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wepons and armor


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you get your wepons and armor to make your caracter beter, but what hapens to them after you buy somting better? just stoc them up?

whay not give them to your creature? after all you can't buy 2 wepons/armor that r the same and if you could give the creatures onli the wecker items i dont think you could do to much diference.

and once the item equip on a creature you can't remove it or/and the items you want to equip your creatures can be used only by certaine creatures

ex: you can't give a sword to an archer

What do you guis think?

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i dont think that will be the case.

you give only the items you once used (the weeker one) and if you even give the chaos archer the sun armor, ther will be others with the same monsters and equipment.

but if you still think that make the creature to strong, the equipment could give the creatures only a part of the properties or you could give the equipment only to the weeker creatures

P.S. you could give it a "makeover" on how you will like it to be

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PeterParker, that is a good idea, personally, I think it would be cool, if I could give my armor to a new player, they pay, say 2/3 of Vp, as it is used, and I choose to either get 1/2 of original Vp from it, or, maybe get

(the original Vp cost)


How about that? so if I bought something for 1000 Vp, I could maybe give it away for 50 Honor, that seems a little high,maybe 40% or 1/3 of original costs might work better. Or PeterParker's idea of sacing them. Either way, this wold be quite a bit of implentation.

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what if you wanted the items back because they looked good

would you be able to ge them back

if so you could keep scarificing to get tons of honor

What if you could simply sell them back for half of what you paid... Then you could use it to buy another weapon or upgrade a creature or whatever.. Makes the most sense, since it is a weapon. It definitely shouldn't increase any stats or give you anything that it doesn't cost to buy, such as honour.

It would be nice to sell it to other players, but I think it would be alot of work on the design side...but maybe it could put it back on the shelf at least so you and others could go back and buy it.

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