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I know there are achievements to unlock the Research and Connections, and I know you can spend WP's to get Clue points... But what about maybe being able to earn Clue points via achievements? Especially considering some achievements give you WP's anyway... It seems to make sence to me... And you don't have to have them give 10, 5 or 3 is fine... Maybe the harder they are to unlock, the more they give? You could even have a series of achievements... Like the AD thing, only with other things...

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It's transitive:
Achievements can give WPs
WPs can give research points.
Therefore, achievements can give research points.

It's possible to get research points in other ways too, and more might be added later, I don't see why they should be given from achievements specifically.
By the same reasoning it could be said that creatures should be rewarded from achievements, why stop at research points?

The reward for getting an achievement is the achievement itself. Remember it's the journey that matters.

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