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Yearly Artwork Quest: Cyclicity

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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I will be hosting my yearly artwork quest as part of the Feast of the Cycle. This year I am choosing to do it just a bit differently than I have in past years, as it will be related to a principal that the Children of the Eclipse value highly: [b]Cyclicity.[/b]

[b][u]1) Description:[/u][/b]
[size=3][i]Cycles move the realm. They turn the community in waves that continue crashing and returning, and crashing again. Everywhere you look, a cycle can be found. Kings come and go. Fellow players sleep and return awake. Leaders fall and rise. Rain falls in the realm, and then stops, and falls again. Alliances thrive in activity, then fall silent. These are the cycles that surround us as we move in the realm, and they are found everywhere.[/i][/size]

I would like all participants who enter this contest to write a story about Cyclicity and then illustrate it.[b] [/b]

[b]***If you are not confident in your ability to draw or illustrate, team up with someone who is able to. If you have written a story, find someone who is able to illustrate it. If you have illustrated an artwork, and cannot do a story.. find someone who might be able to write something around the artwork you have presented[/b]

The Principal of Cyclicity (description of the principal) can be found on the Magic Duel log in page.

But for those who do not want to take a moment to look on the front page, here it is:

[spoiler]Each event could either take part having a certain shape, having its own cycle, repeating itself after time, or could either be part of another superior event that has its own cycle. Events like daily routine, or the changing of the seasons, or the shifting of the planet Poles, or even the world itself are all cyclic events. Symbolic, all events occur on the shape of a circle, two opposites intertwining, just like a snake, biting its own tail. The cycles actually represent a Balance either between the consumption of energy and its (re)generation, either between different evolutionary steps. In the Principle Hierarchy, this Principle reigns over others, but is also inferior to some, making it very difficult to precisely reveal its importance. It exists in absolutely in every event that could have an opposite, for its role is that of creating and maintaining the Balance. Due to its repetitive nature, it can cover very long periods of time, or can even part from existence, due to the fact that the Principle can apply to that too, for even existence has an opposite, even if it is abstract and hard to understand. The Principle takes many shapes. For example, a simple thing like cutting a thing in equal halves, and then halving those, and so on to infinity, even if it doesn't look like it, applies to this Principle. Also, the perpetuation of a species, through never-ending cycles of deaths and births, or even in the evolution of science, that at one point causes its own downfall are cycles of the same Principle. In a battle, the Principle occurs when defense follows the attack, or when a series of attacks are released in order to weaken the adversary. Many forms of consumption or energy reloading can happen in only one cycle. But if one action(cycle) is modified in such a way in which it could cover more cycles, the result would be colossal in energy.[/spoiler]

[b][u]2) Rules:[/u][/b]
There are no limits to how creative you can get with this contest, however there are some limits in regards to the story portion of the quest:

- Please do not write more than two pages, the limit is a half page to two pages.
[b]*This is set in place this way so that the judge(s) do not tear their hair out and murder me.[/b]
- Your story must be in 'story format'. Meaning it has to have a character that is actually doing something in the story.

The only limit I will place on artwork is that you should send in illustrations that are 'complete'. I will be judging based on creativity, skill, and how closely the illustration matches the story you submit.

[b]**The artwork must be your own artwork.[/b] If I find anyone who steals artwork to get a reward, they will immediately be disqualified- no matter how good their story is.

[b]**You may only submit [u]one[/u] entry, multiple entries are not allowed.[/b]**
Artwork submissions are to be placed in this thread using an upload link, or uploaded post attachments.

[b][u]3) Judging:[/u][/b]

There will be two sets of judges for this contest, and the judging will occur the week after the quest is over. (Aka. The week of New Years)
Artwork Submissions: Amoran K Kol, an Marvolo will judge these submissions.
Story Submissions: Tarquinus (and possibly one other judge) will judge these submissions.

All submissions must be in this thread by [b]December 22nd![/b]

[b][u]4) Rewards:[/u][/b]
1st: Wish point.
2nd: 5$ credit pack
3rd: Enter Oak Tower stone
4th: Two cups of Aromatic Tea or one sponsored creature.

Because I would like everyone in this contest to get at least SOMETHING for entering a submission, sponsored rewards are also welcome as well! :)

If you have any questions regarding this quest, please do not hesitate to ask.

[u][b]5) Sponsorship, Donated Rewards:[/b][/u]

Each year I hold this quest I make a point to ensure that each participant gets at least SOMETHING for their entry. Artwork is not a difficult thing to do, and the same can be said for writing. If effort is shown, you will get something- no matter how small the reward. The more effort put into the quest, the higher the reward is likely to be.

Thank you to those who choose to donate to the quest. If these rewards are not used, they will be returned to the person who donated after the quest is over.
[b]**Please, when you send me a sponsored reward, message me as well so I can know who the reward came from.[/b]

Esmaralda: 3 silver coins, Tea, Grasan Ferment, Rainbow Candy, Syntropic dust
Lashtal: Mirror Ritual stone
Marvolo: Weaken 5 stone
Jolla: Imperial Aramor, Sharptear

Mysterious Gifts (Thank you!!): Silver, Timeless dust, (2) Spicy Pickles, Rainwater, Flowers

[size=2][Edit: spelling error, added information.][/size]

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I would prefer it to be set to MD's setting, but you may be creative and choose a different setting if you wish. Think of Khalazdad's old parables, they related to MD's terms but still had other creative influences.

Not to say that anyone is required to write like he did, but that is just an example of a story format.

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The Christmas tree artwork is a fractal. The cuts and folds are made as per a simple rule, that could be repeated endlessly, were it not for the limitations of the paper.


“Mister, what are you doing?”

The wizened old man put down his cutting implement, glanced for a moment at the creased paper in his hand, then looked at the girl. He hesitated and then spoke “I’m giving this leaf of paper back its form. I’m making it into a tree again.”

“How will you do that?”

“Watch.” The man folded the paper again, and then made a straight slice with his blade, along the width of the paper, but not to the edges. He folded the paper again, and repeated. The girl looked on puzzled. Soon the old man was done. He took the paper and deftly poked at it. As if by magic, a tree stood out from the rest of the page.

“It’s a Christmas tree!” exclaimed the girl.


“I miss Christmas…”

“Well, I’ll let you in a little secret. Christmas is forever. It comes but once a year, but every year it comes. Soon enough, we will be celebrating it once more. That is why I have made this tree, to remind me that Christmas is always coming.”

“Christmas is forever?”

“Yes, forever.”

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Thank you Ivorak for your entry! I enjoyed the story and the artwork as well. It's a wonderful example of how you can illustrate a story even if you can't draw traditionally.

Be creative, and remember, you get something just for entering and showing your artsy side.

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christmas is a symbol of giving and appreciation of what you have


A family has no plans to Christmas. They just hide at home. They simply viewed their neighbors, enjoy more with tree trimming and many lights outside and inside.

There are those who sing the song of Christmas, in the middle of their home. they are still in hiding, even peeping in windows they have sang the song of Christmas. They do not go out of their home

They do not know they have to plan everything there neighbors to Christmas at home. Suddenly they were surprised, because all their neighbors to go to their home. They brought all their home decor Christmas.


“Christmas is beautiful “

“Try to give comes from your heart. not only for Christmas”

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It did not permit me to attach a word file. So I copy and pasted. The picture I put in was not of Jesse. It was not the main character. Instead. It is Annabelle and what she has become. Because what happens here is not important, it is what will happen because of this that is. I leave the end to what you wish it to be. I can only hint that the blades of those who are tricked will be bloodthirsty.

The Tainted Soul
It was a warm day in the fields of Florence where the occasional breeze was mild and silent. The day was young as the light blue sky was lit by the radiant sun and the land was showered with comforting light. The birds sang cheerfully, the trees listened with content and the tall grass quietly waved with grace. Alongside the fields were small huts. They had a simple roof above the sturdy walls made of brick. The local farmers and laborers lived in such huts as some needed to live close to the fields while others simply cannot afford more luxurious housing. Nevertheless, they were happy with their simple lives. They had adequate housing, plenty of food and children to care for.
The significance of this bright day is grand for one family as they cherish the birth of their first child. The Jacaruso family is a small one, not very wealthy and certainly not very powerful. They had a reputation of being hard working and generous. With that reputation, they are respected by the locals and generally accepted within the community. The elderly Father Jacaruso was head of the family and he runs the local church. His only son, Caderousse ran the farm back home. Caderousse did not have any sons of his own and was excited to finally have an heir to love and grow. He had worried months before when his wife became pregnant. What worried him more was the thought that he could be burdened with a daughter. He had tried to think with an unbiased mind but the thought of not having an heir troubled him. Fortunately, his worries were relieved when his wife was unharmed in the birth of the child who indeed was a boy.
The boy had a generous childhood. He was loved and pampered by his family. Every year he would receive extravagant gifts from his family even in the most impoverished times. He would receive the most lucrative food and the most expensive toys. He was simply adored by all whom care for him, yet unhappiness lingers in his mind. In his adolescence, he has discovered the aspect of power and feels dismayed that his family has none. It was quite unfortunate, one would assume that overwhelming love would overpower the desire for power, but for Jesse, power is everything.
It was a rainy morning when Jesse woke up on his 16[sup]th[/sup] birthday. The Father Jacaruso and Caderousse were sitting at the dining table patiently waiting for Jesse to wake up. They had gotten him the most beautiful present and are excited to show him. The morning before, the father and son had gone to the marketplace to search for an exquisite gift. It was a long hot day and the market was loud and busy. With extraordinary effort, they had finally found a brilliant object. It was a pretty dagger with a shiny blade and a dark handle. The price for this dagger was high, for the case was covered in colorful, light jewels and only two were in existence. Despite the price, the two gentlemen opened their purse and gave the merchant the price he demanded because they knew Jesse will be satisfied with such a gift.
While walking to the town centre, he greeted one of his friends, whose name is Calibri. The man was tall, slender and intelligent. He was of noble birth and both parents were influential in the country. Just recently, he had impressed the Duke of Antimony and was granted a place in the military. Jesse had been quite jealous of Calibri’s position and nobility.
“Why isn’t this a splendid morning, Calibri?” asks Jesse.
“Indeed. What brings you to town fair Jesse?” inquired Calibri.
“Did you not hear? I am celebrating with some friends at the pub,” replied Jesse.
“I certainly did not hear, surely I was invited. The fair lady…” Calibri hesitated, and then whispered to Jesse. “The lady Annabelle, is she coming?”
Jesse put his arms around Calibri and resumes walking towards the town.
“You were not invited my good sir. But, I can certainly arrange something if you could grant me a favor.”
“Answer my question Jesse.” Calibri was becoming a little impatient. “I will oblige is the lady will be present.”
“Of course sir, she will definitely be there. Now, I must ask you kind sir of a small chore,” said Jesse. “I was tasked in obtaining a beautiful black dagger. It would be so terribly burdensome for me to fetch it. Help me sir.”
“That task should go to my herald. I will fetch him at once,” Calibri replied.
“Oh no dear Calibri, listen to me Calibri,” whispered Jesse. “Let this job go to you and use it to impress your lady. Present this graceful weapon to me and show our crowd of your nobility, your honor and your power. I promise you, use the money from your purse and love will be yours my dear Calibri. Go outside the city walls today and you will see a merchant who sells such daggers.”
Calibri looks at Jesse and laughs.
“Oh Jesse, you are as wise as you are kind. That dagger will be in my hands tonight,” smiled Calibri and he leaves for town.
“He thinks men honest but seem to be so,” Jesse quietly whispers and laughs.
After entering town, Jesse went straight to the Inn where he found Annabelle and informed her of celebrating this evening. For the rest of that afternoon, he gathered a fairly large group of people for a party. He had given them the impression that it was a celebration for Calibri’s success with the Duke. An hour before the party, Jesse went home to dine alone. He needed time alone to think his plan through.
It was midnight and Jesse slipped out of his house and walked towards the town square. He was dressed in a dark cloak and wore a large black hood. In no time, he reached the inn and quietly slipped inside. He quickly found the room where Annabelle stays and he saw another man on the bed with her. Jesse was a little shocked but was then reminded that Annabelle was already engaged. Jesse quickly took advantage of this and stabbed the man with the very knife he received on his birthday and fled, leaving the sheath behind.
The next morning, everyone in town was talking about one thing: the death of the Duke’s son. The Duke of Antimony was anguished and heartbroken to discover his only son dead and was determined to find the killer. He offered any reward to the one who can identify the murderer.
It was no surprise that Jesse insisted an audience with the Duke and he assured them that he had valuable information. The Duke did not care for ranks or class of men and he let this peasant have his wish. Jesse immediately left to the Duke’s court.
“My dear lord, I am terribly sorry for your tragic loss,” Jesse sympathized. “It is in this sadness that I have discovered the murderer who committed this atrocity. It was the Calibri that we had thought to be fair and noble! This morning the mourning Annabelle grimly informed me her witness of the cowardly act. I have asked merchants all across town; that your noble son was killed with a weapon so rare that few exist. She will describe the weapon for you my lord.”
The Duke sat silent in his throne. He pondered for a brief second and then ordered for Calibri to be brought to the court. Escorted by two guards, Calibri entered the room and kneed on the ground.
“My noble lord, for what purpose am I called to court for?” asked Calibri.
“Are thou to possess a dark, jeweled dagger?” the Duke demanded.
“Why yes, I had only bought it yesterday,” Calibri replied. He saw Jesse at the court and was sorely confused. “Jesse my fair friend, what is happening?”
“It is him! Look at him! He pretended to not know and seek even a humble peasant for help!” cried Jesse. He spat at Calibri.
The Duke was infuriated, but at the same time sad that his trust was misplaced upon Calibri. He called for his guards.
“Take him away! I want this filth executed this evening!” the Duke ordered.
Calibri cried out to the court for an explanation feeling confused. He panicked when the guards grab hold of him and tried to reason with the Duke. He had yet to discover that he had been betrayed.
“What has happened, what crime have I committed. I beseech you my lord! Have mercy!” shouted Calibri as he was being dragged out.”Help! Mercy! I am innocent!”
It was fruitless, he was taken out the door and the sounds of his shouting disappeared. The Duke sighed miserably and dismissed everyone but Jesse.
“I am aware I had promised a reward for your assistance, I feel that this tragedy deserves no reward. However, I am obliged to hold my promise,” the Duke sadly said. “What is your wish?”
“Let me take his place my lord. Do not let this stunt your mighty goals,” Jesse softly replied.
“Your wish will be granted. Now leave me be.”
“Aye my lord,” Jesse bowed and left the court.
The very next day Jesse was appointed to be an officer. Most of his family was joyful for the success of Jesse but the Father Jacaruso and Caderousse were mortified as they had realized Jesse’s deed. They silently watch and wait for an opportunity to confront him.
Just as Jesse was going to bed, Father Jacaruso and Caderousse called him outside for a talk.
“What is wrong this late evening?” asked Jesse.
“What is wrong? Have you no heart? Not even a tear for what you have done, not even a sign of remorse?” demanded Caderousse.
“I have no idea what you are talking about sir,” Jesse calmly replied and smiled. “You are confused.”
“Do not deny this. Only you have the other weapon and Calibri would not have let his passion win him over,” whispered Father Jacaruso.
“I see. Well you see here my dear sirs. I have won! I have won my title and power. I can finally leave this peasant life,” Jesse explained.
“So you admit it!” Caderousse gasped. “How could you? You had taken a man’s life.”
“I am not what I am,” whispered Jesse. He smiled and looked right in his father’s eyes. “Only a fool would believe the world is made to be fair.”
“You have fooled us all!” cried Father Jacaruso. “You blinded us with false love and sinned silently under our roof!”
“Zounds, hold your peace! Be wise, speak of this not, and demand me nothing. What you know, you know,” Jesse softly said.
Father Jacaruso and Caderousse are shocked to hear this from Jesse. They have never heard such heartless statements before. The Father made a rite and Jesse left for bed.
What was not known at that time was that Jesse had his secret. You may ask why he is the monster he is and the reason is that he saw the same atrocities that made him who he is. Throughout his childhood he had seen the fall of those in power and the rise of those who take initiative. It was a sad cycle. Like a drinking man who drinks to forget the shame of drinking. For Jesse, it was power. He had grown up pampered at home, but shamed in public. He felt destined to be a low life and in his effort to change that he has secured his fate. He is false in power and false in honor. His betrayal to others will lead to betrayal to him, those in the crossfire shall spread and release demons of their own and thus, the cycle continues.
It was not until almost two decades later when old Caderousse got a letter from Cyprus. Saddened with the past and lived in misery he lived alone in his broken home. He has abandoned everything as he had lost the son he had believed to have loved. The secrets he holds tear at his soul and had driven his family into turmoil. Everyone else had moved on from him. They left him to his grievances. Alone and unhappy, his only comfort was his work. He had tried day after day to forget his troubles, his son and his sadness. It was useless. Yet he hung to life because he believed that people can change and that one day, he will hear from Jesse again. It was the hope that his son had changed that keeps him going day by day.
Lost and lonely, he slowly opened the letter with hope and excitement. But it came as no surprise when he was greeted with rolling tears and a cry of sorrow.

[b][i][s](PZ) [/s][/i][/b]

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[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]The Sun is alive, alive for being lifeless. Once we were stars, celestial dust, life energy residing in carbon turned bright and warm by nuclear energy. A torch in the sky with limited fusion, fission and destined by time and entropy until its life, burning bright, collapses on itself causing one last show of light. Eventually comes the death of the lifeless, a star's death. Creating a cosmic whirlpool, sending out waves of wind. Particles mingle and dance heating warm in an absolute zero, creating a chain reaction, more heat, more wind, the cycle repeats. The birth of new stars, a stellar nursery.Death of the lifeless creates another alive yet lifeless star which gave birth to our realm, a world of endless sunshine.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]Long ago, the Sun and the Moon existed in a day and night cycle. Both were created from the same Mother star and so, were kin in the sky. For a great many years they would pass the time in perfect balance watching steady fast upon the MD realm, silent spectators to events such as wars, celebrations, newly discovered lands, and the interactions between the characters. But they would keep to themselves, only passing a simple hello to one another as the daylight transcended to moonlight and again when sunshine poured into the darkness like a cup.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]During this time there was a powerful magi said to be thousands of years old and so powerful, and wise that any person coming to seek his counsel would not get the chance speak for he knew the questions they were to ask. They say he looked as if he was in his twenty’s a handsome and youthful man in appearance. The Magi did not seem to sleep yet no one saw him during the daytime, which lead to speculations of him feeding like a vampire and of him being wed to the Moon.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]He was not a vampire but he was a hermit and lonely for a female to love. When he thought of what kind of woman he wanted the only thing he could imagine was a woman with white hair and pale skin, eyes big and yellow, with darkness all around her coveting her like a blanket. He pondered on this and came to see that there was no woman such as this in the world. One night as he peered into the night sky the moon seemed to twinkle at him. It was then that he realized the beauty he felt the moon had, this was the beauty he wanted to be with. Quickly he attended to the alchemy of turning the moon into a woman.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]There had to be a sacrifice in order to attain enough power to transform the moon into a woman of flesh and bone. It was the Magi’s sight, for in the last step of the spell he would need to burn his eyes by looking in the Sun, blinding himself of ever seeing her beauty and forever residing in the darkness of his mind. As he stared at the last rays of sunlight he would ever see he captured the moon and kept her an arms length away, his new bride.[/font][/size]

[font=times new roman][size=5]She was just as beautiful as he had imagined he knew this not by seeing her, but by hearing the whispers of any person enchanted by her passing them by, they were drawn to her light such as months are drawn to fire light. The Magi turned into a monster fueled by jealous rage, for men from all over, no matter his magic and power, kept trying to woe her. He was bitter and frightened that she would leave him, so he locked her and himself away underground, forever hiding the moon from the realm. She is still underground, hidden by a spell that binds her there however you can still see how she pulls on the waters around Golemus[/size][/font].

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My entry.

[quote]The wizard stepped onto the rune he had forged and incrusted into the floor of his study. It was going to work: the theory was sound, and he had thoroughly gone through it at least twenty-seven times. A machine, set on a table to his right, turned over an hourglass, beginning the final countdown. The man kept his eyes on the trickling sand until the grains in the upper container reached a line he had drawn. At that moment, he started reciting his incantation, just as his custom Erolin device released years of accumulated heat.

“I will see the world when it was new,” he spoke as the last few grains of sand dropped into the lower container of the hourglass. The world around him appeared to be slowly ripped away and disappeared as a whirlpool sucked into the ground. For a second or two, everything around him was black, and when he blinked, the world had come back. He fell for a few feet until he was met by the ground. Evidently, his study and his house had disappeared, but that had been expected.

The wizard stood up, shaking his robes, and looked about himself. This was the land of a thousand years before his time, and there, in the distance, he could see the forest that would become the Loreroot he knew. He set off in its direction.

When he reached it, he found what he had been hoping to see; several pine trees were growing here and there, fighting for sunlight against the more numerous oak and maple trees. He knew from his time that it was a losing battle and that pine trees were bound to disappear from that land, but that is why he had come back: to save the species.

It took quite a bit of cleverness from his part, but he eventually managed to convince the locals of his wisdom. Some of them helped in his efforts to strategically replant several of the endangered trees and to cut down a few specimens of the dominant species until the wizard was satisfied. It has been a long year, but he felt that his work was done, and so he grabbed the amulet hidden inside his robes and cracked it open as he said, “I return to my natural when.”

He experienced the world being sucked away again, but towards the sky, and then it was back. His house was nowhere to be seen, but he had also expected that side effect. Spending so much time in so far away a time was bound to drastically change the present. He turned to look towards Loreroot, but discovered a forest of pine trees in its place. That, he had not expected.

Knowing what he must do, he set to work once again on the devices he would need. No one in all of the kingdoms knew him, but he managed to acquire the parts he needed nevertheless. After several years of waiting, the optimal time approached, and the wizard set his plan into motion once more, and when he stood on the rune he had planted into the ground, he said, “I will see the world when it was knew.”

When the colours reappeared around him, he set off for the forest immediately. His younger self would be arriving soon, and he knew exactly where he would go. He hid behind a tree on the path he remembered that he would take, and waited. Soon, he saw himself enter the forest, and he ran out of hiding to meet his younger counterpart.

The young wizard grabbed the axe at his belt and held it threateningly, stopping his older self in his track. The latter tried to explain the situation, but the former would hear none of the lies spewed forth by this obvious magical trap. He had been prepared for such interruptions. The younger wizard attacked, and both men fought. As they struggled with spells and punches, the axe switched hands several times until one of the wizards planted it in the other one’s head.

His breathing laboured, the survivor stared at the forest for a long time before seemingly coming to a decision. He squeezed his amulet until it broke, and said, “I return to my natural when.”[/quote]


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Quest will be extended until after new years. The week of the first is when judging will begin.

Each person who has entered thus far or will enter during the extended time will be granted an entry prize once the judging begins. I try to give everyone something for just trying the quest, even if it's a small something.

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"Whaddya' mean they rotted!?"

Tears are welling up in her deep brown eyes. I stoop down to pick Maya up and hold her. As I get close, she lets out a scream and kicks my arm. I sit down on the ground and rub my elbow as she runs crying across the garden toward the house.

I look up and down the long raised bed. I can see visible brown and yellow blotches on every single sagging cantaloupe. Some of them are already getting dark green and white mold on them. I stand up and walk along the bed, examining them, stopping occasionally to touch one or pick one up. I hold up a big one that had looked especially promising just three weeks before. I squish the delicate rotten melon with just one hand and watch the pungent sweet ooze dripping out on the ground. There are little white worms too. I shake my head and smile.

[i]It seems like we play this game every year.[/i] I walk to the shed and grab an overturned wheelbarrow. [i]Winter's chill fades away and the earth shows signs of life everywhere. The whole spring is before me and the possibilities are endless.[/i] As I slowly walk the back toward the bed, the wheelbarrow squeaks with every rotation, begging me for oil and attention. [i]I blinked; it's getting hot and wildflowers have given way to tall grass. I need to get these seeds in the ground![/i] I pick up a rotten cantaloupe and gently toss it into the wheelbarrow. [i]Corn? melons? beans? okra? squash? tomatoes? I got a lot of work ahead of me.[/i] I smile as each cantaloupe hits with the wheelbarrow with an audible "squish". [i]60 days to harvest? 80 days? 120 days?...Whatever, just get them all in the ground.[/i] Squish! Squash! Squish! Every one is more delightful than the last. [i]The whole garden in planted. Look at those gorgeous "Heart O' Gold"[sub]1[/sub] cantaloupes. So sweet, yet so delicate.[/i] Squish! Squash! Squish! Squash! I'm grinning and dancing now as I throw one rotten melon after onto the heap. The wheelbarrow is getting heavy. [i]It's almost time for harvest and we've had this vacation planned all year.[/i] I laugh wildly and vigorously hurl the last melons into the wheelbarrow. [i]It rains the whole time while we are gone...[/i]

I lay there on the ground next to the tipped wheelbarrow, staring up at the blue sky with my mouth wide open. I try to catch my breath and all I can smell is the sweet rotten cantaloupe glop that covers half my shirt and pants. Suddenly, I'm staring up into familiar little brown eyes surrounded by a mass of curly brown hair.

"Mommy, what are you doing??"

I smile.

"Making compost."

"For next year's melons?"

"Yes." I stand up and wipe the gooey melon from my shirt and pants. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah." She smiles. "I love you mommy."

"I love you too." We hug.

"Let's go eat some ice cream."

Side note:
[sub]1[/sub]"Heart O' Gold" cantaloupes are a particular variety with an incredible sweet flavor and a very short harvest window. They are not generally commercially available outside of farmers' markets because they do not ship well.

IMAGE - Cantaloupes growing out of a compost heap


I do not have a scanner available to me before the quest deadline, so I took a photograph of my drawing (you can tell from the shadows). When I get back home after the new year, I will scan the drawing properly and upload it again.

Thanks for the quest, Amoran.

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Entry prizes: I have chosen to give each person who entered something simply for entering. The current entry prizes I have to give are:

Grasan ferment, lumber - given out
Suntropic dust, spicy pickle - given out
2 sawdust, mirror ritual stone - given out
Timeless dust, Rainbow candy - given out
Branches, Rainbow candy - given out
3 flowers, mirror ritual stone

Contestants in this contest are:
Eagle Eye

Please note: Entry prizes will be randomly given and will be given without any judging. They are gifts for attempting my quest, and you may not pick and choose which one you get.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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  • 3 weeks later...

We are waiting on the results of one judge. After he sends them in, I will post up the general scores. Each contestant will have artwork and story critiques individually sent to them through the forum.

Again, the judges are:
Amoran K Kol

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