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Selling Rusty


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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1320361029' post='95244']
Last I checked, presuming you actually mean the same value of coins as creds (you might want creds more, so have changed the conversion), it's not 4/5sc per cred, it's around 2ish?

[quote name='darkfire' timestamp='1320380732' post='95251']
given grido's "2ish" conversion rate, I will bid 3gc (45 sc) valued at (22.5 credits)

If you dont like this offer, I can withdraw it.


Ahem 10 GC = 30 Credits

so 5 GC = 15 credits

1GC = to 15 silvers

so 5 GC = to 75 SIlvers and i ask for 70 silvers

o yes i already said i have a ofer of 15 credits

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well all know in MD shop silvers dont come alone come with a permanent boost and you need to pay to find those SC

this is a sale where players post they bids if they want to pay more... it´s a free action

[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1320393789' post='95259']
that conversion rate is hideous and no one except eon has ever paid that rate.

No point picking the higest ever price reached and wanting everyone to pay that.

glad to see that so...............

The real price / price of sale

Eon don´t pay. Eon sold (someone more pay to Eon)

Maybe all players need to recosider a lot of offers when they buy and sell
and no take the last higest bid for sell they resoursens, creats, items or things but well this won´t happen easily

Ahem some players, bought in the past rare creatures and other things so cheap ......................
[i][b]O[/b] [/i]

[b] NO[/b] :P

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