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After long consideration, and by order of King Firsanthalas, the Sibyl has commanded me to update the roster of the Eclipse's membership. Inactive members shall be purged from the roster at the end of the calendar year. If you serve the Eclipse and wish to be listed as active, post on this topic.

[u]Active Membership[/u]

Amoran K Kol - Sibyl
Phantom Orchid - Oak Priestess of the Sanguine Moon
Marvolo - Hierophant
Mystic* - Sibyl Emerita

Tarquinus - Imperator (Knight-Commander)
Karak - Captain of the Knights of the Full Moon
Sparrhawk* - Captain of the Knights of the Half Moon

[b]Knights and Clergy[/b][b]:[/b]
King Bull
Lady Dawn*
Great Guba

[u]Inactive Membership[/u]
Priestess Aia**
Taura Velho
Meru Chi**
Jose Astrada
Madalina Fitzroy
Strongwilled Legna
Thomas the Titan*

**these priestesses have left MagicDuel, but shall not be removed from the Eclipse roster.

As can be seen, the Eclipse has many inactive members. We intend to remove inactive members from the roster to make room for additional recruits. Removed members will always be welcome back within our ranks; they need only contact me in-game to be sent a new invitation to the alliance.

[b]Edit: since the hostile takeover of the alliance by Lord Pip, most of the inactive roster has been purged, in all probability permanently, even if we get our badges back. The offer to re-invite former members still stands, however.[/b]

Edited by Tarquinus
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Penny is unfortunately no longer in the game, thus she was not named, but she will always be remembered and honored by the Eclipse as one of its most important founding members.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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Ok so my post was removed due "role-playing elements" that apperantly should not be there. My bad, I guess. So here is my very bland re-posting.

My RL demands my attention sadly. I have sick mother, I am not of perfect helth yet either and basicaly I am working my behind off so at this time I saldy dont have much time to play.

But if I am needed, I can be reached and I do plan to return as soon as I will realy be able to. I dont want to log in game for idk two days and then be away for two weeks, if you get my point.

I would wish to remain in CoE if that is possible, but if space is what you need, well... you can kick me out, I guess, since my rl ordeal.

And btw grats to Amorab for becoming a Sybil. A well deserved spot, I believe.

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We have removed certain individuals due to heated demands of our fellow lorerootians.

Taura Velho
Thomas the Titan
Jose Astrada
Aleron** - As a special guest, he is always welcome in the alliance.

Please understand that if any of these members surface in the realm, they are one hundred percent welcome to return the alliance in the event that they intend to remain active.

I will try to message each of these members, as I am able. If anyone (even outside the CoE) knows how to get in contact with them, please do.

*I have only been able to send messages to, Spartiatis, Taura Velho, and Jose Astrada.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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Because of the purging of the alliance by Lord Pip, CoE members have, for the time being, lost their in-game status as citizens of Loreroot. While that is regrettable, I wish to state that we of the Eclipse still very much consider ourselves citizens of Loreroot, and respectfully ask to be treated as such.

I have also updated the roster.

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