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WTT Enchanted stones 1 for 1

Passant the Weak

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I am able to enchant one Locate Stone and one Silvertongue stone at each spell counter rest.

I am willling to trade those for any other enchanted stone on a 1/1 rate. It is for collection purpose.

I know people value stones differently, depending on the rarity of the spell, but I have no idea of the market. So just propose if you are willing to trade 1/1, I am not interested in anything else. Thanks!

24 January
In stock: Locate x2

Accepting: any stone but Locate, Silvertongue, Invisibility, Noarmor, Otherarmy, Mirroritual, Guardianarmy, Movelock, Heat, Attacklock, Papercabin, Prot heal

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