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The Casino has come to town


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Well, they're finally here! The Casino has come to town! and they bring with them a multitude of gambling games for all!

apart from the regular one-on-one games you've seen so far, there are a multitude of others! slots, roulette, and much much more!

and that's not all, there will be (close to the end) a grand roulette! with a prize of ~ 80 silver coins! (note, to enter this game, you have to pay a fee to start, according to how much you pay, you can pick more numbers, also, the grand prize is subject to change depending on whether we have enough people or not)

There is an (optional) entrance fee of 3 - 5 silver that will go towards the grand prize in the end, date is undecided (waiting till we have enough players), place is undecided (we need a place easily accessible, and is not where n00bs are likely to be)

List of Players currently there :
1.MoM (Master Of Magic)
2.BP (Blood Price
3.KB (king bull)

NOTE : please keep all your negative comments to yourselves, if you do not like gambling, others do.

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it isn't exactly roulette, but it's close, with higher chances for you, we use a 20-sided dice and it has to land on what you pick ^^
everything is using dice, unless someone comes up with a good game on a click able...

and enough players isn't exactly a number, but obviously, it wouldn't be a good time if only 4 people were there, it's mainly that when we have a good amount of players, we'll try to decide a time when most will be online at the same time...

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I actually think this is good idea. I fully support MoM and KB in this.

There has been many things happening in MD and some people liked it and some did not. For example there was a slave trade in MD sometime back. Hope people can remember that.I think MD as a place of opportunity to try things out and see whether it goes well with the community and whether it could be a part of the community in the long run.

May be mur made the dices expecting things like this :)

So let's give this a try and see. Hopefully we will have enough people to make it fun.

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Here is one of my 1st game to be avalible for play a Game anyone having any idears to improve this using 12 sided dice please send me pm.

Game: 12 HIGH
The Game is played using 12 sided dice
Number of players: as many as wants to play (the more players, Bigger pot) 1 or 2 Sc X # of players, minus 1 sc for Dealer commander = Pot.... Dealer commander calls game. bet 1 0r 2 SC, Example: 5 players bet 1 sc each the winner gets 4 Dealer Commander gets 1.
Start: each player which wants to play must ENTER.
To ENTER : pay the Dealer Commander the bet (1 or 2 sc) Dealer commander holds pot and pays winner
RULES : each player rolls the dice 1 time highest winning number dice wins*.
Ties: if Highest dice ties: players have a roll off and roll dice, highest dice wins.

*the dice are 12 sided highest number is 12, if you roll a 12 you Lose. highest winning number is is any number except number 12. 12 is not a winning number.

Roulette:20 sided dice used
Play: dealer rolls dice (around and around she goes
where she stops nobody knows)
King Bull rolls a 18 ( only the dealer rolls.)
Bet #1 BET on odd or even (pays 1 to 1)

Bet #2 red or black number (pays 1 to 1)
black is 1-10 red number 11 to 20 even

Bet #3 Bet BALANCE - BALANCE IS 9 10 OR 11 (PAYS 2 -1)

Bet #4 bet on a number, using 20 sided dice
there are 20 numbers to bet on 1 - 20
if that number is rolled you win (pays 3 to 1)

to enter player must state his bet and coins (example: I bet odd 1 sc,
i bet on # 17 2 sc, I bet high 1 sc)

*all bets must be made before the roll And there will be a 2 sc
limit on any Wager
By King Bull

Played with 12 sided dice
each player rolls and passes dice to next player
when each player has to numbers then on the next
turn he can hold or roll for another number
over 21 is bust the 1 counts as ace or 1 the ace is 11
each number counts for its self
except 11 and 12 count as 10
all players play against the dealer

each player rolls dice one time add the numbers total is that players score
highest score wins

Bet is one SC must be 4 players + dealer (King Bull) which must be given to the dealer to enter
winner gets 4 sc

Edited by King Bull
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