Innocence:If I might take a moment...
Innocence:In the future, please eliminate all conversation during a telling. [Conversations/extra elements have been removed from the transcript/]
Innocence:It shows disrespect to the one telling the story.
Innocence:Reactions, laughing and smiling, are appropriate.
Innocence:However, please don't shout out across the clearing at those passing by.
Awiiya:Does anybody want to go next?
:Ars Alchemy looks around for people he knows
Phantom Orchid:Thank you *smiles*
Awiiya:And Innocence is absolutely right. It's no fun if you can't hear the story.
Phantom Orchid:Especially if its drunk-talk.
Phantom Orchid:Does anyone else have a story to share?
:De Mimsy Porpington sits down in the shade.
Awiiya:But do we have another entry?
Innocence:Please remember that Spike stated you could create the tale on the spot.
:Phantom Orchid plots to take Brulant down to the Archives basement and put him into armor to do a Wodin skit
Innocence:Poe and Passant both did excellent jobs.
Awiiya:Correct, and there's no minimum.
Brulant:Let me try a rather quick one.
Sunfire:i can bring one, but it’s not that good
Awiiya:Go for it. Everyone quiet for Brulant!
:Brulant clears his throat
Brulant:So, by now we should all be familiar with who RJ was, thanks to Poe. *nods to Poe*
Brulant:But! What many do not know is that his story did not happen as it was written!
:Innocence gasps.
Brulant:The first page is correct, his Dragon did learn to fly, but shortly after he set out for Golemus, misfortune befell him.
Brulant:He was walking down the road, tripped over a rock, and hit his head.
The Warrior:Ouch!
Brulant:When he opened his eyes he was in a strange and distant land!
Brulant:There was color!
Passant the weak:Poor dragon
Brulant:The sun actually moved!
Brulant:But it did bear some strange resemblance to our own beloved Realm, so RJ did not think too much of it and continued on his journey.
Brulant:He reached the cave, but when he entered, things proceeded a bit differently.
Brulant:When he entered the cave, a strange sight greeted his eyes.
:Phantom Orchid drumrolls
Brulant:There were no dragons in this cave, but a tiny village?
The Warrior:dun dun duuh
Brulant:And the little people were there, but dressed in colorful clothing.
Brulant:Strange little overalls, and bizzare plaid shirts.
Brulant:As RJ neared the group, he began to hear a strange little song
Brulant:"Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!"
:Innocence laughs.
:Phantom Orchid chuckles
Brulant:RJ was quite puzzled. Surely if someone had died he would have heard about it.
:Princess Katt giggles
:Awiiya laughs
Brulant:So he gathered his courage and shouted to the assembled mob of celebrating tiny people, "I am the Dragon Master!"
:Kyphis chuckles
:Handy Pockets quietly laughs
Brulant:One of the tiny people walked over and squinted up into his face, "And? I represent the lollipop guild, what of it?"
:Innocence giggles.
:Telemnar pounds the ground with laughter
Brulant:RJ was quite taken aback. "Er -- what?" he responded confusedly.
Brulant:The midget replied a bit exasperatedly, "The lollipop guild? A guild? We hand out lollipops?"
:Vika Noir giggles
Brulant:This meant nothing to RJ, so he tried again, "I am the Dragon Master! I tame dragons! You… may have heard of me? RJ? SmartAlekRJ? Tamer of dragons?"
Brulant:The tiny man shook his head and sighed, "Alright mister, I don't know what you're on about. Seems to me that you're going to want to see the Wizard."
Brulant:Now it was RJ's turn to squint, "What? The Wizard? I thought that was someone else's quest?"
Innocence: *claps.* The Wizard!!
:Innocence laughs.
:Handy Pockets laughs
Passant the weak:Beware the GG wizard!
Phantom Orchid:We're off to see the wizard...!
:Awiiya laughs
Brulant:The midget pated RJ's arm soothingly, "Alright, alright, no need to work yourself up. Here's what you're going to do. See that road over there? The yellow one?"
Brulant:RJ cuts the tiny man off, "Er, wait, what's yellow?"
:Handy Pockets laughs out loud
Brulant:The tiny man laughed and said, "What? Are you color blind or something?"
:Passant the weak applauds
:Princess Katt laughs
Brulant:"No!" RJ exclaimed defensively. "No I'm not! I know colors! There's Black! And Beige! And… and…
Brulant:The tiny man signaled for a group of him friends to come over and escort RJ down the road.
Brulant:As RJ was frog-marched down the road the tiny man called after him, "Look, hurry up and you might catch up to that one gal! Last I heard she met up with a man with no brain, no courage, and no heart!"
Brulant:RJ called back to him as the little town faded away, "How dare you say that about BigC! And I all wanted was a DRaaaggooooooooonn--------"
Brulant:Because I don't know where I'm going with it. *laughs*
:Vika Noir has giggle fits
:Innocence claps.
Maebius: *smiles and claps* Well done!
:Vika Noir claps
:Paracelsus laughs and claps
:Falronn claps
:Awiiya claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Sunfire claps
:Princess Katt claps
:The Warrior applauds
:Ars Alchemy applauds loudly
:De Mimsy Porpington claps.
:AmberRune claps
Awiiya:That was great.
Brulant: *bows to his audience* Thank you!
:Sandra Klien stumbles in a little drowsy and tries to clap while walking. It doesn't work and she ends up tripping over someone
Awiiya:Does anyone want to go next?
Sunfire:i can go next
Awiiya:Okay, go for it Sunfire
Sunfire:im going to tell you what reaaly happened in necrovion, when phrog burned
Sunfire:After tremir’s Group arrived at the way of cleansing, they quickly sat *phrog* near the fire to warm him again
Kyphis:. *ribbit*
Sunfire:two of the band were dragging a cauldron to the fire and some vegetables, in hope that some soup would help the poor thing
Sunfire:A few moments later, two innocent kids wandered in and noticed poor *phrog* sitting at the fire, "guarded" by a group of men.
Sunfire:If that was not, strange enough they also had a big cauldron, ready at the fire.
Sunfire:They soon came to the conclusion that this group was up to no good, in their youth they believed that this group were nothing less than cannibals.
Sunfire:So they gathered some “weapons”, nothing more than some branches they found there, and charged at the group
Sunfire:soon a bloody fight began, teeth flew everywhere, fistbones were broken on jaws, etc...
Sunfire:In the confusion of this short but heroic battle, xcerces got a nasty hit against his chest and took a step back, but fell over a stone against *phrog* who lost his balance and fell into the flames.
:Ars Alchemy finds a seat and sits on the edge of it
Sunfire:this of course enraged the men, and after a few well aimed hits the fight was over, the kids lay defeated at the fire
Sunfire:this group tried to pull their "sneak" back out of the fire, but it was of no use, phrog was gone
Innocence:Aww... poor phrog!
Sunfire:indeed, and all that for a little misunderstanding
Sunfire:these necro kids were not as bad as they seemed
:Sunfire bows and sits down again
:Awiiya claps
:Innocence claps.
:Princess Katt claps
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Clapclapclap-
:Falronn claps
:Brulant claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Sandra Klien claps
:Passant the weak wonders if they were not that bad but claps and bows
Awiiya:Does anybody want go next?
Innocence:Anyone else want to share something? We still have plenty of time.
Awiiya:I can make something up if no one has anything in mind.
Innocence:Actually... if no one else has a story to share... I was wondering if... others would be willing to create one?
Innocence:As in... we all work together.
Brulant: *smiles* That could be awesome.
Innocence:Perhaps it is something we can save for the interim...
Awiiya:I have one, but I need your help to create it.
Awiiya:I need people to send me in a message the most cuddly thing they can think of.
Awiiya:The cuter, the better. The more saccharine-overload sweet, high fructose, off the wall adorableness, the better.
Ryan Delphus:Anyone/everyone?
Awiiya:I'll draw on them in the order they come, too.
Awiiya:Okay, let's do this.
Awiiya:This is a tale of Khalazdad. Because he's influential and all that.
Awiiya:After Khalazdad the Black had successfully complete his mission, to erradicate all challengers, and Khalazdad the White had sacrificed himself, and Khalazdad the Gray had arisen to maintain an equilibrium in the once-open and prospering land of Necrovion, there is a tale that the AL left out.
Awiiya:It took place on a day of particular boredom.
Awiiya:Necrovion had emptied of new people poking their noses around the Shades dwellings, and the only two residents were Khalazdad and me, at the time his Vizier.
Awiiya:If you don't know what a Vizier's job is, don't worry, I didn't either.
Awiiya:The sun began to move a few centimeters in the sky and I said to Khalazdad, "About that time eh? The dead time."
Awiiya:He replied, "In the silence there is the most noise. Our surroundings are a desert, and in the desert there is hidden rest behind the dunes."
Awiiya:I let his wise words sit in the air.
Awiiya:"Okay. That's great. But I'm bored."
:Phantom Orchid chuckles
Awiiya:Khalazdad turned to me, "Only those that are boring find themselves bored."
Awiiya:"Yes, my Vizier? The one who I rely on to... do that thing that you do?"
:Innocence snickers.
Awiiya:"Can we play a game?"
:Brulant laughs quietly
Awiiya:"Okay. I wish there was a different Khalazdad were here. This gray is too stasis for my liking."
Awiiya:Khalazdad sagely turned his head. He squatted on the ground, and withdrew a cube from his pocket.
Seigheart:NO! Not the Triangle face! NEVER the Triangle face. I HATE it.
Awiiya:"I live to serve," he said, and ate the cube.
Awiiya:Khalazdad shouted, "NO! NOT THE TRIANGLE FACE!"
Awiiya:"What?" I said, confused.
Awiiya:"Oh sorry. It's... a vestigial effect of the Shade war. The triangles. They're wicked."
:Brulant laughs
:Kyphis laughs vocaly
Awiiya:"I hate the Traingle face too."
Awiiya:"Anyways. So I ate the cube..."
:AmberRune laughs
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Chuckles-
Awiiya:And then POOF. In a shower of rainbows, Khalazdad the Gray become the one, and thankfully only, KHALAZDAD THE RAINBOW!
:Innocence claps.
Awiiya:Unicorns neighed in the distance. Cute puppies showered down from the sky. A kitten gently batted at a ball.
:Brulant claps and laughs until he cries
Phantom Orchid: Khalazdad the Rainbow!
Awiiya:There were even Scottish Fold Kittens!
:Handy Pockets falls to the ground laughing
Awiiya:Khalazdad the Rainbow would go to no end to be adorable and entertaining!
Awiiya:He started throwing flowers at me and saying, "You are just too snuggum umpkins good little poofkie!"
:Innocence giggles.
Awiiya:I, like you would in my situation, had no words. "Khalazdad... are you alright?"
:Ryan Delphus laughs
Awiiya:"I love to care for you my sweeet honey pumpkin oat. And you know that in a desert the best thing to do is TAN!"
:Brulant laughs
:Handy Pockets gasps for air
:Ars Alchemy doesn't get it
:ChildOfTheSoul wishes he had heard the first part of this story
Awiiya:"And I have a gift for you, my Vizier. Well actually first you title is Vizor," and he handed me a hot pink visor with the words, Sentinel and Sassy on it.
Awiiya:And the gift was a baby teacup Pomeranian (small cute dog) wearing pink ribbons, fallen asleep on top of a pillowcase covered in glitter
Awiiya:The worst part about the situation was that the shades joined in. Shade Sentinel, a woman despite her arduous unisex look, told me that, "Necrovion had always lacked a woman's touch."
Awiiya:It was too much to handle, and I had to find a way to cure him.
Awiiya:So I did what anybody would do. I took Khalazdad, dressed him in a large cloak to conceal all the... rainbows... and took him to Sagewoman and her pub.
Awiiya:"Sagewoman, please, help me. What makes a man a man?"
Awiiya:The answer was obvious.
Innocence:...a beer belly?
Awiiya:"Smooching and beer."
:Ryan Delphus smiles
:Innocence cheers.
Awiiya:Khalazdad chugged like he had never chugged before, gulping down pints and pints oh the amber liquid.
Awiiya:And before you knew it, Khalazdad had become Khalazdad the Green.
:Ars Alchemy laughs
Awiiya:After barfing up the cube and sparkles, Khalazdad lay on the ground, as monochromatic as ever.
Awiiya:When he awoke, I'd never been more happy to hear, "Greetings," and a long-winded incredibly moral tale.
Awiiya: (end)
:Brulant laughs and claps
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Claps-
:Phantom Orchid claps
:Sunfire claps smiling
:Handy Pockets claps and wipes the tears away
:Ryan Delphus claps heartily
:Falronn claps
:Sandra Klien wakes up suddenly at all the clapping
Awiiya:Thank you.
:AmberRune claps between wiping away tears
:Innocence laughs and applauds.
Bloodynose: (applauds)
:ChildOfTheSoul claps
Awiiya:Should we make one last story together to end of the Story Night, or does someone else have a story they'd like to finish us off with?
Handy Pockets:YOu finished me off. I cannot stop laughing, well, okay I did. but still
Awiiya: *laughs* BOO!
Awiiya:Oh wait. That's hiccups.
:Sandra Klien chuckles
Ars Alchemy:On to the archives then?
Innocence:If everyone agrees, we can create the story?
Ars Alchemy:I'm game
Innocence:Or most everyone... I guess... I think some might have fallen asleep...
Bloodynose:mid day here
ChildOfTheSoul:everyone? :) I'll help.
Sandra Klien:A shame that, although... I'm not one to talk.
Brulant:I'd love to help out.
Innocence:I suppose I will start... and we'll see where it goes...
Sandra Klien: *nods* As would I, if I can.
Ryan Delphus:I'd love to participate more.
Innocence:Once upon a time, in the realm of MagicDuel, in a lone tower...
Innocence:Kets, please continue...
Handy Pockets:was a trunk full of
Phantom Orchid:tiny men
Sandra Klien:made of tin
Brulant:Who had a horrible grudge against
:Innocence giggles.
ChildOfTheSoul:an evil wizard that lived in the neighboring trunk.
Phantom Orchid:Each day the evil wizard would...
AmberRune:Throw shoes at them
Brulant:And laugh while they cowered.
Ars Alchemy:They were forced to mend the many shoes
Bloodynose:but one day
Falronn:They decided to do something about it
Brulant:They had a not so sneaky plan to
Ryan Delphus:, so they crowded together to form a plan.
Ars Alchemy:No more! cried their leader. it's time we send the wizard a message. We need to send him our...
Sandra Klien:made of paper meche
Falronn:Lit on fire.
:Innocence laughs.
AmberRune:because fire solves everything
Phantom Orchid:When they leader cried this out, there was much rejoicing, until...
Brulant:The wizard threw some more shoes at them.
Sandra Klien:and told them to "quit that racket!"
Ars Alchemy:and the cycle started over again
ChildOfTheSoul:except this time, things were different.
Brulant:And thus,
Ryan Delphus:These were bigger, boot-sized shoes now.
ChildOfTheSoul:with spikes.
:Ryan Delphus laughs
Brulant:And steel toes.
AmberRune:some had wheels in the bottoms
Phantom Orchid:Tied with pink ribbons and lace
Bloodynose:They said enough had ignited the tower, all the tin men were running everywhere until the wizard..........
ChildOfTheSoul:singed his beard off.
Ryan Delphus:Ran out of shoes.
ChildOfTheSoul:singed his beard off and ran out of shoes.
Falronn:The wizard was so mad that he,
Sandra Klien:threw the tin men out of the tower.
Handy Pockets:And closed the lid of the trunk
Brulant:What the wizard overlooked, however, was that…
AmberRune:They still had the key to get in
Falronn:So the tiny men opened the door and
Brulant:Crept up while the wizard was asleep…
Sandra Klien:All 100 gazillion of them. With...
ChildOfTheSoul:especially quiet slippers.
Bloodynose:and a mini drachorn tin tank
AmberRune:When they all piled in...
ChildOfTheSoul:they found the chest to be already filled to the brim with shoes.
Brulant:Then the leader had an idea. They could turn the tables on the wizard!
Falronn:They all picked up a shoe
Ars Alchemy:and let fly
ChildOfTheSoul:and it dropped perfectly on top of the wizard's sleeping head.
Sandra Klien:This was followed shortly by...
Bloodynose:in the most brutal form of shoe throwing
Ars Alchemy:which covered the wizard completely
Innocence: *giggles.* You might want to look for an ending soon...
Ars Alchemy:until he suffocated
ChildOfTheSoul:until he became what he feared most.
Brulant:And he never arose again.
Ars Alchemy:dead.
ChildOfTheSoul:a giant pile of shoes. the end :D
:Innocence applauds.
Bloodynose:tin men win
:Sandra Klien giggles
:Ars Alchemy claps
:Falronn claps
:Sandra Klien claps
ChildOfTheSoul:always the underdogs, those tin men.
:AmberRune claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Brulant claps
:ChildOfTheSoul claps
:Princess Katt claps
:[Spell] The earth has music for those who listen[/spoiler]

Poetry Slam:
Poetry Slam:

:Tarquinus scowls
Tarquinus:'tis time.
Tarquinus:Keith Moon is caught in the underway mud, and shall join us when he is able.
Darigan:Let the slamming of poetry begin!
Tarquinus:I have offered to take his place.
Innocence:Poor Moonpie...
Innocence:I dunno, Luci... you're kinda... kinda like a downer...
:Innocence suppresses a giggle.
*Mya Celestia*:Moonpie sounds like some sort of dessert
Darigan:it is
Tarquinus:We will begin with a poem he wrote for one who was once the Master Archivist, and for whom he would die or endure anything in creation.
Tarquinus:The piece has no title.
Tarquinus:Portray an amaranthine sprite as free
Tarquinus:As midnight summer foliage uncurls,
Tarquinus:Majestic, a high priestess draped in pearls
Tarquinus:Portentous like the fronds she turns to you,
Tarquinus:Lascivious with passions hitherto
Tarquinus:Embodied in a sparkle-dappled stream.
Tarquinus:Magenta stretches silk, serene desire
Tarquinus:Occluded by composure strong as steel,
Tarquinus:Unknown but intimated by the deep
Tarquinus:Suggestion of a soul of honeyed cream.
Tarquinus:Surprised, you apprehend a diorama
Tarquinus:Exceeding all the artifice of sleep.
:Innocence claps politely.
:Falronn claps
Tarquinus:That is the poem he has offered. Others may read theirs now, or I shall read another, submitted by one who cannot attend to-day.
*Mya Celestia*: *sighs* I wish someone would write a poem like that about me
Innocence:Anyone else have a prepared poem?
Seigheart:I have a poem
Tarquinus:Please, share.
Seigheart:Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, My Loincloth is Dirty, it smells like Glue.
:Seigheart bows
:Tarquinus winces but claps politely
Seigheart:I have shared. *winks*
:Seigheart snickers
Innocence: *giggles and then points at Ziggy.* Ziggy! No! Bad Ziggy!!
:xrieg shed a tear
Seigheart:Xrieg, was that because of the smell, or my awesome poem?
Tarquinus:Any others?
Jolla:Zen's coming she has one
Keith Moon:Howdy. Sorry I'm late.
Keith Moon:What'd I miss?
ZenTao: *bows* hello
Seigheart:My poem!
Innocence:You missed Luci being all... stiff in the bad way and Ziggy being bad in a funny way...
:Tarquinus frowns at Innocence
Tarquinus:I hesitate to ask what is stiff in a 'good way'.
ZenTao: *smiles* hi X
xrieg:Seigheart, your poem of course :-)
Keith Moon:Luke ain't known for his party animal ways, Inno.
Amoran K Kol:You are indeed late, Keith, but it is good to see you.
ZenTao: *looks at her notebook of poems* did anyone want to hear?
Amoran K Kol: *smiles at ZenTao.* I would like to.
Seigheart:I do, Zen.
ZenTao:okay may I go or was Siegh next?
Seigheart:I went. *grins slyly*
ZenTao:oh okay thank you *ahem*
Innocence:Everyone... please.
Innocence:I don't mean to interrupt, Zen... but give me a moment...
ZenTao:no prob
Innocence:Please show respect to the others who are sharing their art.
Innocence:Do not interrupt them...like I just did... and keep conversation to a minimum.
Innocence:Moonpie is running this event, so please listen to his directions.
:Amoran K Kol nods to Innocence and quietly moves to take her place next to Lucius.
Innocence: *bows.* I apologize, Zen... Moonpie...
Keith Moon:Silence is appreciated.
Innocence: *steps back.* Please begin again.
ZenTao:Shall i start again from the beginning
Keith Moon:Zen, the floor is yours. Start over, if you don't mind.
ZenTao:/\okay thank you
ZenTao:titled Life
ZenTao:As I child I would lay in the soft grass smelling the sweet summer air Looking at the big blue sky
ZenTao:slowly the day would give way to the night All those little lights would appear so very very far away from here
ZenTao:somehow knowing they are too far away to reach too far away to see anything but their soft sparkle in the indigo sky I could look for hours trace the constellations
ZenTao:and imagine the mysteries that beheld my eyes how could anything exist in our minds that was not someplace out there? as a product of this universe it just would make sense
ZenTao:that there is nothing we could think of that doesn't already exist someplace and with that I dream. what a wonderful place.
:Innocence smiles and claps.
:Keith Moon claps softly
:Falronn claps
ZenTao: *smiles* thanks
:Amoran K Kol claps, smiling at ZenTao.
Seigheart:I liked that.
:Awiiya claps his branches and tries to make himself comfortable on the ground
Bloodynose:You made it Awiiya (applauds)
ZenTao:glad to share
:Kyphis claps
:Tarquinus applauds ZenTao's poem
Falronn:Woah, hello Awiiya.
Keith Moon:Thank you, Zen.
Kyphis:A tree may be rooted, but he to a book ;)
Ars Alchemy: *gasp* a walking tree!
Awiiya:It's not often I move. Because it hurts. And is disgraceful. But this is not far, and there's not much viscosity at all.
Bloodynose:hopping tree
ZenTao: *cheers* to you Awiiya to us all...
Innocence:You say that like you've never seen a walking tree before...
Keith Moon:Any other pre-prepared poems to read?
Ars Alchemy:I wrote a poem this morning
Kyphis:I have one, although I only wrote it a moment ago
Ars Alchemy:although it's only a haiku
:ZenTao listens
Keith Moon:Ars, go ahead. Kyphis, you're next.
:Amoran K Kol quietly twirls a strand of hair between her fingers, listening intently.
Ars Alchemy:The sad fact is
Ars Alchemy:poems are improvement
Ars Alchemy:from normal sh*t.
Ars Alchemy:it's slightly out of context, but there it is :P
:Innocence giggles.
:Kyphis chuckles
Innocence:You're terrible! Just like Ziggy!
:Keith Moon smiles and claps
:Handy Pockets claps
ZenTao: * raises eyebrow* indeed
xrieg:beautiful :-) I would only add a single word to rhyme better... 'some'
Keith Moon:Kyphis, once the chatter dies down, your work will be heard.
Ars Alchemy: *bow* ty all
:ZenTao claps
:Amoran K Kol claps softly, chuckling.
:Kyphis clears his throat
Kyphis:Flowing on a wayward breeze
Kyphis:The rising tide of thought
Kyphis:Through the minds of all
Kyphis:It runs its course
Kyphis:Listen to the call it sounds
Kyphis:Floating in the air
Kyphis:Calling to all around
Kyphis:Yet not to it all listen
Kyphis:The call will fall
Kyphis:Upon the step of many minds
Kyphis:Yet to die as dust does settle
Kyphis:Upon its fleeing voice.
:Kyphis returns to the crowd
:Innocence nods and claps.
:Falronn claps
Keith Moon: *claps softly* Thank you, Kyphis.
:Ars Alchemy claps
:*Shemhazaj* claps
ZenTao: *cheers* nice one!
:Awiiya claps
Kyphis: Dedicated to Awiiya and his persistent desire for ever more poetry.
Awiiya: Ah. Thank you
*Shemhazaj*:uhm... hi... I just got here... is it too late to participate as well?
Keith Moon:No. You're right on time, Shem.
:*Mya Celestia* claps
Bloodynose:i have one i just made from a sight on my way here maybe
Keith Moon:I believe you have a work to share?
Keith Moon:Bloody, if you'll wait for Shem to read his, you'll be next.
*Shemhazaj*: *nods* I do
*Shemhazaj*:I wrote it some time ago for a contest, but... I got disqualified *laughs*
:Keith Moon smiles
*Shemhazaj*:never could read the rules till the last point when I get an idea...
*Shemhazaj*:anyway, here it is *clears his throat*
*Shemhazaj*:The Battlefield
*Shemhazaj*:oh! Stop traveler from far away
*Shemhazaj*:And listen to the words I say
*Shemhazaj*:The plains you see are calm, in peace
*Shemhazaj*:Not always it has been like this
*Shemhazaj*:Red flowers grow where blood was spilled
*Shemhazaj*:This is the place. That's Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:The sky was clouded, sky was gray
*Shemhazaj*:The sun dared not to look that way
*Shemhazaj*:Coz mighty creatures were gathering
*Shemhazaj*:To kill or die, what fate would bring
*Shemhazaj*:From different sides the foes appeared
*Shemhazaj*:The armies came to Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:Two warriors came both strong and fierce
*Shemhazaj*:Tho both came here, one was to leave
*Shemhazaj*:One came for glory, one came to fall
*Shemhazaj*:But which was which they did not know
*Shemhazaj*:Trembled the earth tho air stood still
*Shemhazaj*:The armies clashed on Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:With swords they fought, fought with beliefs
*Shemhazaj*:Imperial knights, unholy priests
*Shemhazaj*:Among them all vampires showed
*Shemhazaj*:Stealing their strength while sucking blood
*Shemhazaj*:Who’s friend, who’s foe, no longer seen
*Shemhazaj*:The chaos ruled on Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:The air was hot, flames everywhere
*Shemhazaj*:’Twas easy to spot the Ele’s came
*Shemhazaj*:And they would get the ground all scorched
*Shemhazaj*:If not for those of Pact of Blood
*Shemhazaj*:Coz every shot meant one last scream
*Shemhazaj*:The arrows rained on Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:From the far mountains majestic sight
*Shemhazaj*:Of giant birds flying so high
*Shemhazaj*:Tho high above they hit their foes
*Shemhazaj*:With vibrant peep that freezes thoughts
*Shemhazaj*:Enemy screamed, the allies cheered
*Shemhazaj*:Winderwilds flew to Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:But fight’s not over, not even close
*Shemhazaj*:The tide is changing as once before
*Shemhazaj*:Coz winged men appeared with burning eyes
*Shemhazaj*:For everyone to recognize
*Shemhazaj*:And then unleashed their swords and spears
*Shemhazaj*:An Angien’s wrath on Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:’Twas almost over, almost an end
*Shemhazaj*:The fear of lost in hearts of men
*Shemhazaj*:When Angiens too started to fall
*Shemhazaj*:Trembled the air the drachorns roared
*Shemhazaj*:GG, the Rein, the Rust, the Wind
*Shemhazaj*:Showered their rage on Battlefield!
*Shemhazaj*:Now all has passed, now all is calm
*Shemhazaj*:You can go safe, there is no harm
*Shemhazaj*:But when you’ll see red flowers grow
*Shemhazaj*:Dare not to pick, for now you know
*Shemhazaj*:Their roots grow deep to bones that still
*Shemhazaj*:Lay down beneath the Battlefield…
:*Shemhazaj* goes silent
:Falronn claps
:ZenTao woot
Keith Moon: *claps* Thank you, Shemhazaj.
Bloodynose: (applauds)
:nadrolski wipes his tear
*Mya Celestia*: *claps* Wow
Handy Pockets: *claps* . wow
*Shemhazaj*: *smiles* thank you
:Ars Alchemy straightens up in his seat quickly and applauds
:*Mya Celestia* giggles
Amoran K Kol: *applauds.* Thank you Shem.
xrieg: *claps again and shed another tear* the beauty of your poem made me want to buy GG. anybody selling?
ZenTao:how sweet zx
:*Shemhazaj* laughs
ZenTao:lol you are too much
:Keith Moon laughs
Keith Moon:All right. Any other pre-prepared works?
Ars Alchemy:I have another piece, but I'm not sure I want to follow that last work
Keith Moon:Bloody, you're up.
Bloodynose:on the spot really
Bloodynose:I wake up in Awiiya's Way,
Bloodynose:To see a tree hopping here today,
Bloodynose:Popping roots along the way,
:Ars Alchemy chuckles
Bloodynose:Awiiya has made it here to stay,
Bloodynose:the end
Bloodynose: :)
:Ars Alchemy cheers
:Keith Moon claps softly
:Falronn claps
:Handy Pockets claps
Keith Moon:Thank you.
Keith Moon:Ars, did you have another?
Ars Alchemy:yes, thank you
:Ars Alchemy steps up to the podium and clears his throat
:ZenTao claps
Ars Alchemy:the title of the piece is 'Hallway Romances'
Ars Alchemy:Here she comes! Get Ready!
Ars Alchemy:A smile. A nod.
Ars Alchemy:"Hi, Beth"
Ars Alchemy:"How's it going?"
Ars Alchemy:She passes on; gone now.
Ars Alchemy:But look what she took with her
Ars Alchemy:.
:Ars Alchemy sits back down
:Handy Pockets claps
:Falronn claps
:ZenTao claps
Keith Moon: *claps softly* Thank you, Ars.
:Ars Alchemy nods his thanks
Bloodynose: (claps)
Keith Moon:Any others? I have one more to read on behalf of Poe, and then we'll get to the challenge.
Keith Moon:All right, then.
Keith Moon:This one's called "The Traveler".
Keith Moon:The Traveler drifted into the Tunnel
Keith Moon:With a fabled cube inside an old man
Keith Moon:What all had been done still carries on
Keith Moon:With a fabled cube he brings a plan
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:Khalazdad's bones still echoed loud
Keith Moon:Across Time before Him, he had no choice
Keith Moon:Two silhouettes form still listening on
Keith Moon:Across Time before Him, now only a voice
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:One half clambered up to the Marrow
Keith Moon:To live silently from within the dark
Keith Moon:One to admire it and one to roam
Keith Moon:To live silently without remark
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:The Sentinel whispered on the wind
Keith Moon:"IIII willl finnd youu," figure of eight
Keith Moon:Headed towards and away from Necrovion
Keith Moon:"IIII willl finnd youu"; before it's too late
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:One regular man who walks among us
Keith Moon:Training and learning in our wake
Keith Moon:Wherever he goes memories follow
Keith Moon:Training and learning, Time opaque
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:Their memories synch now and again
Keith Moon:And when they do He feels the same way
Keith Moon:To rise, be free, and die merrily
Keith Moon:And when they do he will awake
Keith Moon:.
Keith Moon:And when they do he will awake
Keith Moon:And when you do, you will awake
Keith Moon:.
:Keith Moon folds the parchment and carefully puts it away
Keith Moon:That one was by Phantom Orchid.
:Falronn claps
:*Shemhazaj* claps
:*Mya Celestia* claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Ars Alchemy looks thoughtful as he applauds the poem
Darigan:I've got one
Ars Alchemy:I liked how it faded away at the end
Keith Moon:All right, Darigan. You're up.
:Darigan clears his throat
Darigan:I once knew a kantor named Fred
Darigan:He liked to eat lots of bread
Darigan:No matter where it might have led
Darigan: (coughs)
Darigan:As long as in the end it was to his bed
Darigan:I once knew a grassen named Sam
:Ars Alchemy pauses in half clap
Darigan:Who very much liked to bam
Darigan:His club would go wham
Darigan:against many a lamb
Darigan:and he would say thank you Ma'am
Darigan:I once knew an Aramor named Joe
Darigan:Who would run at any foe
Darigan:But to his woe
Darigan:He was quite slow
Darigan:often his enemy would have a bow
Darigan:and he would mow poor joe to the ground
:Darigan sits back down
:Innocence giggles.
:Innocence claps.
:Handy Pockets claps
Bloodynose: (appluads)
:Falronn claps
Keith Moon: *claps softly* Thank you, Darigan.
:*Shemhazaj* claps chuckling
:*Mya Celestia* claps
Keith Moon:Who here wants to participate in the extemporaneous challenge?
:Innocence looks around at the thundering silence.
Darigan:I'll do it
Bloodynose:I do not know what it is
*Burns*:I'll give it a try, if you promise to not laugh me :))
Innocence:Moonpie likes to use big words...
Awiiya:I would like to maybe try.
Innocence:...maybe he should try some smaller ones for a change?
:Innocence smirks at Moonpie.
Keith Moon:I'll select themes from the AL and give one to each participant.
Kyphis:I'll give it a go
Keith Moon:Each participant will then have about 10 minutes to write a poem - however you want. Rhymed, structured, free verse, anything goes.
*Shemhazaj*:I'd like to try, but I'm not sure if I won't disappear during writing it...
Innocence:Just so everyone knows... whatever Burns says, I plan on laughing at. A lot.
:Innocence sticks tongue out at Burns.
:*Burns* sighs
*Burns*:You're evil.
:Innocence giggles.
*Burns*:I bet that's why nobody visits you anymore. :P
Innocence:No, no... these horns? The horns are... they're... they're angel’s horns.
Darigan:how can something so faunish be evil?
Innocence: *points at Dairy.* See?
Keith Moon:Okay, so far I have as participants: Darigan, Awi, Burns, Kyphis, and Shem.
Keith Moon:Anybody else?
Innocence:Kets? Zen? Ziggy?
Innocence:I was thinking about it...
Darigan:oh gosh
Handy Pockets:I was thinking about it, but I don t know
Innocence:I'll do it if Kets does it.
Awiiya:Go on, try it.
:Darigan chuckles
Awiiya:No one cares if it's terribly bad or terribly good!
Seigheart:For what?
:Handy Pockets laughs
Innocence:I care! But only if it's Burns.
Innocence:I want to laugh at him.
Kyphis:Spirit of the festival: Join in and have some fun!
Handy Pockets:we get a theme to write poem on?
:Falronn pats Burns
Keith Moon:Yeah.
Innocence:Yes. Moonpie tells us and then we write.
Handy Pockets:Yeah, okay
*Burns*:She's been like that from day 1, you get used to it.
Innocence:And then we all point at Burns and laugh.
:Innocence grins at Burns.
Kyphis:Do we each get our own theme, or the same one?
Keith Moon:Since Inno has selected the AL as the overall theme, I'll pick something from it, and you have about 10 minutes to write.
Kyphis:And I assume you will tell us when we are to present?
Awiiya:Do we have to actually relate it to the AL or can we just use it as a jumping off point
Keith Moon:Everybody gets his own theme. You'll PM them to me when you're finished, and I'll have you read them in turn - that way, everybody has about the same amount of time to write.
Keith Moon:You can do whatever you are moved to do with it, Awi.
Kyphis:Sounds fair ^_^
:Ars Alchemy scouts around for blank paper
Awiiya:Okay, sounds good.
Innocence:Kets and I are ready to go!
Innocence: *looks over at Kets.* No copying off my paper, though...
:Handy Pockets frowns
Keith Moon:Ars, are you in for the challenge?
*Burns*:shamless advertisement in between, i could do with a few more adepts, anybody wish to join me? :D
Ars Alchemy:I believe so. Could somebody give me the cliff notes really fast? I missed the 1st part
:Handy Pockets shakes her head . shameless. smiles
Keith Moon:I give you a topic from the AL, you write a poem in whatever style you choose. You have about 10 minutes to write.
Darigan:you get a part of the AL and you write a poem about it then pm it to Keith
Ars Alchemy: *nods.* Then yes, I am ready
Innocence:I think we're all ready to get going. *looks around.*
Seigheart:Ill join that challenge
Keith Moon:okay, Seig, too... let me grab a topic for you.
Keith Moon:All right. I will announce topics now.
Keith Moon:As I am a historian, ex-Legend Speaker, and lover of antiquities, the topics I've chosen are all from long ago... early in the AL.
Keith Moon:I'll provide page numbers if you are hopelessly lost, but you don't have to be historically accurate. the poetry's the thing.
Keith Moon:As a courtesy to the other participants, please refrain from writing until all topics have been assigned.
Keith Moon:Darigan - the Golemus Wizard who starts the quest for the Book of Principles.
Keith Moon:Awi - Thanasia's prayer vigil for Big C.
Keith Moon:Burns - the decline and fall of Big C.
Keith Moon:Kyphis - simplyzero's quest against the Shades.
Keith Moon:Shem - Akasha and the Book of Principles.
Keith Moon:'kets - SmartAlek RJ and the Little People.
Keith Moon:Inno - STF and Morpheus, and the dream riddle.
Keith Moon:Ars - the summons and rise of Wodin Ullr.
Keith Moon:Seig - the Seekers of Enlightenment and their attempts to contact the angiens.
Keith Moon:Any questions before we get started?
Innocence:No fair... he was one of those...
Amoran K Kol:May I participate as well, Keith?
Keith Moon:Yes. Amo - the coming of Night.
Keith Moon:All right, if everyone's ready?
Handy Pockets:ready
:Innocence nods.
Keith Moon:All right. Go!
Keith Moon:You have 10 minutes, maybe a little longer.
Keith Moon:Please PM me your poem when you're finished.
Jolla:am I too late?
Keith Moon:You'll be a little short on time, Jolla. You still want in?
Keith Moon:Bloodynose also reminded me, and received a topic.
Keith Moon:Then write about Amoran, Renavoid, and Amo's quest to ignite her Inner Sun.
Keith Moon:You have about 7 minutes, maybe a bit longer.
*Shemhazaj*: (I pass, I missed my topic and I need to go afk again :( )
Keith Moon:please PM me your poem when it is complete.
Keith Moon:About 5 minutes remaining.
Seigheart:Mine was submitted, and it sucks :P
Keith Moon:I've got 2 submissions. the rest of you have 2 minutes to finish up.
Innocence: *frowns and grumbles.* I have to withdraw.
Innocence:I was answering a message from a festival goer and I didn't have time to work on the poem.
Keith Moon: *frowns* Aw, Inno!
Innocence:I'm sorry Kets.
Awiiya:Mine's not terribly brilliant either
Bloodynose:mine either
Innocence: *shrugs.* It's okay... it was crappy, anyway.
Innocence:Nim saved me from looking silly... -er...
Innocence:Thanks, Nim!!
Keith Moon:Not many people are any good in 10 minutes. that's the point! I know most of y'all can think fast, and that's a big part of the exercise.
Keith Moon:Time's up!
Keith Moon:Please send me whatever you have.
Kyphis:Woot, just got mine done :P
*Burns*:hooray, managed it in the extra 2 minutes :D
Amoran K Kol:I was not finished, in truth, but that is what I have.
Handy Pockets:Inno!!!
Innocence:Again, I apologize to Kets...
Handy Pockets:mine is horrible
Handy Pockets:now I am alone
:Innocence suddenly feels --really-- guilty and hides behind Moonpie.
Handy Pockets:Inno!!!
Amoran K Kol:Mine as well.
*Burns*:you may not laugh about me when you have nothing at all.
:Innocence cringes and tries not to cry.
Innocence:I'm sorry!!
Handy Pockets:In truth Inno, it is okay.
Innocence: *peeks out from behind Moonpie at Kets.* Really?
Handy Pockets:Yes really
Handy Pockets:I dont know what mine is, but I will say it.
Keith Moon:Ok. I have submissions from most of y'all. Lemme see...
Keith Moon:I don't have any from Ars, Bloody, or Jolla.
Ars Alchemy:Sent
:Innocence jumps out from behind Moonpie and smiles.
Bloodynose:i sent u mine like 4 mins ago
Keith Moon:Okay. Got yours, Ars. Lemme check for yours, Bloody.
Keith Moon:Yep, you're right. Sorry.
Keith Moon:All right, let's read 'em!
Keith Moon:Darigan - you're first!
Darigan:There once was a Wizard from Golemus
Darigan:Who sought the book of principles
Darigan:and as he searched upon a way
Darigan:a girl came to him seeking his teachings
Darigan:he took her on and sent her on her way
Darigan:to find and retrieve the fabled book
Darigan:the plot to kill him was well known
Darigan:in his demented mind
Darigan:and so he hoped the journey would leave her dead
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Falronn claps
:Ars Alchemy applauds
Keith Moon:Awi - you're next!
:Handy Pockets clasp
:Amoran K Kol claps softly and smiles at Darigan.
:Kyphis claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Awiiya claps
:Passant the weak bows and claps
Awiiya:Clasped hands, wet eyes, sore knees,
Awiiya:Muttering a thousand prayers
Awiiya:Tacking them to God's prayer Wall
Awiiya:Stuck fluttering like butterflies
Awiiya:With pins wedged between stones.
Awiiya:Because that's what it feels like
Awiiya:To be stuck in a place where
Awiiya:The only chain is your shadow
Awiiya:Not remembering what you saw, or see, in C.
Awiiya:And not knowing precisely which tense to use.
Awiiya:He is, was, could be, would be, a man.
Awiiya:Trapped in a mirror only by being cracked.
Awiiya:The flaws. I try to blot my own as I vindicate his.
Awiiya:Frozen springs in winter,
Awiiya:Running underneath with feet, no wait fins, fish.
Awiiya:An iced moon, half-faced and dual.
Awiiya:Big, like you. And stuck, too.
Awiiya:I reach down and punch the ice.
Awiiya:Catching a fish for a man you've never met.
Awiiya: (end)
Awiiya:Keith: I did change a few things as I went. But you can use the other copy if you want.
:Falronn claps
:Kyphis claps
:Passant the weak claps
Handy Pockets: *claps* . Nice
Awiiya:And... it's melodramatic because I imagine Thanasia was too.
:Ars Alchemy joins in
Keith Moon:Nope, that's fine!
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
Handy Pockets:Inno, can I hide behind you.
Keith Moon:Burns - you're next!
*Burns*:ah, now where are the notes...
*Burns*:The once mighty warrior into Necro was carried
*Burns*:by the evil shades who tried to seal his fate.
*Burns*:His mind was blurred, his arms weak and weary
*Burns*:And his fear was to never again see his mate.
*Burns*:Deep in the pit, where the Darkness rules,
*Burns*:his body was brought, the prayers hardly helped,
*Burns*:but as his body healed and his mind cooled
*Burns*:he heard the faint whispers of the left-out whelps.
*Burns*:His thoughts cleared up, and his health refreshed,
*Burns*:but the shade's strength was utterly unmatched.
*Burns*:On the way to the prison, his hopes were crashed,
*Burns*:he lost his will, not even a torch he could fetch.
*Burns*:And now despair is the only thing to guide,
*Burns*:not knowing the way, not even the guard's name.
*Burns*:The prayers grew faint, and then subsided,
*Burns*:He was forgotten, despite his incredible fame.
*Burns*:. (end)
Handy Pockets: *claps* . Nice.
:Falronn claps
Handy Pockets:Inno!!!
:Kyphis claps
:Amoran K Kol pulls her cloak's hood over her head and applauds softly.
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Ars Alchemy claps
Handy Pockets:Inno, will you stand up with me when I say my presentation?
Keith Moon:Kyphis - you're next!
:Awiiya claps
Kyphis:M'kay then. The following is the story of Simplyzero's quest against the shades
:Kyphis clears his throat
Kyphis:Crack, crack, crack.
Kyphis:The forging of a sword, denied its due.
Kyphis:Twisting in purpose to thwart its deniers.
Kyphis:To death, it seeks the running of thicker fluids.
Kyphis:The door folds,
Kyphis:It opens within the opener
Kyphis:In walks one
Kyphis:As another runs imprisoned.
Kyphis:Entagled in the chains
Kyphis:Fate erases past meaning
Kyphis:Through the thickest rage
Kyphis:It drags its prey deep
Kyphis:The age of wrath arrives
Kyphis:White as the blood it drinks
Kyphis:Dust clings to the fabric of youth
Kyphis:and burns away the chaf
Kyphis:Tighter grow the roots
Kyphis:Madness seeping deeper
Kyphis:The crack of shadows,
Kyphis:Solid and wet
Kyphis:At the wall
Kyphis:So find the mirror
Kyphis:And look within
Kyphis:To see no clearer
Kyphis:Wrath with rise
Kyphis:And strike the sound
Kyphis:Yet strike you shall
Kyphis:On your own life
Kyphis:Burning fate
Kyphis:As the dust clings tighter
Kyphis:Its grip will not be loosed
Kyphis:Some things cannot be lost once gained
Kyphis:Twisted fate
Kyphis:Within yourself flee
Kyphis:As the door seeks to crush you
Kyphis:With its promise of freedom
Kyphis:Torn asunder,
Kyphis:the paths have turned
Kyphis:And to your old ways you go
Kyphis:But no longer as yourself.
:Kyphis resumes his place in the crowd
:Falronn claps
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Ars Alchemy puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles
:Handy Pockets claps
:Handy Pockets sighs
Bloodynose: (applauds)
Keith Moon:'kets - you're next!
:Awiiya claps
:Amoran K Kol applauds
:Kyphis claps for Kets
:Amoran K Kol carefully stands and pulls back her hood, smiling at Kets.
:Innocence gets ready, stands up, and steps near Kets.
:Handy Pockets with heart pounding she starts to stand up
:Amoran K Kol moves to the other side of Kets, nodding to Innocence.
:Handy Pockets seeing Ammo and Inno she starts her poem
:*dst* claps but has no idea what for
Handy Pockets:All Around him history was being made
Handy Pockets:Phrog fights against the very thing he needs
Handy Pockets:...or was it the kids who did him in
Handy Pockets:Khalazdad struggles against nightmares
Handy Pockets:...and takes it out on Sagewoman
Handy Pockets:Braiton does experiments we cannot imagine
Handy Pockets:...brings us creatures we fight for
Handy Pockets:Wodin finds something in the sand to hide somewhere new
Handy Pockets:SmartalekRJ walks amongst us to this day
Handy Pockets:.
Handy Pockets:end
:Handy Pockets turns all shades of red
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Awiiya claps
:Falronn claps
Awiiya:It was good
:Passant the weak bows to the Queen
Amoran K Kol: *applauds and pulls Kets into a friendly hug.* You did well!
Bloodynose: (claps)
:Ars Alchemy gives the thumbs up
Handy Pockets: *smiles at Amoran and Inno* . thank you
Keith Moon:Ars - you're next!
:Ars Alchemy looks nervous, but takes his place
Ars Alchemy:no title yet, but I'm open to suggestions
:*dst* claps again not knowing why
:Ars Alchemy looks down at his notes and begins to read
Ars Alchemy:Life to death and death to live.
Ars Alchemy:From Alpha to Omega; bathed in crimson.
Ars Alchemy:.
Ars Alchemy:Knotted cords in a tangled web
Ars Alchemy:They twist upon themselves - like a serpent that devours itself.
Ars Alchemy:How begin a thing that has not ended?
Ars Alchemy:.
Ars Alchemy:I remember this pain from my birth.
Ars Alchemy:It's not a knife, but a key.
Ars Alchemy:.
Ars Alchemy:fin.
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Falronn claps
:Handy Pockets claps
:Amoran K Kol claps softly.
:Awiiya claps
Keith Moon:Seig - you're next!
:Ars Alchemy smiles softly and retakes his seat
:*dst* whistles
Keith Moon:I see Seig passed out on us. I'll read his.
Keith Moon:Chewett and the Seekers,
Keith Moon:Spent the night, with little delight,
Keith Moon:Trying to delve into the Mystery, of the history,
Keith Moon:Of the Winged Allies. and their Sallies.
:Keith Moon nods and folds the parchment, putting it away
:Ars Alchemy claps loundly
:Falronn claps
:Handy Pockets claps
Keith Moon:Bloody - you're next!
Bloodynose:"No One's quest to his Inner Sun"
Bloodynose:No one and his quest to ignite his Inner Sun.
Bloodynose:For none has done this, to this Sun,
Bloodynose:Swaying along his path,
Bloodynose:To find Nothing in his cast,
Bloodynose:There was atlast a big bang blast,
Bloodynose:And very fast, there was this big great blast,
Bloodynose:Finally finished on this life staking task,
Bloodynose:He sips a little of his monstrous flask.
:Awiiya claps
:Kyphis claps
:Falronn claps
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
:Handy Pockets claps
Keith Moon:Jolla - you're next!
:Ars Alchemy puts his hands together and produces sound
:Amoran K Kol smiles and claps softly.
:Ars Alchemy pokes Jolla
:Kyphis claps for Jolla?
Ars Alchemy:K? Do the honors again?
Keith Moon:Sure, I'll read it.
Keith Moon:Curious with wondering what's to become.
Keith Moon:Help me find my inner sun.
Keith Moon:Ren so patient not a worry and wise.
Keith Moon:the GOA sounds of battle cries.
Keith Moon:A tale is told and Amo understands the inner sun and her inner soul
:Keith Moon nods and folds the parchment, tucking it away
:Ars Alchemy applauds Jolla vicariously through Moon
:Kyphis claps for Jolla!
:Falronn claps
:Handy Pockets claps
Keith Moon:That's all for the extemporaneous challenge.
:Amoran K Kol claps softly.
Keith Moon:Technically, we're meant to have the chain poem next, but we are half an hour over time, and it's real late for some of our, uh, souls.
Bloodynose: (claps)
Amoran K Kol:Ah.. did you receive my submission, Keith?
Ars Alchemy:awwww
:Keith Moon blinks
Keith Moon:Amoran, read yours. Sorry.
Amoran K Kol: *slowly stands, rubbing her arm nervously.* V-very well..
Innocence:Since this is the last event for some time, if there are those who wish to continue it--and the host agrees--then I see no problem with it lasting a bit longer.
:Handy Pockets smiles at Amoran
Innocence:My apologies, Amoran, I didn't mean to stop you...
:Handy Pockets walks towards her a little
Amoran K Kol: *lowers the hood of the cloak slowly and shakes her head to Innocence.* Ah.. I had not started yet... it is fine, Innocence.
:Amoran K Kol smiles slightly to Kets and clears her throat.
Amoran K Kol:A graceful nymph prances-
Amoran K Kol:across forgotten pillars of old,
Amoran K Kol:clutching the hand of a kind astronomer.
Amoran K Kol:A soft giggle floats to a dimming sky.
Amoran K Kol:.
Amoran K Kol:The ancient pillars glow,
Amoran K Kol:singing a melody long forgotten,
Amoran K Kol:urging the still ground to dance.
Amoran K Kol:.
Amoran K Kol:The scales tip.
Amoran K Kol:Her gleaming face rises-
Amoran K Kol:high in its tapestry of darkness
Amoran K Kol:.
Amoran K Kol:Two are torn asunder
Amoran K Kol:Faced with a philosopher’s challenge
Amoran K Kol:Under the weight of restless dreams,
Amoran K Kol:asleep under a gleaming moon.
Amoran K Kol: (end)
Handy Pockets: *claps* . I loved it
Keith Moon: *applauds* Bravo!
Bloodynose: (claps)
:Amoran K Kol yanks the hood of her cloak over her face to conceal her blush.
:Kyphis applauds
:Passant the weak bows and claps
:Falronn claps
Keith Moon:All right, so, as I was sayin...
lashtal: (claps)
:Handy Pockets gently gives Amoran a quick hug
Keith Moon:This last bit is always just for fun. I can understand if people can't or don't want to stay.
Keith Moon:It's real simple:
:Amoran K Kol returns the quick hug and nods to Kets, quickly reclaiming her place next to Tarquinus.
Bloodynose:can’t stay for too much longer
Keith Moon:I start off with three lines, just to get the ball rolling. Anybody who wants to can add to the poem, preferably either rhyming with the previous line or starting a new one.
Keith Moon:We'll go in the order of our names in the, uh, ether here. (listed above the chat pane)
:Handy Pockets puts a note in the lowest branch of the Awiiya Tree
Keith Moon:So I'll start off, and Inno, if she wants to, can add a line or two, then Kyphis, and so on.
Keith Moon:Here gathered in the Hall of Sun
Keith Moon:We came around to have some fun.
Keith Moon:Though Moonpie's poetry was weak
Innocence:He taught us all to seek
Kyphis:An inner vision that we could share
Amoran K Kol:concealed words of weight and care
Tarquinus:despite old Tarquin's greying hair.
Tarquinus:But in the end we knew we'd win
Ars Alchemy:Peals of laughter joined within.
Ars Alchemy:The hours grow, the tree has leafed
Passant the weak:The time is slow, I have been briefed
:Karak slips in amongst the crowd
Innocence: *looks around and grins.* I think the poetry slam is over...
:Ars Alchemy cheers loudly
:Keith Moon grins
Innocence: *claps.* Thank you all for attending and participating both.
:Karak sighs softly
Ars Alchemy:I think we all owe a huge round of applause to Inno for hosting/organizing this
:Ars Alchemy follows his own advice
Ars Alchemy:and Moon for presiding
Keith Moon:Thanks to all who came out and participated.I'll have to take a little while deciding what awards to give out, but again: thanks, y'all.
Innocence:Oh, no! If anything, please thank Moonpie.
Innocence:Without him, this wouldn't have happened!
:Keith Moon joins in applauding Inno
:Falronn claps for Innocence and Keith Moon
:Passant the weak applauds to the organizers
:Karak joins the applause
:Amoran K Kol applauds to Keith Moon, the sleeping Fyrd Argentus, Innocence, Kyphis, and the remaining archivists.
Keith Moon:Y'all come back now, hear?
:Keith Moon winks
Falronn:Goodbye everyone.
Falronn:And all the other people here... *laughs*
:[Spell] The earth has music for those who listen [/spoiler]

"Ad Lib" (game) Modifications of the Adventure Log
SmartAlekRJ's Notes—the Care of Drachorns: Eggs and Hatchlings

When you first get your drachorn egg, the first thing to do is to keep it —weak— as this will help it hatch. Your egg will be ready to hatch in about a —trillion— days, when you’ll see —clowns— spread across its surface. As the hatchling struggles to break free, you’ll see a tiny —forearm— poking out of the egg. This causes many people to —die.— After the newly hatch drachorn has fully emerged from its egg, it’s time for a name. Many people choose names like —Smoochkiller— or —Passant,— but anything will do.
But now that your drachorn has hatched, what do you do? It’s time for —weaving!— The diet of a baby drachorn can vary. Some prefer small —chairs— while others seem to go for —Grassan— meat. I once heard a tale about a newly hatched drachorn that tried to eat a —hat— twice its size! You’ll know your baby drachorn is full when it gazes at you —carefully.—
It’s also important to make sure your baby drachorn gets plenty of —learning.— You should provide it with an —awesome— bed to sleep on. When possible, you should place some personal objects around it, like an old shirt or some —wall papers— you had when you were younger. The last, and most important, thing you must give a newly hatch drachorn is love so that the two of you can grow —childish— together.

SmartAlekRJ's Notes—the Care of Drachorns: Growing Up and Acting Out

Now that your drachorn has grown, it’s time to teach it how to fight —insanely— as well as defend you from others. One thing you can try is to use a different language to teach it commands. Simple examples would be —supercalafragilistic— for attack, —flabbergasted— for sit, and —AmberRune— for retreat.
The intelligence of the average drachorn is rather high. Because of this, you can set up training —cows— dressed in clothing to simulate opponents. Start out with one or —42— at first, so as not to overwhelm your drachorn. As it gets more comfortable with the experience, feel free to add a few more. It’s important to reward productive training sessions with treats. Sometimes a simple pat on the —left big toe— is good enough. For exceptional displays, tossing your drachorn some —Air Scout— treats or preparing a bowl of —tables— would reinforce the learning.
Discipline is important for a growing drachorn. After all, you don’t want it —skulking— your neighbor’s —ignorance.— Teach your drachorn respect by staring into its —inner thigh— until it lowers its head. By doing this, you let it know you’re the —scepter.— It’s also important to discipline when necessary. Keep a rolled up —spork— on you at all times and smack your drachorn on the nose with it should it misbehave. For the worst offenses, placing your drachorn in a —shoe— for —11— minutes should deter such behavior in the future.

The Summoning of Wodin

Once upon a time, there lived a great wizard in Golemus named —Jolla.— This wizard predicted the rise of the —apples— in the lands of Necrovion. To prevent them from appearing and —soaring— across the land, the wizard thought about summoning a great hero. To stop this, though, the Shades sent many —children— against the wizard.
The first to go was —Fyrd.— But after seeing the wizard, he decided against it and left. On his way out of Golemus, though, he was attacked and taken to —Marind Bell,— and then left to the darkness.
The next two sent were —Tipu— and —Windy.— Upon reaching the wizard, —Tipu— tried to strike, but failed, finding himself in a —house,— knowing he had to escape. —Windy— however, took a different approach, asking to be the wizard’s —cook.— He agreed, sending her on a quest to find the —Cardboard Box— of Principles.
Now that the wizard had no one against him, he focused on his work. Chanting —randomly— and burning —swords,— the wizard worked on summoning a great hero. As a figure began to form in his —bathroom,— he focused the light from the sun on it using —sushi.— The wizard —wasted— and exclaimed —“Humbug!— I’ve done it!”
Just as that happened, Omegaweapon emerged from the shadows and struck down the wizard. But from out of the —castle,— Wodin stepped forth, the greatest —rock— the land would ever know.

I am Bored: A Cautionary Tale

I am Bored was a —tiny— man. He liked to cause mischief, such as trying to eat whole —wings— in one bite or discovering secrets he shouldn’t have. One day, in the Marble Dale —Love,— several figures in golden masks were seen —keeping— after I am Bored. They caught him —happily— and took him to a —dark— room.
When he awoke, he found himself —chunky— and alone. He called out, “Hello?! It’s dark here! Hello, anyone?” The only other person in the room with him was —Handy Pockets.— I am Bored continued to call out, asking for help, if anyone could hear him. —Handy Pockets— became annoyed and left. I am Bored, —earsplitting— and unsure what to do, saw some —wells— on some bookshelves. Being cold, he thought, “Books are made of —cithara— and burn —forever.— I’ll build a fire and not be —striped— anymore!” And that is what he did.
In the glow of the fire he’d built, I am Bored was drawn to one —tail— in particular that he hadn’t tossed into the flames. He opened it and saw a picture of an —elemental— and said, —“Woot!”— Turning the page, he saw another picture, this time of an —xreig.— “I always thought those were —sleepless—-looking…” Each page contained the image of a different creature. The Aramor, the Barren —War,— and even the legendary —Colorblind— Drachorn! I am Bored was amazed!
Deciding it was time to go home, I am Bored closed his new found —foot— and entered a long dark —ship.— He talked to himself during his trip because… well, because that’s what he does… Upon exciting he found himself in the —bedroom— of the Archives. “Ah! Light! Freedom!” Bored —absentmindedly——swam— up the stairs and out of the building, not eager to repeat an adventure like that again.

How to Contact the Shades

The most important thing to remember when trying to contact —socks— is that they are —fantastic— and will reflect what is in the —neck— of the one who seeks them.
Step One, Ritual Purification: First one must travel to —the Tribunal— and seek out the purest waters there. One must fill a —hammer— with this water and meditate over it for —48— days. After this time, the one who seeks an audience with the Shades should dip their —right ear— into the water and put on a clean —skirt.—
Step Two, Seeking an Audience: Once the purification ritual is finished, one must —steam— to the —tarot— of Necrovion, the —Massacring— Gates! Once there, one must kneel and say something like, “My name is —Brulant!— I seek the shades and their —mask.— I —audibly— offer myself to your service.”
Step Three, Waiting: It’s important to know how to wait as shades are —colorful— beings. They might grant an audience after only —105— minutes, though it might take considerably longer. To pass the time, simple games like “How many —hairs— am I holding up?” or “I spy” can help. Reading a —stone— or two while waiting is also a good idea. And, of course, —growing— with those who pass by is also acceptable.
If you are —purple,— the shades will grant you and audience. Be sure to treat them with respect by saying “Hail, —Dude!— I —happily— greet you!” while keeping your eyes on the —dream.—
If you are unlucky and the shades choose to ignore you, then you can always get a job as an —engineer— at Windy’s Pub.[/spoiler]


Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Silly Answers and Silly Questions:
Silly Questions and Sillier Answers

Innocence:Now it's time for Silly Questions and Sillier Answers!!
Fyrd Argentus:Yeah!
Handy Pockets:Innocence, I am late, can you tell me what to do?
Brulant:She hasn't told us yet, Hanpo.
Fyrd Argentus:She's just started explaining.
Innocence:Oh, we just started, so you aren't late at all!
Innocence:It's very basic... I will ask a question and you all have the opportunity to answer it.
Innocence:However... your answer must be a line or two pulled from the Adventure Log AND it must be prepared before I ask the question.
:Vika Noir prepares herself
Innocence:If everyone who wants to play would get ready... choose a line or two... and be ready to answer when called on.
Innocence:I'll call on names.
Innocence:Everyone ready?
Innocence:We'll just fumble along a bit until we get the hang of it... *smiles at everyone.*
Innocence:Okay... We'll start with you, Fired...
Innocence:Since this is the beginning, we'll start at the beginning...
Innocence:Fired: What was the first thing you said when you first came here?
Fyrd Argentus:his attention gets distracted by some white fluffy matter that its falling from the sky. (quote from page 391)
Innocence: *snaps fingers.* Fired... Fired! I asked you a question!
Innocence:Anyway... Kets... what about you, what did you say when you first got here?
Handy Pockets:The creatures calm down, turning slowly into simple objects on the ground Page 513
Innocence:Aww... almost poetic...
Innocence:Now... many people meet Grido when they first show up...
Innocence:Amber... what did Grido say to you?
AmberRune:Some foolish people also jumped in the water trying to swim to the island, but they never emerged back to the surface (pg 152)
Handy Pockets: (controls a laugh)
Innocence: *giggles.* Oh my... what a thing to say to someone so new...
:Phantom Orchid walks in and quietly listens
Innocence:What about you, Brew... what were Grido's first words to you?
Brulant:I feel only cold. It is most oppressing. - 382
Innocence:Aww... Did you offer him a blanket?
Innocence:We all know that one of the first creatures one is able to befriend is an aramor...
Innocence:Poe... what bit of advice did you give that aramor?
Seigheart:Don't piss in the wind.
:Seigheart snickers
Innocence: *snickers and then stomps hoof.* Ziggy! No! Bad Ziggy!
Innocence:You might not have been here when we first started... choose a line from the AL to answer the question.
Innocence:Have something prepared before the question is asked, though.
:De Mimsy Porpington sits down.
Phantom Orchid:"Woman, that is probably the Necrovion Landweapon, you don't want to risk messing with that do you.." (p.497)
Katabrok:Helloooo! :D
Innocence:What did you think when you saw your first shade?
Handy Pockets:Peace's soul ventures back into inner Necrovion seeking the Shades, hoping that the Sentinel will take her creatures as an offering and she will become whole again and rid herself of the memories of h (quote was cut off) page 488
Seigheart:Man, that is a fiiiine shadow. *snickers again*
Innocence: *grins.* Guess it wasn't interested in fighting, huh?
Innocence:Nava... when you stood victorious after your battle with the shades... what did you say?
Nava:The sky gets darker and a terrible sound makes him dizzy. The ground cracks and in his confusion he thinks he sees veins of dark blood flowing through it. Page 513.
Innocence:Oh my...
Innocence: *shudders.* I hope it wasn't that difficult of a victory...
Nava:You should have seen the other shade.
:Innocence giggles.
:Phantom Orchid laughs
Innocence:One of the most important parts of this realm is its celebrations... like this one now!
Innocence:Poe... Fired... Brew... Nava...
Innocence:Sing us a song...
Innocence:...in that order, if you would...
Fyrd Argentus:just DO IT, I know you have ways to do it. And, trust me, it's for a good cause - page 509
Fyrd Argentus:oops
Innocence:Yes! See Fired's passion!
Innocence:It's okay... I can just tell you're excited.
Phantom Orchid:The Sentinel gets darken and darker and its shape has many faces now. The sky turns grey then dark, as if night remembered to come once more over these damned lands. (p.451)
:Handy Pockets shivers
Brulant: “Yes, this is It! I believe we Have everything We Need!” - 365
Brulant: *laughs* Poe, I thought this was going to be a happy song.
Nava:Oh look there she is, let’s ask her maybe she brings some more info about this unusual seed we are looking for!” page 505
:Innocence giggles.
Phantom Orchid:I'm feeling morbid today
Innocence:That's a wonderful song!
Brulant: *sits down as far away from Poe as possible* We can tell.
:Brulant grins
Nava:I would blush if I wasn't a walking skeleton.
:Handy Pockets claps
Innocence:Amber... what sort of advice would you give to a new person arriving here?
AmberRune:She feels every single rock and grain of sand in Necrovion as if the vibration suddenly became her eyes and ears. (480)
Fyrd Argentus:And that helps how....?
AmberRune:. For an insignificant moment in time the sphere was the shades view on the movement of all cubes, but from the lost cube in the grass to this one many mysteries remain to be revealed... (483)
Innocence:Can I get a quick show of hands--or some body part--of who is playing?
Innocence:I don't want to skip over anyone
Seigheart:I'll play now.
:Brulant raises his foot
:AmberRune waves a hand
:Handy Pockets raises hand
Innocence: *grins.* Thank you Ziggy.
Phantom Orchid:I am
:Nava throws her hand at the wall.
Fyrd Argentus:I'm still in, still excited.
Innocence:Oh... my...
Fyrd Argentus:But I got in trouble the last time I waved a body part.
Innocence: *giggles.* Good to know, Fired.
:Vika Noir waves a hand
:Ryan Delphus laughs
Innocence:Katabrook... you just showed up... what do you think of this gathering so far?
Katabrok:Page 126 - Agitated by the move of forces in the realm, The MD Archive lands assembled a intelligence taskforce to gather and centralize information...
:Innocence laughs.
:Phantom Orchid chuckles
Innocence:I think we're doing an excellent job!
:Handy Pockets laughs
:Brulant chuckles
:Ryan Delphus laughs
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Grins-
Innocence:Vika... exploration is one of the best parts of an experience here... what do you tell yourself before you head out to search for something?
Vika Noir:Page 210 People are moving...and someone's talking. What are they saying? It all seems so bright until a dark spot approaches
Innocence: *nods.* It's okay to be overwhelmed at first...
Innocence:But you'll get the hang of it...
Innocence:You're a known veteran here... what has changed over time from when you first arrived until now?
Sagewoman:There are no more truly EVIL characters. *smirks*
Innocence: *makes a face and then giggles.* I don't think that's in the AL...
Sagewoman:er...Page 514 "memories, I must remember!"
Innocence:But that's okay.
:Innocence laughs.
Innocence:Fired, you seem to me to be a warrior type... what do you say to your creatures to get them ready for battle?
Fyrd Argentus:i suspect that thing over there should be it." - Page 506
Sagewoman:X D
Innocence: *giggles.* ..not exactly inspiring to me...
:Ryan Delphus laughs
:Katabrok laughing
Ryan Delphus:Good direction!!
Innocence:Kets, Amber, Eggs... please sing us another song!
AmberRune:"I will be around you wherever you go....". (48)
Handy Pockets:Some crazy wizard is experimenting with the dream world in Golemus Golemicarum. Seems that his actions upset the dark forces of Necrovion. (page1)
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:"The documents are right, they are never wrong... never!" (The Inner Sun, pg 1)
:Windy blanches
Brulant:Love is only mentioned 14 times in the AL...
:Phantom Orchid smiles
Brulant: *laughs* None of our songs can stay happy.
Innocence:Interesting... direction to take it...
Innocence:Okay, Brew... let's hear something uplifting!
Brulant:"Ah shut up" - Page 265
:Sandra Klien laughs
:Innocence stares at Brew for a moment than then laughs.
Handy Pockets:A hero is requested to go on a quest to see what’s going on there.-page1
:Vika Noir laughs
:Phantom Orchid misses the AL
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:"I'll give you enlightenment..I'll BLIND you with these beautiful flames! ....One day..."
:Handy Pockets laughs
Innocence:Okay, okay! *laughs.* Enough of the singing!!
Phantom Orchid:"I will assemble a force ready to crush anyone and ANYTHING ... " (p. 122)
:Sandra Klien giggles
Je Suis Oeufs Fous::D
Innocence:Please, please... enough of the singing for now...
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Chuckles-
Innocence:You are all very exuberant...
Sagewoman:That was singing? I'd hate to hear their wails.
Innocence:Sage... when you see phanto... what sort of things do you whisper to him?
Brulant:Oooou. *grins*
Sagewoman:Page 511...Oh, I did..but..so many..never imagined they would look like that!
Innocence: *snickers.* I don't even want to know...
Nava:Ask me a question I have a funny one.
Innocence:Very well, Nava... what happens when you cross a shade with a shrubbery?
Nava:"Here, smoky shade, meet my colored friends! Chaaaaargee!"
Innocence:Oh my...
Brulant:Inno, don't forget about Vika.
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Chuckles-
Innocence:Vika... hmm...
Innocence:When you are sitting alone in the forest... what kind of thoughts do you have?
Vika Noir:Page 248. snorts and runs from the room. "CHAARRGGE!"
:Phantom Orchid laughs
Brulant:There is a lot of charging done in the AL.
Innocence:Wait!! *laughs.*
Fyrd Argentus:Running AWAY from a room to be outdoors - should be a retreat not a charge.
:Vika Noir giggles
Brulant: *laughs* That it should, Fyrd.
Sagewoman:I agree.
Sandra Klien:Indeed
Innocence:Okay... let's have a quick song competition..
Innocence:We'll do... girls versus the boys?
Innocence:Fired, Brew, Ziggy--if you're there--Kata... did I miss anyone?
Brulant:Me >>
Brulant:Oh, I'm Brew
Brulant:I forget that.
Innocence:Let us hear your best!
Fyrd Argentus:"We need reinforcements ..we really ..need ..reinforcements" - Page 502
Phinneas:"Bob and Steve? Like...together forever? ...weird world.." (p188)
Brulant: *string swells and really passionate piano chords* “Do not let your hearts falter! We must train harder than ever in these perilous times!” -178
Katabrok: *rapping* maybe his dragon is encaged somewhere around (Page 6)
Phinneas:"Bob and Steve? Like...together forever? ...weird world.." -188
Innocence: *claps.* That's wonderful!!
Sagewoman:The Shade Sentinel will not forget this, but fortunately it cannot exit Necrovon page 514
Innocence:Hold up, Sage...
Katabrok:after a few moments Handy comes happily (page 497)
Innocence:It's not the girl's turn, yet...
Innocence:Okay, okay!
Phinneas:With a wicked grin, he licks their blood from his blade and laughs. - p186
Brulant:Somehow, the sky seems brighter and the wind almost warm! -339
Innocence:Wow... talk about a song and you all just jump right in!
Innocence:Poe, Kets, Sage, Nava, Amber... take it away, girls!!
Phantom Orchid:At first there are soft laughs, which expand to cheers, but these soon give way to ecstatic voices, raising high into the air (p. 416)
Handy Pockets:It is rumored that the dark shades are already testing players to see who fits their requirements.Page 1
Sagewoman:Confused but Curious, No One stops and looks around.
AmberRune:”Did I burn it? Oh well, I wonder if I can get out of here?” (340)
Nava:i want ..to.. kill...them...ohh how i want to kill them..."
Innocence: *laughs.* Great song!!
Nava:Thank you.
Innocence:The boys were good, but the girls were better.
Brulant:This is what I have to say about your song! "Nearly saved me, but left me cold." - 253"
Katabrok:sorry Inno, but NO WAY!
Phinneas:"They sure are loud...on the other hand; they sound excited, so something good must have happened." p243
:Handy Pockets remembers those days and sighs
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:Which section am I in? Because wasn't all of my partners girls?
Phantom Orchid:Of course!
Sandra Klien:Eggs, last I checked, you definitely aren't a girl *grins*
Innocence:Okay, okay!
Brulant:"Ohh, so close!" - 254
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:I should hope not.
Innocence: *laughs.* I am happy to see you are all having so much fun.
Nava:The girls are better.
Nava:A simple fact.
Katabrok:Hopefully this time the flame will not die out (228)
Handy Pockets:"Hold on, you mean, you want me to attack the big shade cloud over there? You must be joking?"
Innocence:We might be able to do girls vs boys again.
Sagewoman:Girls Rule and Boys Drool!
Fyrd Argentus:boo
Innocence:Okay, okay, everyone! Please calm down.
Innocence:I would like to take a moment to see if anyone else here would like to ask questions of others.
Nava:I do!
Innocence:Okay, Nava... I yield the floor to you...
:Seigheart adjusts his loincloth
:Sandra Klien raises a brow
Nava:Everyone prepare and tell me when you are ready.
Sagewoman:Ready for what?
Vika Noir:Ready
Handy Pockets:ready
Nava:Prepare an answer from the AL Sage.
Katabrok:FINISH HIM!
Innocence: *rolls eyes.* Ziggy...
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:GET OVER HERE?
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Coughs-
:Ryan Delphus laughs loudly
Brulant:"Get ready Handy," - 511
Innocence:Eggs! Don't encourage him!
Seigheart:Liberty gasps, "What are those ... things?" Lifeline smiles "Tokens, never saw them?" (511)
Innocence:Nava, whenever you're ready...
Nava:Ok. One often sees Innocence in the Indexed Room of memories. But what is she thinking whenever someone asks questions?
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:You didn't see anything, Inno, darling.
Innocence:”If that happens...you can imagine what will happen with your head.... and your soul!"
Innocence:I'm very concerned about those here...
Nava:Exactly what I thought.
Handy Pockets:Suddenly someone screems "Looook, look there, the lights!! 130
Innocence:It does get bright in here...
Nava:Brulant, if you were trying to flirt with Innocence what would you say?
:Innocence looks at Brew.
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:e-e
Ryan Delphus: (uh oh lol)
:Sandra Klien snickers
Brulant:" ** ** * * ** "! -456
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:xD
:Handy Pockets laughs
:Innocence laughs hard.
Brulant:It's censored, you couldn't handle the power.
:Nava laughs,
Vika Noir::))
:Ryan Delphus laughs loudly
:Sandra Klien rolls around laughing
:AmberRune busts up
Innocence:Oh my, Brew...
Ryan Delphus:of course it's censored, lol!
:Innocence fans face.
:Brulant winks at Inno
:Innocence snickers.
Nava:Eggs, what would you say if Handy slapped you across the face?
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:" He is dreaming... But how... When...What happened?" :)
:Brulant laughs
:Ryan Delphus laughs
:Handy Pockets gasps and tries to catch her breath from laughing so hard
Innocence:Nava, feel free to ask a few more questions and then we'll see if someone else wants to take a turn,
Nava:Alright. Amber, what would you say if Mur hugged you and called you Mommy.
AmberRune:"Turmoil" with the golden, sparking trace it leaves behind in the air. "What do you understand about personal strife?" (353)
:Brulant laughs
Innocence: *laughs.* I guess you didn't like that hug, huh...
Nava:Alright, Sage want to ask questions?
Sagewoman:Yes Please!
Innocence:Very well. Sage is now asking.
Sagewoman:Everyone ready?
:Phinneas nods.... quietly
Handy Pockets:ready
Sandra Klien:Ready
Katabrok:always ready
Fyrd Argentus:ready
Sagewoman:Tipu - If you were to find yourself in Jail with Jester, what would you ask him?
Tipu:but staying alive in such a place, is it so much better than dying page 24
Sagewoman:...um...a bit lame...but okay
Innocence: *laughs.* Appropriate...
Sagewoman:Phinneas...If Bob the Tree could talk, what would he say?
Phinneas:”What does this have to do with me?” p398
:Sagewoman blinks
:Handy Pockets laughs
Fyrd Argentus:We assume so MUCH when we talk about bob....
Sagewoman:Nice one!
:Brulant laughs
:Innocence laughs.
Sandra Klien: *laughs* Nice, Phinneas
Ryan Delphus:hahaha
:Phinneas grins
Sagewoman:ok....Handy....if you beat EON in Grudge Match, what would be your parting words?
Handy Pockets:Days pass and nothing unusual happens.page 497
:Brulant laughs
Innocence:Kets is very modest...
Handy Pockets:that was my answer, not to good
Sagewoman:Who still has answers waiting?
Innocence:We all should.
Falronn:I have one.
:Brulant waves his hand
Fyrd Argentus:I have 4
Brulant:Everyone should have some prepped still.
Innocence:Well, everyone who is participating...
Sagewoman:Katabrok....what does Mur say to Akasha over Coffee?
Katabrok:My job here is done (274)
:Sagewoman snickers
Innocence: *laughs hard.* Oh my!!
Handy Pockets: *laughs* . Oh my
:Ryan Delphus laughs loudly
Brulant: *chuckles* My oh!
Katabrok:Thank you for the question, Sage! It was perfect!
Sagewoman:Falronn...if you stumbled across Windy skinny dipping with William Redbeard, what would you do?
Falronn:From the Balcony, I can see beautiful twinkling lights in the sky. (page 359)
Innocence:...wait... is that a euphemism?
Ryan Delphus:He would watch! (?)
Brulant:Only if you think it is!
Sandra Klien: (XD)
Sagewoman:Even Windy would have liked that one.
Falronn:I don't know. *laughs*
Sagewoman:Egg....you find yourself locked in the public bathroom on the West Wing. What do you do?
:Phinneas wonders why they twinkle
Brulant:Eggs isn't participating this round.
Innocence:Oh, he's not playing...
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Is not prepared, and is plural- Give me a moment.
Sagewoman:dang... *tosses the 3X5 card*
Innocence:Try asking someone else.
Brulant:C-c-c-combo breaker!
Sagewoman:Inno,,,are you playing?
Innocence:I am.
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:"...stops for a second, thinking he went mad hearing voices, but as he looks behind him he sees his footsteps change into words. "So close but yet so far, ones fear is the other ones war." "
Fyrd Argentus:So what are you afraid of in the public bathroom?
:Innocence snickers.
Brulant:It's a PUBLIC bathroom.
Brulant:Enough said.
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:I'm just crazy, Fred :D
Sagewoman:You find Firsan and Yrthilian bending over the Mistletoe bridge looking at something. What does Yrth ask Firsan?
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:But Bru has a point.
Innocence:...is that for me, Sage?
Sagewoman:Yes Inno
Innocence:Oh no! I had it... *is all embarassed.* ...stupid PMs...
Innocence:While staring into the dark tunnel, they noticed that it was moving and something was coming out of it....frozen in panic they watched how the dark figure was taking shape.
Sagewoman:um....ok Inno...interesting
Innocence:...I wouldn't want to be on that bridge...
Handy Pockets: *laughs* . Oh my Inno, perfect
Sagewoman:That would have been a great answer for the public toilet....
Innocence:I had something about killing Wodin before, but I lost it...
Fyrd Argentus:I wouldn't want to be UNDER that bridge.
Sagewoman:Ok...everyone ready? I still have lots of questions.
Innocence:We'll let Sage ask a few more questions and see if someone else wants to take a whirl.
Handy Pockets:ready
AmberRune:Yup, still ready
Sagewoman:Thanks Inno. This is fun
Katabrok:I am
Sagewoman:Amber....you run out of AP at the Shady Figure before the stairs in the East. What did the Shady Figure say?
AmberRune:A perfectly clean piece of paper with a rough but evenly distributed texture. On one side the paper is torn as if it was ripped. "I should take this, maybe it will be an important clue later, let’s see what else i can find" (64) .
:Innocence giggles.
:Brulant grins
Innocence:Maybe he dropped them?
Sagewoman:One more and then I'll surrender the Questions.
Sagewoman:Ziggy...you find Inno in the Great Hall with a jar of pickles next to a body. What do you say?
Seigheart:"What are those ... things?" (511)
:Innocence tries to not look guilty.
Fyrd Argentus:Hey, don't insult the pickles....
:Sandra Klien giggles
Innocence:Would you believe me if I told you there were puppies?
Sagewoman:snicker snicker
Brulant:There were puppies!
Sagewoman:That was fun!
Brulant:"some ethereal force compelled the robotic puppy to return and aid" - Page 264
Innocence:Okay... Sage yields the floor...
:Phantom Orchid laughs
Brulant:They were just working against Inno.
Fyrd Argentus:Eggs had ONE, I could do a turn
Fyrd Argentus:after him
Handy Pockets:Yay Sage, *claps*
Innocence:Who would like to... okay...
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:I have exactly one before I leave x3 It's open to all!
:Brulant claps for Sage
Innocence:Eggs, ask away.
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:You have a dream in which Inno is walking through a forest of lollipop sticks. What is the square root of pie?
Innocence:"Strange world is this, creatures without a soul of their own, I can almost make this one move as I wish..." 461
Brulant:"Why is it barking in Spanish?" - Page 264
Fyrd Argentus:"Stop behaving like a child, we have work to do! - Page 494
Handy Pockets:Akasha is convinced that the wizard was wrong. page 110
Katabrok:I hope this works... (148)
Sagewoman:"Done! Lets get out of here!". [h 515
AmberRune:No One has made his decision, a way for him to keep his own shadows at bay. 392
Phinneas:"I can't believe I have to be reduced to this. You'll pay, Evil One...." p194
Innocence:...what a strange dream...
Sandra Klien:Not a word. (pg 493)
Seigheart:I need more toilet paper (244)
Je Suis Oeufs Fous:-Chuckles- I wish I could ask more outrageous questions for you, but I now have to fade into the background.
Innocence:Okay! Who would *laughs* who would like to ask questions now?
Fyrd Argentus:Thanks.
Fyrd Argentus:Okay, sound off, who is playing...?
Sagewoman:I'm ready!
:Seigheart readjusts the loincloth and lets it breath a bit
Handy Pockets:sound off
:Innocence raises hand.
Innocence:Questions? Who would like to ask them?
Innocence:The floor is open...
Fyrd Argentus:I was going to.
Brulant:Fyrd is.
Sandra Klien:I'm playing btw
:Sagewoman looks around
Fyrd Argentus:Amber, what is your suggested cure for too much Murmas?
Sagewoman:yea Fyrd
AmberRune:, "Ha! Of course I know it, it just so happens I was around right now" 491
Innocence:The floor belongs to Fired.
Innocence:...gotta let me know this, people...
Sagewoman:vague answer but not bad Amber
Fyrd Argentus:Kata - how do you respond to a broken ritual?
Katabrok:doesn't look like smoke after all, it’s more like a huge plant. (29)
Fyrd Argentus:ohh....
Handy Pockets::D
Innocence:That must be the problem!
Fyrd Argentus:Innocence - give us your reaction to Windy's tea?
Innocence:"Listen to me people!, I am the Ancient Dragon Master returned from the beginning of time to rule my dragon kingdom once again!
Fyrd Argentus:Sage - give us your reaction to Inno's answer.
Sagewoman:We ride now. I trust your pen shall account the events?" pg 248
Innocence:Yee haw!
Fyrd Argentus:Handy - what is the best part of being monarch of MB?
Seigheart:The Shades (some random page)
Innocence: *giggles.* Ziggy, hush...
Handy Pockets:Everybody starts making suppositions on the event. page 130
Fyrd Argentus:truly?
:Kyphis chuckles
Sagewoman:very witty
Fyrd Argentus:Brulant - what happened when you had your first cup of MD tea?
Brulant:"I sensed only an endless abyss with me in some random meaningless corner." - 388
Fyrd Argentus:bad tea, eh?
Brulant:I learned that Tea was the answer.
:Brulant grins
:Handy Pockets laughs
Sagewoman:tee hee hee
Innocence:...so... it was bad?
Brulant:More like enlightening.
Fyrd Argentus:Sandra - what will your first quest creation be about?
Sandra Klien:"You mean I risked my entire Libs army for some ..SEEDS?" (495)
:Innocence grins.
Fyrd Argentus:sounds like player reaction to your quest.
:Handy Pockets gasps
:Sandra Klien grins back
Sagewoman:X D
Fyrd Argentus:Kyphis - think fast - what was your biggest accomplishment?
Kyphis:Shrugging, he tries to rub several sticks together and start a fire. A tiny flame appears, to his great delight, but a gust of wind smothers it instantly.
Handy Pockets:;p
Sagewoman:tsk tsk tsk
Fyrd Argentus:Good enough.
Innocence:Doesn't sound much like an accomplishment...
Fyrd Argentus:Did I miss anybody that is prepared?
:Phinneas raises hand
Sagewoman:Ask me! Ask me!
Brulant:I have a couple more random phrases...
Fyrd Argentus:Seigheart -what do you like most about Curiose?
Seigheart:he can still hear a terrible scream 514
Fyrd Argentus:good one.....
Sagewoman:ha ha ha ha ha
Innocence: *laughs.* I don't think he does...
Fyrd Argentus:Phinn - your advice on hemorrhoids?
Sagewoman:= X
Phinneas:so wake up or I'll sic my drachorns and little people on you!" p241
Innocence:Oh my... tough love, huh?
Innocence:Fired, go ahead and ask a few more questions and we'll see if someone else would like to step up.
Seigheart:Ill ask after? :P
Fyrd Argentus:Sage - what happens when you serve the very finest drinks at the Pub?
Sagewoman:He seems well motivated and he will probably die with the sword in his hand..thats IF he will find the shades....
Fyrd Argentus:strong drink that...
:Innocence giggles.
Sandra Klien:Indeed
Sagewoman:....kinda lame eh?
Kyphis:I liked it :3
Fyrd Argentus:Brulant - your strategy for taking over the Pub?
Brulant:"Space ships and all sorts of ridiculous devices" - 452
:Kyphis chuckles
Fyrd Argentus:good!
:Falronn laughs
Katabrok:good one!
:Handy Pockets laughs
Innocence: *applauds.* Sound strategy!
:AmberRune laugh
Innocence:Okay, Fired, if you would yield the floor to Ziggy...
Sandra Klien: *chuckles* fitting
Sagewoman:Just try that on my Inn and I'll show you what's what, Brew. *eyes narrow in mock warning*
:Brulant makes a note to bring extra space ships to Sage's Inn
Fyrd Argentus:Amber - your strategy for influencing Mur to have mercy for your next transgression?
AmberRune:"It seems I am living it right now as if am clueless of where I am but I try to remain undetected at the same time" 100
Innocence:...so... pretend you aren't there...
:Brulant laughs
Fyrd Argentus:sound way to approach Mur
Innocence:Thank you, Fired.
Fyrd Argentus:Kata - your favorite thing to do in MD?
:Handy Pockets laughs
Katabrok:His agony rings through his ears, seeps into every tissue, and runs cold through his blood. (374)
Innocence:A little scary...
:Brulant makes a note next to the extra space ship one to stay away from Kata
Seigheart:My turn to ask! :D
Handy Pockets:Right to the point
Innocence:Okay, Fired yields the floor to Ziggy.
Katabrok:That's what we get for disobeying Inno...
Innocence:Ziggy, take it away!
Innocence: *giggles.* Yeah! *points at Fired.* So behave!
Sagewoman:WOOT WOOT Ziggy!
Seigheart:Who is participating?
Sagewoman:I am
Handy Pockets:me
Phinneas:I am
Falronn:I am.
Amoran K Kol:I would like to.
:Sandra Klien raises hand
Kyphis:Me, according to Fyrd
Fyrd Argentus:I'm in
Seigheart:Sage- If you were stuck on an island with Handy, what would you do?
Sagewoman:You must be joking? pg 509
:Kyphis laughs
Innocence: *laughs.* Would it be that bad?
:Sandra Klien laughs
Seigheart:Inno- What is your inner most desire?
Innocence:"The festival! That's it!" He greedily begins arranging himself for a favorable impression at the Festival.
Innocence:Oh my...
:Innocence laughs.
Fyrd Argentus:Inno did organize this....
:Handy Pockets laughs
Seigheart:Kata- What is your least favorite thing about Inno?
Katabrok:We must be missing something! This can't be all of them, can it? (312)
Fyrd Argentus:hahaha....
Innocence:But it is!! I'm the only me!!
:Brulant laughs loudly
:Katabrok runs away from Inno
Seigheart:Falronn- If you walked in on Mur and Akasha being intimate, what would you say?
Handy Pockets:sweet
Handy Pockets:noo
Falronn:Some say those are the voices of the dead warriors telling their tales. (page 203)
:Innocence laughs hard at Kets
Seigheart:That was a good one :P
:Brulant laughs
:AmberRune laughs
Handy Pockets:I hate lag
:Innocence keeps laughing at Kets.
Brulant:Kets--that was great.
Handy Pockets:yaa, NO
Seigheart:Phinneas- If you had the opportunity to be a tree, which tree would you be?
Phinneas:"Ok, if you say you are ...me...maybe you are right...maybe I am mad already ...anyway..where am I?" p97
Seigheart:What did Kets say?
Seigheart:Handy- If you had a goose, what would you do with it?
Handy Pockets:Handy hides frightened behind some rocks.page 500
Innocence:She scared of fowl?
:Sandra Klien giggles
Brulant:Have you seen a ticked off goose?
Fyrd Argentus:With the goose, or to hide from it?
Katabrok:big bad geese
Handy Pockets:it seems like that
Handy Pockets:geese are mean
Innocence:She's hiding from Mur and Akasha...
Seigheart:Kyphis- Who was the last person you had a crush on? :P
Kyphis:All physical feeling is absent.
:Brulant laughs!!!
Fyrd Argentus:lol
Ryan Delphus:perfect lol
Innocence:Poor Kyphis...
Sagewoman:I bet a smooch would fix that right up.
Handy Pockets:aww
Seigheart:Ryan, how did your last bowel movement feel?
Sagewoman:geeze ziggy....get personal why don't ya
Brulant:I have a good one for this.
Innocence:That's just Ziggy's style...
Innocence:But I didn't think Ryan was playing.
Seigheart:Oh... well Brulant you take it :P
Seigheart:He finally steps outside the dark land, weaken and drained of energy, still running (514)
Ryan Delphus:But it felt relieving, by the way..
Seigheart:Thats my answer :P
Brulant: *laughs* Well, you did ask.
Brulant:thick, black, sticky substance like oil... or blood. -356
:Innocence laughs.
Phinneas:"Ummmm i think a storm is coming ... let’s go back inside". p308
:Sandra Klien giggles
:Ryan Delphus laughs out his lungs
:Innocence giggles.
Sagewoman:Oh my Mur! *covers mouth*
Innocence:Okay, this event is officially over...
Sandra Klien:Indeed
:AmberRune covers her face and laughs
Handy Pockets:now i have another stitch in my side,
Seigheart:LMFAO! :D
Innocence:But if you all want to continue, feel free...
:Brulant laughs
Fyrd Argentus:silence that mad man, but first ..I need to know how could he find out about this master plan - Page 267
Seigheart:I don't think I've laughed so hard :P
Innocence:If everyone would like to sing one last song...
Innocence:I'll begin it!
Innocence:She hides under a tree trying not to get wet by the incoming rain but the storm gets stronger. She remembers a cave nearby.
Sagewoman:"Sounds like a good enough reason for me"
Fyrd Argentus:Somewhere in the back of his mind - Page 247
Brulant:"Pale light from outside filters through the windows, yet does not illuminate anything." - 333
AmberRune:"Looks like the time has come," he says, "to turn our search towards principles and magics." 138
Falronn:Story will resume after festival (page 458)
:AmberRune laughs
:Brulant laughs
Sandra Klien:No run of the mill Dragon is disciplined enough to be capable of flying. (page 3)
Brulant:Oh, Inno, here was my advice for a noob. I so desperately wanted you to ask.
Brulant:We all know what to do. Dst and No one will provide you with secret game mechanic documents" - Page 266
:Innocence laughs.
:[Spell] The earth has music for those who listen

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