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As many of you are aware, I posses an independent Rainbow Candy Box that works slightly faster than the shared Boxes. Candy is now a semi-important resource because it serves a purpose; Elucubrations eat it to create their paper collection. (All relevant announcements listed at the end of this post)

As many of you are ALSO aware, I sent out a survey polling the Realm for what it felt was a fair Candy price. The demand of Candy was getting too large for me to keep up with so I felt that I either had to set a price to stem the flow a little or only give out Candy to people who I felt deserved it. The latter choice is perfectly allowed, but I think it's only fair that everyone should have a chance to obtain Candy fro me. Hence, the price.

To my immediate joy, 27 people responded to my survey within the first day with fairly detailed answers and explanations.



Using that demand data and my own supply statistics I crunched some numbers and have decided upon the price that I will ask.

[b]~~1[/b]sc per "Paper Pack" of 3 Candies[b]~~[/b]

That price should help me keep up with the people who want to buy Candy. Especially now that there are shared tools ^_^

You may be able to get better prices from others, but that is the price I ask. Hopefully this will help define the Candy market and, through extension, the Elu and Colored Paper markets as well.


I will still give out Candy to those who I feel deserve it. There are many ways to "earn" it from me, but you'll have to find them on your own.

I am also more than happy to sponsor quests with my Candy. If you are a quest creator and wish to use Candy as a prize, please contact me at least 3 days in advance of the prize giving so I can build up a reserve for you ;)

As this market continues to evolve I will probably make some adjustments to my own policies as Candy is a very elastic good.
Thank you all for your help and your understanding.

[log Brulant Gets the Rainbow Candy Box]
[color=#CCCCCC][font=Georgia,][Ann. 2073 - [2011-11-11 18:44:04 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
[b]Brulant gets the Rainbow Candy box[/b]
On Halloween i release 3 rainbow candy boxes, to be shared and used to give candy just for fun (not sold etc). I asked those boxes to be back after the event. One was returned two were not. I took back the two that were not returned and Brulant will keep the box he returned as his own item from now. Rainbow candies are very tasty and interesting for the Elucu creatures, they like colored items and sweets.

[log Elucubration Creatures Eat Candy!]
Ann. 2077 - [2011-11-13 00:45:58 - Stage 11]
[b]Elucubration creatures eat candy![/b]
Well this is not just a nice description text of a creature, the Elus will actually eat candy from your inventory, if you have any. This might be good or bad. They do so daily and will carefully put aside the colored wrapping paper from the candy and collect it. They need about 3 candies to get one colored paper for their collection. (More technical details: each candy an Elu consumes means +0.37 paper, the paper quantity is rounded down when you collect it. Elus eat one candy every 24h). You will not see how many candies an elu had or how much paper it collected, untill you take the paper away from the elu. Careful, Elus without paper are sad elus (more about that later). Candy production will be supported soon probably through shared tools.

[log Candy Boxes as Shared Items]
[color=#CCCCCC][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2082 - [2011-11-14 06:11:06 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
[b]Candy boxes[/b]
Box of rainbow candies,item that allows creation of candies, are now available as shared tools in the tribunal kitchen, next to the tea cups, of course.

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[s]No, the maximum is still in effect.[/s]
[s]In fact, we already hit it.[/s]
[s]No more Candy can be created.[/s]

[s]Until some of it gets consumed that is, which should happen every day due to the number of Elus in the Realm. If you have a Candy box but aren't awake when the Elus eat their candy; too bad so sad. No more Candy for you. :([/s]

Edit: The maximum was increased to 800, quadrupling what it once was. That being said, we still need to consume Candy in order to create Candy. Syntropy [u]and[/u] entropy. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, etc etc.

[log Candy Limit Increased!]
[color="#CCCCCC"][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2091 - [2011-11-16 05:27:36 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
The number of Candies that can exist at the same time in the realm is limited. Limit increased from 200 to 800. To be able to generate more candies you need to consume the existing once first. If the the cap is reached and nobody consumes them, then the candy boxes become useless till the number lowers.

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