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looking for combat logs vs story mode shades


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i am looking for combat logs of fights vs the shades we face in story mode.

if anyone has saved them and does not mind to share them with me, please send them via [u]forum pm[/u] with MP level.

the more different MP level the better.


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Hold off on sending those logs just yet, the CLC is discussing whether or not NPC logs are spoiler or not (since the fights are basically set as to how they go, as opposed to PVP logs which are dynamic)

Should have an answer by Monday at the latest.

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ah well, i dont want them analyze in order to beat the npcs :-)

what i want is to double-check something i discovered in my own logs against the shades. having logs from all MP levels would give the proof of my current conclusion about the shades a better quality. well, at least thats what i expect atm.

if you still consider it a spoiler, i´d be fine if players send the logs to the CLC which then provide me with the particular data i need

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Woot for swift replies this time!

The general consensus is that it isn't spoiler. Since all the information is fairly easily available (through first hand examination as well as other methods), and without having fought the shades at least once (thus doing the minimal work for the data) the information won't make sense, as you wouldn't have ever been in combat, there is virtually no ability for it to be a spoiler.

Although, as usual, since the data is still technically spoiler, the usual rules of not posting it publicly do still apply.

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