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Hello. I would like to help edit the text in the game. I notice some typographical and punctuation errors sometimes and I would like to help the game by fixing them. :) I think that if there are less text errors, the game will look more 'professional'.

Anyway, I write stories and poems and I am a member of the student publication organization of my university. I can only give time for editing though, not writing, so I'm only volunteering for the editing part. Hehe. :)

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Apologies, Seth Xyrell there have been others who have wanted to see changes of this degree and have offered to help. I would suggest contacting Grido, the Council or Muratus Del Mur himself, as he is the game's creator - about the typos in the game. I feel that it's good for a new player to offer this kind of help.

Preferably, I would contact Grido first, as it appears he has been placed in charge of handling these kinds of concerns. I would only contact Mur or the Council as a last resort if your messages go unanswered.

You can reach Grido via forum PM or by emailing him at grido(at)ymail(dot)com
You can reach the council by emailing [council]
And Mur may be reached occasionally via forum PM or by PM in game.
[i][size=2](edit: to clarify a bit better.)[/size][/i]

Edited by Burns
council e-mail
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