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Make Fyrd a Target Again

Fyrd Argentus

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There was a time when I was a reliable training target. Then as stat damage loomed, I began to hug the sanctuaries. I have reset, and now must make a choice between grinding or further expanding upon the Lost Path Adventure. If you know me at all, the choice is obvious.

So - a contest. I will be out and about a lot through the holiday season, perhaps through groundhog day in February, working on my enchantments. If I get 945 more victories before I get 901 more losses (I'm at 55-99 win-loss right now), then this "Groundhog" will NOT see it's shadow, and remain out as a public target thereafter. However, if the shadow of stat damage looms again, this groundhog will head for the sanctuaries again.

Prizes? I think the player who can claim the most victories dealt out deserves a wish-point, don't you? This is a contest, after all, and the gauntlet has been thrown down. And I will find suitable prizes for any reasonable runners-up - down to say 10% of however many the winner gave. Please count 'em yourself and post claims here. I will only spot-check.

BUT - there will only be prizes awarded if this groundhog does NOT see his shadow and bolt for sanctuaries again...

btw - my usual defense is just me, Fyrd the Joker, on 10% slider. But if not enough people get into the spirit of this, who knows what nasty old monsters from the ID will surface to defend me in times of stress.....

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Interesting. So you basically are finding a way for you to stay in the sanctuaries or are challenging people too. Well a wish-point is a reward worth getting so I am pulling out the weapons and putting aside honor.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1322337526' post='96633']
How are you going to keep track of those reliably anyways?

I'm more thinking you will probably end up in statdmg very soon, and with no wp rewarded at all. It would be safer if you were to just hire a handful of people silently to do it.

He does have a good point. I mean all things considered the log can only hold what is it I think its like 14 entries that removes 1 every X amount of hours.

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So, I'm getting some serious push-back here including several well-reasoned objections. And the gap has worsened by 10 points in the first few hours. Plus I've lost a couple points stat damage from Eon. So..... this whole thing may have to be revised (i.e, the groundhog might just dive for sanctuary soon..... we'll see).

p.s. Duxie has done best at about 18 victories donated, but then again, I've already awarded him a wp..... aargh.

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Okay, the hedgehog bolts into his hole. The gap kept widening, due to the efforts of several contrarians - who may share their opinions elsewhere if they please. Will have to go about this another way.

Thanks for trying, especially duxie and Hedge.

Mods, please close this one.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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