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AP requirement for entering a location in a Land


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This is just an idea i had recently and thought i should post it to see what people think if it.

MDP is deserted for MP5, there are barely a hand full of people who train there.
Every sort of training season outside MDP is canceled the moment Eon finds the location so no considerable improvement can be done.
People spend more time in sanctuary, getting weaker day by day and been forced trying to find something else to do since training is as good as impossible.
So this is the my idea related to the current no training situation we face.

Every land will have one location that will require a high amount of AP to enter and exit, something like the 400 AP required to enter GG.
That location will be obviously be very hard for citizens of other lands to enter, but on the other hand it will be accessible to citizens of their homeland thanks to the land loyalty bonus.
That place can become a training ground where citizens of their homeland gather to train themselves.

The idea is that new player in early stages like MP4 chose already the Land they want to become a citizen of, so that when they advance to MP5 they will have enough land loyalty to enter a place where they can get stronger and avoid becoming moving targets for stronger MP5 like Eon.
Even if they don't have enough AP and land loyalty, they could also want to join an alliance and jump to leader location.

These location will be mostly citizens only thanks to the high ap requirement to enter but also for exiting that location.
A citizen of a different homeland will have to carefully consider if it is really worth it to enter that location cause even if by some means they manage to increase their AP and enter, they will also have trouble leaving.

When a citizen of another land enters the location with the intention of grinding the people there, they could all fight back against the intruder by using the new implemented needle for example, or they could also just for fun log out or leave that place (like in the fairy tales where when someone who was not supposed to enter their realm, the fairies all run away leaving the outsider dumbfounded).

This can be very well used against the recent complains on Eon`s statdmg ability.
Currently Eon is not part of any alliance, is a citizen of Necrovion with 100 land loyalty and is a heavy grinder.
Lets consider the situation where Eon somehow manages to get the AP needed to enter a location, what to do?
The people there could try using the needle against Eon but from my point of view that would be not the optimal solution.
This is where my second solution comes in play, the run away strategy.
In a situation where no matter what you do, the end result is the same, running away and sealing his movements would be the best course of action.
Everybody there exits the location or loge`s out(preferably alliance leader so people can jump back) and the ones who left the location could just as well go to MDP that is now Eon free.
All while Eon has close to 0 AP so he cant exit cause of the high AP requirement, is not in a alliance so he cant jump to leader location, and if he really insists he would have to sacrifice something(a spell cast, a cup of tea, etc).
At any rate it would be his lose no matter how you look at it.
After he left, the people can gather there again and continue training while Eon just lost AP, grinding time, and possibly even more with little gain.

Well at least this is how i imagine it would work, feel free to criticize.

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Interesting and creative suggestion, but I am not sure that each land would want to have a specific location "Blocked to outsiders" for the simple reason of protecting their citizen-grinders.
I will admit it's a very interesting idea though, in theory. I just would vote to not have it so, in practice. :)
(but that's just my own humble opinion and can't speak for the Monarchs and other citizens of each Land)

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Personaly I like the idea.

Eon deserves the stat damage ability, it was advertised as part of the prize and a well earned one at that. This suggestion allows people to "fight back" proactively, without taking anything away from Eon.
If she wants to go after you, she still can, she just has to work for it. Something she is obviously very good at.

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Maze, GG, Tribunal - all offer high entrance AP cost...
Also, with current fighting population land-limited location would not work - there is usually at most just a few fighting chars total in the realm. Moreover, in fighting allies loyalty does matter and their members would not take their badge on and off for some training - and with badge they would not be able to fight their ally comrades.

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Regarding the 3 problems pointed out.

True Maze, GG, Tribunal all need high ap to enter but the difference between these location and my suggestion is that players can actual be prepared and do something about the intruder. Also leaving costs always less ap then entering so you cant trap him for long inside those location.
Besides using the needle and trapping him inside, you can also use the land cleanser mentioned by Lone wolf that i forgot about and simply push him away from the location if you don't want him there, after witch he would need to start over again preparing the necessarily ap.
A grinder can also not go to all locations at the same time, it would be most likely that he can only disturb the training in 1 location of 1 land in 1 day, the other locations will have peace.

The current fighting population is mostly because of the over grinding of players. Best example would be the good old GGG. If i remember correctly, while it did cause some disputes, at least there were daily around 6,7 people of the same MP level there training without even counting those belonging to an alliance. If given a place of peace and respect, people will gather.

The last issue regarding the alliance badge has a simple solution, take it off for the duration of training. While i don't know about other alliances, but i do remember frequently hearing messages like "X temporarily left the alliance in order to lose experience".
Leaving the alliance to train has been done before and with no complications whatsoever, X would always come back to the alliance after a day or two and leave again when he needed to. I actually remember doing the same thing some time ago.

Edited. Needle and Land cleanser work very well against any other grinder that might come disturb the training, except Eon. For Eon there still is the trapping method i initially suggested.

Edited by stavaroiu
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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1319583974' post='94630']
Land cleanser could also push him a scene out, I think. Which would be also fun to use >> or maybe used as an escape method..

You need to actually win against him, for the cleanser to push him out, otherwise it will only freeze him in that particulair scene for a short period.

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