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Can we please be provided with a list of the words that most people would not conceder swear word
to be listed so i know what i am not allowed to use when talking on the forum.

Be the FULL list is PM'd to me or posted here i dont really care.
I was to know what i am not allowed to say that apparently is a swear word.

I am not trying to be difficult but i will not have rude auto template response sent to me
and not expect me to respond badly. I dont care who sends them hey are rude and offensive
in their own way.

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  • Root Admin

Because of the nature of swearwords and words in general, they mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Here in the UK, many words are casually used, wheras if you were to go to america and use such a word, people would be surprised.

Also, because some words can be used fine in one context but not allowed in another we have to moderate based on each situation as it comes up.

As for my template for asking people to remove offensive words, its one that i personally use, i have several different templates for different matters because the same issues come up such as asking for new forums, edits or moderating posts. The current template for swearwords is this:
[quote]your recent post:


includes the word <word> which is not premitted. Please remove it or we shall remove it for you.

thank you.


It has been used extensively without complaint, but if yrth has a problem with it, i am asking if anyone can suggest a better way of writing it as so yrth and others may not be annoyed.

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that is better sounding than the
or we shall remove it for you

Chewy i apologise for going off at you on that PM
but when someone send me something that seems to me so confrontational
I respond in just the same manner.

You has said to me the word used can be taken in a bad context and fine i can agree with that
but to say that and then send a PM that does something just as bad or worse is contradictory.

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A word alone should not be offensive. Yes, there are certain topics which are taboo in MD because of the younger minds about, and cultural issues. But talking ABOUT a "bad" word, and using it gratuitously as window dressing, are two very different things.

A good rule of thumb is that any word simply included to add emphasis to a dull sentence by dragging in "cursing" overtones, is not really necessary, or in good taste.

re: UK vs. America -- America is a very diverse place. We must also pick and choose how "hot" our language can be depending on the audience and setting. And WE assume that BRITS have more sensitive ears..... I'm guessing that having foreigners about puts either of us on good behavior.

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