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Incantations time!


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For the most powerful incantations we need the hardest things...I shall present the incantation to make even the babies bawl as soon as they sense the completion:

Eon's admission of defeat to gain some kind of rare words interwoven with brute grinding power.
Dst's very last wishpoint for despair and an empty wishshop to power it!
Mur's Elucubratie colored version for the anger of a demon.
The names of the council for the secretivity, so that the target will only realize too late.
Watcher's eyes for only the blind can truly lead.
Horns of a goat named Zleiphneir, to stake lethally.
Sage's tea- an impossibility and paradox in itself (coffee yes, tea no)
MRD's wealth (and thus future lack thereof) for greed,
Phantom Orchid's cube to imprison even into a dream
Udgard's soul to remove all items,
Pieces of all crowns for authority,
Medals from Shadowseeker to strip achievements and memories,
Chewett because only wookies can eat all sorts of bugs and non-wookie magic
and finally Metal Bunny for pride and stubbornness in the quests, making it impossible to escape.

Gather these essences, young wanderer, put them into the cauldron and mix them according to this recipe, and you shall receive a potion so black and vile the light does not reflect off it. Force your victim to swallow it and watch the person lost forever.

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[color=#5F4F32][left][left]Incantation to get rid of Eon's SD[/left][/color][/left]
[color=#5F4F32][left][left] [/left][/color][/left]

You have to be quick! Catch two lizards, blindfold one's eyes and stitch closed the mouth of the other, so that one lizard can see, the other can talk, and thus the information known to the first lizard can be communicated only to the initiate. Run to MDP, steal Maebius's top hat, fill it with toxic plants and place it on your head (branches and leaves should appear from the hat like hair). Then run to the Howling Gates, pick 4 cards from TTL's hand, roll them and put two of them up in your ears, the other two in your nostrils.
Thus made up, go find Eon (he will probably find you, but nevermind), insert the two lizards in your mouth and try to speak the following words of might: "could you please avoid attacking me? you're driving me mad!"

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The Demon Summoning Incantation

A pinch of Toxic herbs, A Dash of Knator bone dust. Two cups of mud, along with 3 drops of Mya's Phoenix tears. One tablespoon of potato juice from Pipstickz. 4 cups of dirty water after goatboy's bath. One full barrel of Dark Rum.

Mix all of the ingredients, but the rum, in a cauldron. Take a drink of Dark Rum after each ingredient is mixed, Once all the ingredients are mixed together in the cauldron, drink the rest of the barrel of Dark Rum and chant these words:

Demon of East, long ago born of a different name,
Come and pay head to the rising of the flame.
In blood and mud, and rum, and water,
Come and welcome our lambs to slaughter.
Give us riches from far off unknown lands,
Foil all of our enemies battle plans.
Come forth demon and show your true face,
Let all of us see the power of this place.
Land of the East, Tribunal is home,
To this demon now forever to roam.
Come forth Demon and show yourself,
I hope this spell doesn't summon an elf.

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[b]Incantation to get out of the Trial of Agony[/b]

You will need the following reagents:

tears from a tormented soul
essence of a barren soul
an unholy priest (alive - you will need him to recite the incantation)
an egg of a majestic winderwild
1 gallon of water
1 bottle of grasan ferment
1 branch from an animated tree

You first place the water into a cauldron and heat it to the boiling point. Place the ferment along with the essence of the barren soul and the tears of the tormented soul and stir for a good 10 minutes with the branch from the animated tree. Place the egg into the concoction and tell the unholy priest to start chanting "Oh majestic bird of old, Take me from this dark place's hold" for about 2 minutes.

If the incantation was correct the egg should hatch and a majestic Winderwild should appear to carry you to safety.

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Briskness Increase

1 EverHot Pot of Sage Coffee
3 Orbs Heat
2 wings of Majestic WinderWild

Attach Wings to your own back with Murs All Purpose Duct Tape

Give the Heat to your Mp6
Drink the EverHot Pot of Sage Coffee

Sing: ~With the Wings of the Majestic WinderWild~...start running while moving your shoulders to activate Wings ~I look cool and have Style~ make flying noises with your mouth ~Up, up and away~ locate nearest Sanctuary with GPS
~Here I go on my way~ ...ignore laughter from bystanders as you run foolishly by

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This is the incantation to steal dst's future Morph (when she aquires it) and make her rage badly so she goes on a rampage:

1. First, a lot of players have to group and decimate Eon in the most horrid way until he decides to idle in Wind's Sanctuary instead of attacking everything and steal all his heads and pray he has medusa's head from one his victorious battles.
2. Find the Confused Santa and make him give you his bag of gifts.
3. Enter the bag of gifts and search until you find the corpse of a dead tainted angien.
4. In the halloween day revive the tainted angien using a grassan ferment
5. Stick medusa's head on the ciling of the hall of sun balcony
6. Call dst and invite her
7. Once dst arrives make the angien tickle her with his wings' feathers until she falls to the ground laughing so hard that she fells of her back
8. Once she is looking up she will see medusa's head and gets petrified for 1 hour.
9. Quickly steal the morph and replace it with a grassan

Say : "Happy halloween dst", laugh and run away until she wakes up

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