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Picnic (Or midnight snack event thing)


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Hello one and all!

Me and Keida thought of getting together a sort of picnic get together thing, mainly to try and bring together people to enjoy talk, dance, music (if we can get musicians), and anything else people want to do together. Bring any food or drink you like.

Place: Tranquil Plains

Time: 7 PM Thursday EST, 2:00 Friday ST

If you have a suggestion for another time, let me know. I can be there early (and I probably will). I just hope to see some people enjoying talking and being with others they know and meeting new people. Hope to see you all there!

I shall be bringing my coffee. It would be difficult to go on without my coffee.

Edit: I apologize again for all of the confusion, but hopefully we will still see some of you there.

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[quote name='Princess Katt' timestamp='1322678823' post='96890']
Wait... I think you actually mean 2:00 ST on Friday, Dec 2.

In the US, that would be 7pm on the East Coast on Thursday, Dec 1.... right?

On MD, the date changes at 5pm EST.
You have it right. To anyone else coming, I apologize for the confusion. It is 7 pm Thursday for me (I am east coast), so Friday, Dec 2nd at 2:00 ST. So....
Everyone thoroughly confused now? Hehehe, to clarify, it is a bit over 28 hours from now. Yay!

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[quote name='VertuHonagan' timestamp='1322689235' post='96906']
Where is Tranquil plains? xD I might be too far off to even make it there with the AP that I have. I'm in hiding with my heads. :P But then again thats about 30 minutes before I go to work so I'm not sure if I'd be able to stay very long either way. :s

In between the Gazebo of Equilibrium and Fenth's Press. It is a sanctuary, so everyone can come enjoy.

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Hello all! Here is the log from the even, as provided by Kyphis, for everyone's enjoyment. I have not had the time to learn how to make it prettier, so it is how he sent it to me.

Also, I would like to continue and make this more of a regular thing. I plan now to go ahead and do it again at the same time next week. If another time would work and you would love to come, please leave a suggestion and I will try and see if another one would work. Thanks again for those who came, see you around!

[log=Picnic Event]
[02/12/11 01:26] :Ensetym kicks up some dirt
[02/12/11 01:27] :Krioni walks down the path and begins preparing a small fire
[02/12/11 01:28] :Ensetym takes a seat and watches
[02/12/11 01:29] Krioni: *looks up* Hey, how are you?
[02/12/11 01:29] Ensetym:The usual, i guess
[02/12/11 01:31] Krioni:Sorry *dusts off his hands as the fire starts up* I am Krioni.
[02/12/11 01:31] :Krioni holds out his hand
[02/12/11 01:32] Ensetym: *shakes his hand* And I an Ensetym
[02/12/11 01:32] Krioni: *smiles* Nice to meet you!
[02/12/11 01:32] Ensetym:Nice to meet you
[02/12/11 01:32] :Ensetym smiles
[02/12/11 01:33] Krioni: *begins to prepare some vegetables* So, are you here for the picnic, or for other reasons?
[02/12/11 01:33] Ensetym:For the picnic, i think
[02/12/11 01:33] Krioni:Great!
[02/12/11 01:33] Ensetym:Unless the future has some other plans, yes
[02/12/11 01:34] Ensetym:Half an hour to wait, right?
[02/12/11 01:35] Krioni:Yeah, just about. I am here early to get some stuff going before anyone else arrives.
[02/12/11 01:35] :Ensetym nods
[02/12/11 01:35] Zori Ca:a picnic at 1 am...:-)
[02/12/11 01:35] Krioni:I said it could be considered a midnight snack!
[02/12/11 01:36] Krioni:And welcome!
[02/12/11 01:36] Ensetym:It's all relative
[02/12/11 01:36] Zori Ca:i´ll have a look later...for a beer or 2
[02/12/11 01:36] :Krioni rests, tending the fire
[02/12/11 01:38] :Ensetym holds out his hands to warm them up
[02/12/11 01:40] Krioni:So Ensetym, what's up? You said the usual earlier.
[02/12/11 01:40] Ensetym: *shrugs* Well...
[02/12/11 01:41] Ensetym:I'm just waiting for things to happen
[02/12/11 01:41] Ensetym:Peaceful
[02/12/11 01:41] Krioni:Good. I tend to be like that, moving back and forth from places just to really talk to people.
[02/12/11 01:42] Krioni:I planned this to try and bring some people together to relax and stuff.
[02/12/11 01:42] :Krioni pours some potatoes in to a pot and rakes out some coals, setting the pot on them
[02/12/11 01:42] Ensetym:that's it
[02/12/11 01:43] Ensetym:talking
[02/12/11 01:43] duxie:sudie Elyza, Elyza brangiausia ish geliu!
[02/12/11 01:43] :Ensetym scratches his head
[02/12/11 01:44] Krioni: *looks over to Duxie* Didn't catch that one duxie
[02/12/11 01:44] :Krioni smiles
[02/12/11 01:45] Krioni: *turns back to Ensetym* Yeah, just talking. Been a little quiet lately though.
[02/12/11 01:45] Ensetym:it has
[02/12/11 01:46] Ensetym:Everything feels to be drifting apart
[02/12/11 01:46] Krioni:I would agree. Hence the picnic. Trying to get things going again.
[02/12/11 01:47] :Ensetym nods
[02/12/11 01:55] Krioni:So Ensetym, how long have you been here in Magicduel?
[02/12/11 01:55] Ensetym:Seems like... 32 days
[02/12/11 01:56] Krioni:Cool.
[02/12/11 01:56] Krioni:Where have you been?
[02/12/11 01:57] Ensetym:1/1000 of a century
[02/12/11 01:57] Ensetym:What have i seen?
[02/12/11 01:57] Krioni:Yeah.
[02/12/11 01:57] Krioni:Have you been to Golemus or Loreroot? That type of stuff.
[02/12/11 01:57] Ensetym:No not yet
[02/12/11 01:58] Ensetym:I'm taking my time
[02/12/11 01:58] Krioni:No problems there. What do you enjoy so far?
[02/12/11 01:58] Ensetym:The ideas
[02/12/11 01:58] Ensetym:My favorite part
[02/12/11 01:59] Krioni:Ideas?
[02/12/11 01:59] Ensetym:All of them
[02/12/11 01:59] :Krioni puts a pan on the fire and puts some butter and wine in it
[02/12/11 01:59] Ensetym:Like the principles
[02/12/11 01:59] Krioni:Neat.
[02/12/11 02:00] Krioni:I just spent some time looking at them. I still have a whole lot to learn though.
[02/12/11 02:00] Ensetym:I read most of them while choosing in story mode
[02/12/11 02:01] Krioni:Okay. Do you want to read more about them?
[02/12/11 02:01] Ensetym:I'm interested in them, yes
[02/12/11 02:01] Krioni:Cool, I love reading myself. Here *takes a book out and passes it to Ensetym*
[02/12/11 02:02] Ensetym:Oh, Thank you *holds out his hands and accepts the book*
[02/12/11 02:03] Krioni:Ahhh *smells the steaming wine*
[02/12/11 02:03] :Krioni takes out a cofee pot and puts some grounds in it, setting it on the fire
[02/12/11 02:04] Ensetym: *opens it up and leafs through* This will be good for later.
[02/12/11 02:04] Krioni:Not a crowd yet, but I knwo a few other people that said they would drop by.
[02/12/11 02:04] Krioni:It is neat as a great starting point.
[02/12/11 02:04] Ensetym:Indeed. I'll go tell those at the park we are starting
[02/12/11 02:05] Krioni:Sure, sounds good.
[02/12/11 02:07] Ensetym: *walks back and kicks up some dirt again* I told them
[02/12/11 02:07] :Krioni puts onions and other vegetables in the pan
[02/12/11 02:07] Krioni:Cool
[02/12/11 02:07] Ensetym: *nods* a few of them are still idle
[02/12/11 02:08] Krioni: *smiles* Not surprised.
[02/12/11 02:08] Krioni: (So I don't embarass myself, are you male or female?)
[02/12/11 02:09] Ensetym: (male, not old enough for papers yet)
[02/12/11 02:09] Krioni: (Alright, I thought so, but wanted to check)
[02/12/11 02:09] Krioni:Hopefully we will get a few people to play music, and then a couple ladies who want to dance.
[02/12/11 02:10] Ensetym: *smiles* That would be nice
[02/12/11 02:10] Krioni:Hopefully Keida will stop by too.
[02/12/11 02:10] Krioni: *nods and smiles* Yeah, it will be.
[02/12/11 02:11] Ensetym: *slowly closes his eyes* I will be back in a bit
[02/12/11 02:12] Krioni:See you soon.
[02/12/11 02:13] :Krioni whistles as he stirs the pan
[02/12/11 02:18] VertuHonagan:Hello Krioni.
[02/12/11 02:20] Krioni: *looks up* Hello! How are you?
[02/12/11 02:20] Krioni:A few more people here now.
[02/12/11 02:20] Krioni:How are you all doing?
[02/12/11 02:20] VertuHonagan:I'm good. I just happened to wander over here and yourself?
[02/12/11 02:21] Krioni:Just cooking up some food, waiting for people to drop by.
[02/12/11 02:21] Krioni: *smiles* I am enjoying it though.
[02/12/11 02:22] VertuHonagan:I'm glad to hear that. What you cooking?
[02/12/11 02:22] Kiley: *smiles at the dancin' man* I have a few loose ends to tie up in Neverland, but will be along soon:)
[02/12/11 02:22] VertuHonagan: (Ugh...Sorry I was late. I can't stay long now. Only got about 8 minutes till work. I just woke up 30 minutes ago. @.@)
[02/12/11 02:22] Krioni:Well, currently I have some potatoes in a pot, and some vegetables cooking in some wine.
[02/12/11 02:22] Krioni: (No problem to both guys, just enjoy seeing people anyways)
[02/12/11 02:23] :Kiley belly grumbles
[02/12/11 02:23] Krioni:See you soon Kiley.
[02/12/11 02:23] VertuHonagan:Oh? What kind of wine?
[02/12/11 02:23] Krioni:Red, I found it in the kitchen back at the Root of the Matter inn, and it smelled good so I brought it along.
[02/12/11 02:24] VertuHonagan:Hmm..Interesting. Wish I could stick around to eat some with ya all.
[02/12/11 02:24] Krioni:Well, *takes out some supplies and makes a sandwich* It is a picnic, technically.
[02/12/11 02:25] :Krioni tosses the sandwich to VertuHonagan
[02/12/11 02:25] :VertuHonagan catches it with a smile.
[02/12/11 02:25] VertuHonagan:Well thanks. I think I shall eat this on my journey.
[02/12/11 02:25] Krioni:I am glad you stopped by!
[02/12/11 02:26] VertuHonagan:If you ever wanna meet up again or have another let me know. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around longer.
[02/12/11 02:26] Krioni:Sounds good. Hope to talk to you again sometime.
[02/12/11 02:26] VertuHonagan: (Gotta go. You all have a good night.)
[02/12/11 02:26] :Krioni waves
[02/12/11 02:30] :Krioni starts to season the vegetables
[02/12/11 02:31] Hedge the Frog:Ooh, vegetables.
[02/12/11 02:32] Krioni: *looks up* Hey Hedge, how are you?
[02/12/11 02:34] Hedge the Frog:Alright.
[02/12/11 02:34] Hedge the Frog:Running around.
[02/12/11 02:34] Hedge the Frog:How about yourself?
[02/12/11 02:34] Krioni:Cooking food for anyone who shows up. Was to be a picnic, having it with whoever will stop by.
[02/12/11 02:35] Krioni:Talking, enjoying the fire.
[02/12/11 02:35] Princess Katt:Hello, there.
[02/12/11 02:35] Krioni:That kind of stuff.
[02/12/11 02:35] Krioni: *waves* Hello!
[02/12/11 02:36] Hedge the Frog:Ah, neat-o.
[02/12/11 02:36] :Hedge the Frog nods to Katt.
[02/12/11 02:40] :Krioni prepares a Dutch Oven and puts some of the potatoes and vegetables in the bottom
[02/12/11 02:41] :Krioni takes out some dough and layers it on the top, then closes the lid
[02/12/11 02:41] :Princess Katt smiles at the smell of the cooking pie
[02/12/11 02:42] Krioni:How areo you doing Princess Katt?
[02/12/11 02:47] Princess Katt: (sorry, was afk for a moment)
[02/12/11 02:47] Princess Katt:I am quite well... and how are you, Krioni?
[02/12/11 02:47] Krioni: (No problem! Only cooking going on here)
[02/12/11 02:48] Krioni:I am happy. Cooking, enjoying some conversation. While it may not be a bunch of people, it is what I wanted from the picnic.
[02/12/11 02:49] Princess Katt: *nods* It seems to be a nice gathering.
[02/12/11 02:49] Krioni: *smiles* Yeah.
[02/12/11 02:52] :Krioni grills the rest of the vegetables and puts it on some bread with a slice of swiss cheese
[02/12/11 02:53] Krioni: *holds it out to Princess Katt* Want some?
[02/12/11 02:53] Princess Katt:Oh, I'd love some!
[02/12/11 02:53] :Krioni offers the sandwich to Princess Katt
[02/12/11 02:54] :Princess Katt takes the sandwich carefully
[02/12/11 02:54] :Princess Katt takes a bite out of the sandwich, careful not to spill any
[02/12/11 02:55] Princess Katt:Mmmm... dif if gooof *says with her mouth full*
[02/12/11 02:57] :Krioni smiles and puts some veggies on some bread
[02/12/11 02:57] Krioni: *takes a bite* Mmmm
[02/12/11 02:57] :Krioni sets it down and checks the dutch oven
[02/12/11 02:58] Krioni:Oohhh that's right, I need to get another one started too.
[02/12/11 02:58] :Princess Katt eats some more, trying not to wolf it down
[02/12/11 02:58] :Krioni prepares another dutch oven and sets it on the coals, putting butter in the bottom
[02/12/11 03:02] :Princess Katt finishes her sandwich
[02/12/11 03:02] Princess Katt:Is there anything I can do to help?
[02/12/11 03:03] :Princess Katt pokes Hedge
[02/12/11 03:03] Krioni:Sure, you want to mind that other oven while I take care of this one? Make sure the crust doesn't burn.
[02/12/11 03:03] :Krioni takes out a jar and opens the top
[02/12/11 03:04] Princess Katt:All right. What should I do if it gets done? Take it off the fire?
[02/12/11 03:04] :Krioni takes out a spoon and takes a bit out of the jar
[02/12/11 03:04] Krioni:Yeah.
[02/12/11 03:04] Krioni:Strawberry preserves *offers the spoon to Princess Katt*
[02/12/11 03:04] :Princess Katt takes the spoon and tastes the preserves
[02/12/11 03:05] :Krioni pours the preserves in the oven
[02/12/11 03:05] Princess Katt:Delicious. *hands the spoon back to Krioni*
[02/12/11 03:05] :Krioni takes it back and smiles
[02/12/11 03:05] Princess Katt:Say, what do you call this that we're making?
[02/12/11 03:05] Hedge the Frog: *smiles at Kiley* Sorry 'bout that
[02/12/11 03:05] Hedge the Frog: (Avoiding attackers)
[02/12/11 03:06] Princess Katt:Hedge, what have you been up to lately?
[02/12/11 03:07] :Krioni pushes dough on top of the preserves and puts the lid on
[02/12/11 03:07] :Princess Katt checks the pot
[02/12/11 03:07] Hedge the Frog:Visiting the homelands, and the Labrynth, mostly.
[02/12/11 03:08] Princess Katt:I think the first one needs just a couple more minutes.
[02/12/11 03:08] Hedge the Frog:Yourself?
[02/12/11 03:08] :Krioni puts the oven over some coals and puts some on top
[02/12/11 03:08] Krioni:Sounds good Katt.
[02/12/11 03:08] Princess Katt:I've been here and there. Trying to keep Darth company, until he left for Necrovion.
[02/12/11 03:09] Princess Katt:He is doing so well in the HC.
[02/12/11 03:09] Chengmingz: *bows* Good evening.
[02/12/11 03:10] Princess Katt:Hello. *curtsies*
[02/12/11 03:10] Chengmingz:How is our picnic doing so far? *smiles*
[02/12/11 03:10] Krioni: *waves from by the fire* Hello!
[02/12/11 03:10] :Chengmingz waves back at Krioni
[02/12/11 03:10] Krioni: *wipes his hands* Well, we have a sort of vegetable pot pie just about done and a strawberry cobbler cooking.
[02/12/11 03:11] :Princess Katt checks the first pot again and removes it from the fire
[02/12/11 03:11] Princess Katt:Krioni, I think it's done.
[02/12/11 03:11] Krioni:And some good people and a warm fire, so I would say really well.
[02/12/11 03:11] Krioni:Perfect! *comes over and takes care of cleaning the lid of coals*
[02/12/11 03:11] Hedge the Frog: *nods to Katt* He is doing well, yes.
[02/12/11 03:11] Chengmingz:Ahh, I have brought some ... strong beverages if anyone would like some...
[02/12/11 03:12] :Hedge the Frog nods to Chengmingz, in greetings.
[02/12/11 03:12] Princess Katt:None for me, but thanks.
[02/12/11 03:12] Krioni:I am sure some would like that. I have a hot pot of coffee.
[02/12/11 03:12] :Chengmingz bows to Hedge
[02/12/11 03:12] Krioni:Well, maybe not then *laughs*
[02/12/11 03:13] Princess Katt:Coffee? Where?
[02/12/11 03:13] Krioni: *takes the lid off the pot pie and blows on it* So, anyone want some? I have cheese and a hot sauce I made from a root I found in the forest.
[02/12/11 03:13] Krioni:Would you like some Katt?
[02/12/11 03:14] Princess Katt:I'll have a little, and some coffee with cream.
[02/12/11 03:14] Princess Katt:Hello, Kiley.
[02/12/11 03:14] :Krioni nods and prepares a bowl and passes it to Katt with a fork
[02/12/11 03:14] Princess Katt:Thanks.
[02/12/11 03:14] Kiley: *smiles* Hey there Katt:)
[02/12/11 03:14] :Princess Katt takes the bowl and fork
[02/12/11 03:14] Krioni: *pours a cup of coffee and adds some cream and passes it over* No problem.
[02/12/11 03:14] Kiley: (comp problems atm:( )
[02/12/11 03:15] Krioni:Welcome back Kiley!
[02/12/11 03:15] :Princess Katt takes the coffee
[02/12/11 03:15] Kiley: (boo hoo)
[02/12/11 03:15] Princess Katt: (oh, no!)
[02/12/11 03:15] Kiley: (reboot:) )
[02/12/11 03:15] Kiley: (be back)
[02/12/11 03:15] :Princess Katt sips the coffee, then takes a bite of the pie
[02/12/11 03:16] Krioni:Too much food eh Katt? *smiles*
[02/12/11 03:16] Krioni:Hopefully it will settle before the cobbler is done.
[02/12/11 03:16] Princess Katt:I can't ever resist trying everything, you know!
[02/12/11 03:16] Princess Katt:This is so delicious, Krioni!
[02/12/11 03:16] :Princess Katt waves to Eon
[02/12/11 03:17] Krioni: *grins* I am glad you enjoy it.
[02/12/11 03:17] Krioni: *looks around* He blew through. Wish he would stick around and talk.
[02/12/11 03:17] Hedge the Frog:Ooh, Eon?
[02/12/11 03:17] Hedge the Frog:He's speedy...
[02/12/11 03:17] Chengmingz:Hmm... he attacked me...
[02/12/11 03:18] Chengmingz:Ahh I remember now, the heads... he has 1000+ by the way...
[02/12/11 03:18] :Chengmingz looks on enviously
[02/12/11 03:19] Hedge the Frog: *smiles* Indeed he does. A pity I can only win against him when defending.
[02/12/11 03:19] :Hedge the Frog hugs Eon.
[02/12/11 03:19] Chengmingz:Ahhh and how do you do that? *asks curiously*
[02/12/11 03:19] Krioni:Yeah. I haven't ever talked to him. Tried, but he didn't say anything, just stuck around to keep attacking me.
[02/12/11 03:20] :Princess Katt nods, eating more of the vegetable pie
[02/12/11 03:20] Princess Katt:Isn't anyone else eating?
[02/12/11 03:21] Hedge the Frog: *smiles and raises a 'brow* I think I'll keep that my little secret.
[02/12/11 03:21] Krioni:Oh! *ladles a bowl for himself and gets some coffee*
[02/12/11 03:21] Krioni:Please, anyone who wants some, we have bowls and plenty to go around.
[02/12/11 03:21] Chengmingz:Ahhh I understand *smiles*
[02/12/11 03:22] :Princess Katt takes another bite and motions to Hedge and Cheng to eat
[02/12/11 03:23] Princess Katt:Wisp, I don't believe I've met you... I'm Princess Katt.
[02/12/11 03:24] :Hedge the Frog sits on a log and shoves his hands in his pockets.
[02/12/11 03:25] :Princess Katt drinks some coffee
[02/12/11 03:25] Krioni:Apparently no one believes in our cooking Katt. *smiles*
[02/12/11 03:25] Chengmingz: *smiles and nods* I think I'll just have a little coffee/
[02/12/11 03:26] Princess Katt:The coffee is excellent.
[02/12/11 03:26] Krioni: *pours another cup of coffee* Cream or sugar Chengmingz?
[02/12/11 03:26] Chengmingz: *takes a sip and nods* I had caramel apple spice the other day. It was simply delicious.
[02/12/11 03:27] Chengmingz:Ahh neither *smiles*
[02/12/11 03:27] Krioni:Alright.
[02/12/11 03:27] Princess Katt: *giggles* That sounds awfully sweet.
[02/12/11 03:27] :Princess Katt eats the last of her piece of pie
[02/12/11 03:28] Krioni:Caramel Apple Spics *closes his eyes and humms* That sounds really good.
[02/12/11 03:28] Chengmingz: *grins* Indeed it was. Indeed it was...
[02/12/11 03:29] Princess Katt:That pie was sooo delicious.
[02/12/11 03:29] Krioni:I am glad you liked it.
[02/12/11 03:29] Krioni: *looks in the pot* We will have plenty left over. And the cobbler isn't even done. I overprepared.
[02/12/11 03:30] Princess Katt:Maybe others will wander in?
[02/12/11 03:30] Hedge the Frog: *mumbles* He left it dead, and with its head he went galumphing back.
[02/12/11 03:30] Princess Katt:Hedge?
[02/12/11 03:30] Krioni:Hopefully. Keida hasn't shown up yet, and she mentioned dropping bye. This was partly her idea.
[02/12/11 03:30] :Chengmingz tilts his head
[02/12/11 03:31] Krioni: *points at Hedge* Don't be pulling a vorpal sword out at me please sir.
[02/12/11 03:31] Kiley: *comes too with a slight frown* Ahh did I miss the pie?
[02/12/11 03:31] Krioni:No no! There is plenty of the pot pie left. Cobbler is still cooking.
[02/12/11 03:31] Hedge the Frog: *looks up* Yes?
[02/12/11 03:31] Krioni:Want some?
[02/12/11 03:31] Kiley: *smiles* Please.
[02/12/11 03:32] Princess Katt:Hedge, what were you saying?
[02/12/11 03:32] Kiley: *looks over at Hedge* You okay George?
[02/12/11 03:32] Krioni: *ladles out a bowl of the pot pie* We have cheese and a root hot sauce too if you want it.
[02/12/11 03:32] Kiley:Just lots and lots of cheese would do me fine.
[02/12/11 03:33] :Kiley grins licking her lips
[02/12/11 03:33] :Princess Katt slurps more coffee
[02/12/11 03:33] Hedge the Frog:Beware the jabberwock, my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch.
[02/12/11 03:33] Princess Katt:Ah, I used to know this...
[02/12/11 03:34] Kiley: (gtg again..still working:( )
[02/12/11 03:34] Hedge the Frog:Beware the jubjub bird, and shun the fruminous bandersnatch.
[02/12/11 03:34] Princess Katt: (come back again!)
[02/12/11 03:35] :Princess Katt smiles, listening to Hedge
[02/12/11 03:37] Hedge the Frog:Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore
[02/12/11 03:38] Hedge the Frog:While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door
[02/12/11 03:38] :Princess Katt puts her bowl aside and pours herself more coffee
[02/12/11 03:38] :Krioni sips at his own cup, listening
[02/12/11 03:39] :Princess Katt smiles and nods at the rhythm of the words
[02/12/11 03:39] Hedge the Frog:"'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "Tapping at my chamber door. Only this, and nothing more.."
[02/12/11 03:40] Princess Katt: (need to be afk for a bit... I'll be back)
[02/12/11 03:40] Hedge the Frog:Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December, and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
[02/12/11 03:40] :Kiley smiles
[02/12/11 03:40] Kiley: (watching and love this)
[02/12/11 03:41] Hedge the Frog:Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow from my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore
[02/12/11 03:42] Hedge the Frog:For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore, nameless here, forevermore.
[02/12/11 03:42] Hedge the Frog:And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
[02/12/11 03:43] Hedge the Frog:So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating `'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door
[02/12/11 03:43] Hedge the Frog:Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; - This it is, and nothing more,'
[02/12/11 03:44] Hedge the Frog:Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer, `Sir,' said I, `or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
[02/12/11 03:44] Hedge the Frog:But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping, And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
[02/12/11 03:45] :Kiley whispers tapping
[02/12/11 03:45] Hedge the Frog:That I scarce was sure I heard you' - here I opened wide the door; - Darkness there, and nothing more.
[02/12/11 03:45] Hedge the Frog:Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
[02/12/11 03:45] Hedge the Frog:But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token, And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `Lenore!'
[02/12/11 03:46] Hedge the Frog:This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `Lenore!' Merely this and nothing more.
[02/12/11 03:46] :Krioni grips his cup, fixed on Hedge
[02/12/11 03:46] Hedge the Frog:Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning, Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
[02/12/11 03:47] Hedge the Frog:`Surely,' said I, `surely that is something at my window lattice; Let me see then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore - Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore;
[02/12/11 03:47] Hedge the Frog:'Tis the wind and nothing more!'
[02/12/11 03:48] Hedge the Frog:Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore. Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;
[02/12/11 03:48] Hedge the Frog:But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door - Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door - Perched, and sat, and nothing more.
[02/12/11 03:49] Hedge the Frog:Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling, By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore, `Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,' I said, `art sure no craven.
[02/12/11 03:49] Hedge the Frog:Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore - Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 03:50] Hedge the Frog:Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly, Though its answer little meaning - little relevancy bore; For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being
[02/12/11 03:50] :Kiley giggles under her breath
[02/12/11 03:50] Hedge the Frog:Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door - Bird or beast above the sculptured bust above his chamber door, With such name as `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 03:51] Hedge the Frog:But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only, That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour. Nothing further then he uttered - not a feather then he fluttered
[02/12/11 03:51] Hedge the Frog:Till I scarcely more than muttered `Other friends have flown before - On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before.' Then the bird said...
[02/12/11 03:52] :Hedge the Frog waits.
[02/12/11 03:53] Krioni:Nevermore?
[02/12/11 03:53] Kiley: *claps her eyes wild and her heart racing* Wonderfullll.
[02/12/11 03:53] :Chengmingz smiles and nods
[02/12/11 03:54] Krioni: *smiles* Thanks so much Hedge. That was excellent.
[02/12/11 03:54] Hedge the Frog: *smiles and continues* Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken, `Doubtless,' said I, `what it utters is its only stock and store,
[02/12/11 03:54] :Krioni looked excited that there was more
[02/12/11 03:54] Hedge the Frog:Caught from some unhappy master whom unmerciful disaster Followed fast and followed faster till his songs one burden bore
[02/12/11 03:54] Hedge the Frog: (Very long poem)
[02/12/11 03:54] Hedge the Frog:Till the dirges of his hope that melancholy burden bore Of "Never-nevermore."'
[02/12/11 03:54] :Kiley laughs
[02/12/11 03:55] Kiley: (a good one though)
[02/12/11 03:55] Hedge the Frog:But the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling, Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird and bust and door; Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking
[02/12/11 03:55] Hedge the Frog:Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore - What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore Meant in croaking `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 03:56] Hedge the Frog:This I sat engaged in guessing, but no syllable expressing To the fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core; This and more I sat divining, with my head at ease reclining
[02/12/11 03:56] Hedge the Frog:On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamp-light gloated o'er, But whose velvet violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o'er, She shall press, ah, nevermore!
[02/12/11 03:57] Princess Katt: (back)
[02/12/11 03:57] Hedge the Frog:Then, methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor. `Wretch,' I cried, `thy God hath lent thee - by these angels he has
[02/12/11 03:57] Hedge the Frog:sent thee Respite - respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore! Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 03:58] Hedge the Frog:`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil! - Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore, Desolate yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted -
[02/12/11 03:58] Hedge the Frog:On this home by horror haunted - tell me truly, I implore - Is there - is there balm in Gilead? - tell me - tell me, I implore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 03:59] Hedge the Frog:`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil! By that Heaven that bends above us - by that God we both adore - Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
[02/12/11 03:59] Kiley: (shighks nok i have to go..great job hedge..loved it..lovecraft next time)
[02/12/11 03:59] Hedge the Frog:It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore - Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels named Lenore?' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 04:00] Krioni: (Dance next time Kiley, see you later)
[02/12/11 04:00] Princess Katt: (Bye, Kiley)
[02/12/11 04:00] Hedge the Frog:`Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!' I shrieked upstarting - `Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore! Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath sp
[02/12/11 04:00] Hedge the Frog: (Farewell)
[02/12/11 04:00] Hedge the Frog: *stutters* spoken!
[02/12/11 04:01] Hedge the Frog:Leave my loneliness unbroken! - quit the bust above my door! Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
[02/12/11 04:01] Hedge the Frog:And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming,
[02/12/11 04:01] Hedge the Frog:And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted
[02/12/11 04:02] Hedge the Frog:Nevermore!
[02/12/11 04:02] :Princess Katt stands up and claps
[02/12/11 04:02] Hedge the Frog: (NOW it's over)
[02/12/11 04:03] Princess Katt:Excellent, Hedge!
[02/12/11 04:03] :Krioni claps vigorously
[02/12/11 04:03] Hedge the Frog: *bows* Thank you, kindly. I must be going now
[02/12/11 04:03] Krioni:The food was steaming, the audience all beaming.
[02/12/11 04:03] :Chengmingz nods and claps
[02/12/11 04:03] Krioni:Hedge speaks well.
[02/12/11 04:03] Hedge the Frog:Ah, and but of course, I did not write that. *winks*
[02/12/11 04:03] Princess Katt:I'm afraid I must go, also.
[02/12/11 04:03] Hedge the Frog:Farewell.
[02/12/11 04:03] Chengmingz:Ahhh farewell then.
[02/12/11 04:03] Krioni:It was great to have you all. Maybe we shall do it again..
[02/12/11 04:04] :Hedge the Frog tips his hat and walks on.
[02/12/11 04:04] Princess Katt:Yes! Let's do it again!
[02/12/11 04:04] :Princess Katt waves and walks away
[02/12/11 04:04] Krioni: *smiles* Bye!
[02/12/11 04:06] :Krioni sits down next to the fire and sips his coffee, looking in to the fire
[02/12/11 04:08] :Chengmingz hums and gazes at the stars
[02/12/11 04:08] Krioni:It has been a good night, eh?
[02/12/11 04:10] Chengmingz:Indeed *smiles*
[02/12/11 04:14] Chengmingz: *bows* Good evening Phatom
[02/12/11 04:15] Chengmingz:*Phantom
[02/12/11 04:15] :Krioni looks up and realized he already missed her
[02/12/11 04:15] Krioni:Dang. People move through fast.
[02/12/11 04:25] :Chengmingz nods
[02/12/11 04:26] Krioni:Oh gosh! *quickly pulls cobbler off* Whew, doesn't look burnt.
[02/12/11 04:26] Chengmingz: *tilts his head* Oh dear...
[02/12/11 04:26] Krioni:I will have to save it for others later.
[02/12/11 04:26] Krioni:They take a long time to cook any way, so it hopefully isn't too bad.
[02/12/11 04:30] :Chengmingz nods
[02/12/11 04:31] Krioni: *sits back down* Well, while people who said they were going to didn't show up, I am really glad we had this. Maybe again next week or something.
[02/12/11 04:34] Chengmingz:Ahh that would be nice.
[02/12/11 04:35] Krioni: *nods* Thanks for coming.
[02/12/11 04:35] Chengmingz:It was a pleasure.
[02/12/11 04:36] Krioni:If anybody drifts by looking for me, I'll be at the Root of the Matter Inn. Thanks again Chengmingz.
[02/12/11 04:37] :Krioni begins packing up the leftover food and dishes
[02/12/11 04:37] :Krioni offers the remaining coffee to Chengmingz
[02/12/11 04:38] Chengmingz: *nods and takes the coffee* Thank you Krioni.
[02/12/11 04:38] Krioni: *smiles* See you around
[02/12/11 04:38] :Krioni heads off down the path
[02/12/11 04:38] :Chengmingz bows
[02/12/11 04:40] :Chengmingz waves at fenriskingofwolves
[02/12/11 04:40] Chengmingz:You missed quite a enjoyable picnic
[02/12/11 04:40] :fenriskingofwolves waves back
[02/12/11 04:40] fenriskingofwolves:Damn, I was hoping ot get here in time.
[02/12/11 04:40] :fenriskingofwolves shrugs
[02/12/11 04:40] Chengmingz: *smiles* It is ok.
[02/12/11 04:41] Chengmingz:Hmmm where did you get the needle?
[02/12/11 04:41] fenriskingofwolves:I got it over by Winds Sanctuary.
[02/12/11 04:42] Chengmingz:Oh really? In Wind's Sanctuary? Or somewhere else?
[02/12/11 04:42] fenriskingofwolves: *pulls out the needle, its surface gleaming in the sun.* A little ways away. Before the Fenths. I had to sneak past two men who looked as though they were up to no good.
[02/12/11 04:43] Chengmingz:Ahhh I see. I will go look for some right now. Are there any left?
[02/12/11 04:44] fenriskingofwolves: *turns the needle over in his hand.* I can show you where exactly they are if you wish, but I can not guarantee that there are any left.
[02/12/11 04:44] Chengmingz:Ahhh sure. Let us meet where the bird flies.
[02/12/11 04:45] fenriskingofwolves: *smiles* See you there.

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[quote name='VertuHonagan' timestamp='1322850128' post='97065']
I have a request. If we make it same place and same day. Maybe we can start it an hour earlier next time? This way I won't have to leave 30 minutes after it starts. :)

That is very easy for me to do, and hopefully alright with others as well. Next week I am incredibly flexible about when we do it.

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Here is the picnic log from last night. It was a great event, and I sure hope to continue having more. It may be that it will continue after the holidays though, as I will be home and it is difficult for me to get on then.
Things you can find:
- Grubs, pizza, cake, and sweet potatoes.
- Worrying for Sage's Sanity
- Discussions about activity, rewards, and quests in the realm
- Diger showing off

[log=Picnic Event 2]
[08/12/11 23:08] :Passant the weak passed Raw Glass to Falronn
[09/12/11 00:18] :Diger sits down silently
[09/12/11 00:19] :Princess Katt is napping in the grass
[09/12/11 00:20] Diger: *nudges Princcess Katt* ...
[09/12/11 00:20] :Brulant sleeps
[09/12/11 00:21] :Diger has to wonder if he has an odd sleeping effect on people
[09/12/11 00:22] Diger: *sits in the middle of the road waiting* ...
[09/12/11 00:25] :Diger scratches his head
[09/12/11 00:26] :Princess Katt shifts her position
[09/12/11 00:26] Princess Katt: (afk for a bit)
[09/12/11 00:27] :Diger wiggles in place some still watching the road
[09/12/11 00:29] Diger:...
[09/12/11 00:33] :Krioni walks down the path
[09/12/11 00:33] Diger:...
[09/12/11 00:34] Krioni:Hello everyone! How are you all?
[09/12/11 00:34] Diger: *blinks* ?
[09/12/11 00:34] Falronn:Hello. I am good.
[09/12/11 00:34] Krioni: *smiles* Good!
[09/12/11 00:34] :Krioni starts building a fire
[09/12/11 00:36] Diger: *goes over and sniffs Krioni* ...
[09/12/11 00:36] Krioni: *looks up* And hello to you too!
[09/12/11 00:36] Krioni: *takes hat off* I am Krioni, and you are?
[09/12/11 00:37] Diger: *blinks* die...ger
[09/12/11 00:38] Krioni: *grins* Pleased to meet you Diger!
[09/12/11 00:38] Diger: *cocks his head to the side* ....
[09/12/11 00:39] Krioni: *looks serious* Are you hungry Diger?
[09/12/11 00:39] :Diger nods
[09/12/11 00:39] Krioni: *claps, changing to joyous* Good! We will have food hear, in a bit.
[09/12/11 00:40] :Krioni continues to work on the fire
[09/12/11 00:40] Diger: *thinks* worms?
[09/12/11 00:40] Krioni: *looks back* Do you like worms?
[09/12/11 00:41] :Diger nods
[09/12/11 00:41] Krioni: *nods* Then we will have to scrounge up some worms.
[09/12/11 00:41] Krioni:Do you like them cooked or raw?
[09/12/11 00:42] :Krioni takes out a couple rocks and begins striking them together, creating sparks
[09/12/11 00:43] Diger:... *has no idea what cooked is* .....
[09/12/11 00:43] Makino Mane:Hello. :)
[09/12/11 00:43] Krioni: *leans back as the fire gets going* Here, I will be right back.
[09/12/11 00:43] Krioni: *waves* Hello Makino!
[09/12/11 00:43] :Diger lays down in the fire
[09/12/11 00:44] :Krioni comes back to Diger in the fire and laughs
[09/12/11 00:45] Krioni:Here, I will start a separate cooking one, Feel free to use that one.
[09/12/11 00:45] Krioni:So Makino, how are you?
[09/12/11 00:45] Princess Katt: (back)
[09/12/11 00:45] :Diger smiles his thick tail thumping the ground
[09/12/11 00:45] Makino Mane:I'm tired. I just woke up. (I'm VertuHonagans alt. Vertu is way out in the lands of east and it takes me an hour to move him 1 space. I couldn't bring him over here. lol.)
[09/12/11 00:45] Krioni: *smiles* Hello Princess! Good seeing you again.
[09/12/11 00:45] Diger: (wb)
[09/12/11 00:46] Krioni: (No problem! Good to have you in any way)
[09/12/11 00:46] Princess Katt: (ty)
[09/12/11 00:46] Makino Mane:How are you Krioni?
[09/12/11 00:46] Princess Katt:Hello, Krioni, Makino, Diger.
[09/12/11 00:46] :Krioni starts up a separate cooking fire
[09/12/11 00:47] Makino Mane:Hello Katt.
[09/12/11 00:47] Krioni:Great. Been a good week. Busy, and training a lot, so I am weak, but good.
[09/12/11 00:47] :Diger thinks realising he has only been here 3 days
[09/12/11 00:48] Krioni:So, for everyone here already, I plan to have some roasted sweet potatoes ready by 1:00 ST, with a campfire pizza ready soon after. Then I want to experiment in a campfire cake later on.
[09/12/11 00:49] Princess Katt: *sighs* Diger, you are going to be all covered in soot. And there is no lake here to clean you up.
[09/12/11 00:49] Falronn:Interesting choice of foods.
[09/12/11 00:49] Krioni:Feel free to bring anythig you want or cook whatever you wnat, and then besides that, have fun whichever way you want! I think I also owe a couple people a dance.
[09/12/11 00:49] :Diger gets up from the fire and shakes any left over flames off himself
[09/12/11 00:49] Krioni: *smiles* I like to mess around and think of different things.
[09/12/11 00:50] :Diger begins digging into the ground
[09/12/11 00:50] Makino Mane:Hmm...I dunno what I'm hungry for. lol
[09/12/11 00:50] :Krioni begins raking out coals and wraps a few sweet potatoes in foil
[09/12/11 00:50] Krioni:I know, most of us didn't last until desert last time.
[09/12/11 00:52] :Diger dissappears below the earth
[09/12/11 00:52] Krioni:*waves Kiley, Brulant, Passant, and others I don't know as well. Welcome.
[09/12/11 00:52] Krioni: (even if you are afk :P)
[09/12/11 00:52] :Makino Mane sits down by the road watching the guy work.
[09/12/11 00:52] :Falronn passed Memory stone to Krioni
[09/12/11 00:53] TTL: (KILEY)
[09/12/11 00:53] Krioni: *surprised* Thanks Falronn.
[09/12/11 00:53] Krioni:How have you been?
[09/12/11 00:53] Falronn:Your welcome. I've been good.
[09/12/11 00:53] Krioni:Been up to much lately?
[09/12/11 00:53] Princess Katt: *hugs TTL* I never see you awake anymore.
[09/12/11 00:53] TTL:Busy lately
[09/12/11 00:54] Falronn:Hmm... Just gathering sand and glass. Thanks to Passant here.
[09/12/11 00:54] :Diger resurfaces with his mouthful
[09/12/11 00:54] Princess Katt:It's a busy time, that's for sure.
[09/12/11 00:54] Krioni: *turns to TTL* I don't think I have met you. I am Krioni.
[09/12/11 00:54] Krioni:Cool Falronn.
[09/12/11 00:54] TTL:I am TTL
[09/12/11 00:55] Krioni:I got a tool last time, but didn't use it much, so I opted out of trying to go for one.
[09/12/11 00:55] Makino Mane:Whats a TTL?
[09/12/11 00:55] TTL:Why would you care to meet me?
[09/12/11 00:55] :Diger sets down a bunch of wiggling worms
[09/12/11 00:55] Krioni:Nice to meet you TTL *holds out his hand*
[09/12/11 00:55] TTL:TTL exceeded
[09/12/11 00:55] TTL:Time To Live...
[09/12/11 00:55] TTL:Exceeded
[09/12/11 00:55] Makino Mane:I see
[09/12/11 00:55] Krioni:Ah! Diger! WOuld you like to try some of those cooked?
[09/12/11 00:56] Krioni:Neat TTL!
[09/12/11 00:56] :Diger nods
[09/12/11 00:56] :Diger hopes he got eonough fr everyone
[09/12/11 00:56] TTL:I dont RP that often sorry Krioni. No offense
[09/12/11 00:56] :Princess Katt giggles at the worms
[09/12/11 00:56] Krioni:No problem. Just because it is something I enjoy does not mean I impose it upon others.
[09/12/11 00:57] :Krioni takes a handful of the worms and sets them in a pan
[09/12/11 00:57] :Krioni turns the potatoes
[09/12/11 00:57] TTL:And i cant say i like your kind either.
[09/12/11 00:57] Krioni:Thanks Diger.
[09/12/11 00:57] TTL:Mostly
[09/12/11 00:57] Krioni: *nods* Never needed you to like me either. It is fine.
[09/12/11 00:58] TTL:See you are way too polite.
[09/12/11 00:58] Krioni: *laughs* Yep.
[09/12/11 00:58] Kiley:Ain't nothing wrong with polite TTL. *smiles at him*
[09/12/11 00:58] TTL:I prefer blunt offensive aggresive people
[09/12/11 00:58] TTL:You are either a predator or a bait in this world
[09/12/11 00:58] Krioni:Kiley! How are you?
[09/12/11 00:58] Makino Mane:Krioni is normal
[09/12/11 00:58] :TTL stares at Kiley with a sad face
[09/12/11 00:58] :TTL then stares at the ground
[09/12/11 00:59] :Diger disagrees
[09/12/11 00:59] Kiley: *smiles warmly* Hello Krioni.
[09/12/11 00:59] TTL: (Aint talking to Kiley yo :P )
[09/12/11 00:59] TTL: (yim? xD)
[09/12/11 00:59] Kiley: (zip it TTL)
[09/12/11 00:59] Kiley: (lol)
[09/12/11 00:59] Falronn:I beg to differ. You can be polite and a predator at the same time.
[09/12/11 00:59] TTL: (I love it when you go wild)
[09/12/11 00:59] Makino Mane:We aren't talking about pedophiles
[09/12/11 00:59] Kiley: (behave)
[09/12/11 00:59] TTL:You ever seen a lion be polite to its victims?
[09/12/11 01:00] Diger:yes...i...have
[09/12/11 01:00] Krioni:I like to get to know people before I decide if they are a friend or not. It is when I have decided on friends and someone attacks them that I get upset.
[09/12/11 01:00] TTL:When you do we can talk about it again
[09/12/11 01:00] :Falronn laughs
[09/12/11 01:00] :Kiley rolls her eyes grinning
[09/12/11 01:00] :Diger has seen a lion be polite to victem
[09/12/11 01:00] :Krioni laaughs
[09/12/11 01:00] TTL:I dont like people. I dont like the majority. Most of us are stupid in my opinion.
[09/12/11 01:01] Krioni:Oh! *turns back to the potatoes*
[09/12/11 01:01] TTL:I might be included in the people i dont like but i havent decided on that yet.
[09/12/11 01:01] Krioni:Anyone want some sweet potato?
[09/12/11 01:01] Krioni:And the worms sould just about be done too...
[09/12/11 01:01] :Diger raise his paw
[09/12/11 01:01] :Krioni finishes frying the worms in the pan and adds some spices and rosemary
[09/12/11 01:01] TTL:So diger you got a paw?
[09/12/11 01:01] :Princess Katt pokes TTL in the ribs as rudely as she can
[09/12/11 01:02] :Krioni takes out a few plates and puts some sweet potatoe and worms on one and passes it to Diger
[09/12/11 01:02] :Kiley takes a seat in the grass watching
[09/12/11 01:02] :Diger thinks more like paw hands
[09/12/11 01:02] Makino Mane:I think I'll take some Krioni
[09/12/11 01:02] TTL:paw hands?
[09/12/11 01:02] Krioni:Potato, worms, or both Makino?
[09/12/11 01:02] :Diger sniffs the plate befor trying to eat it
[09/12/11 01:02] Makino Mane:Just potato for now thank you
[09/12/11 01:02] Krioni:I purposefully made smaller portions this time in anticipation of later.
[09/12/11 01:02] TTL:talk god d--- it. The blue stuff is for Lorerootians. Now you can be offended krioni.
[09/12/11 01:03] Kiley: (have fun..gtg)
[09/12/11 01:03] Makino Mane: (Bye bye.)
[09/12/11 01:03] Princess Katt: (bye, Kiley)
[09/12/11 01:03] Krioni: (Aww, dance later then Kiley)
[09/12/11 01:03] Diger: *dosnt talk unless he wants to, dont like it screw thy self* XD
[09/12/11 01:03] :Krioni takes some potato and puts it on to a plate, offering it to Makino
[09/12/11 01:04] Krioni:TTL, I am Lorerootian.
[09/12/11 01:04] Princess Katt:I'll have some, too.
[09/12/11 01:04] :Krioni smiles
[09/12/11 01:04] :Diger countes trying to eat the plae not knowing what it is
[09/12/11 01:04] Krioni:Potato, worms, or both?
[09/12/11 01:04] Diger:*plate
[09/12/11 01:04] Princess Katt: *giggles* Just potato, please.
[09/12/11 01:05] :Krioni puts some potato on a plate and holds it out for Princess Katt
[09/12/11 01:05] :Makino Mane takes the plate and sits back down.
[09/12/11 01:05] :Princess Katt takes the plate from Krioni
[09/12/11 01:05] :Diger ignores the plte and begins eating the potatoes and worms
[09/12/11 01:05] Princess Katt:Are there forks?
[09/12/11 01:06] Krioni: *laughs* Sorry! Yes, of course.
[09/12/11 01:06] :Krioni takes out some forks and passes them around
[09/12/11 01:06] Princess Katt:Thanks!
[09/12/11 01:06] :Krioni tries some of the cooked worms
[09/12/11 01:06] Krioni: *cughs* Well, they are crunchy. Thanks Diger.
[09/12/11 01:06] :Diger tries eating one of the forks to no avail
[09/12/11 01:06] :Makino Mane takes the fork and begins eating the potato quietly.
[09/12/11 01:07] :Princess Katt eats some potato, nodding to Krioni in approval
[09/12/11 01:07] :Diger spits out the fork and countes eating the worms and potato his tail thumpng the ground happily
[09/12/11 01:07] Krioni:Hmm, so I was out at the MDP earlier, and the Sanctuary before. I saw Princess there too. Where have the rest of you been lately?
[09/12/11 01:08] Falronn:I usually wander around. Or sit in Golemus.
[09/12/11 01:08] Makino Mane:MDP?
[09/12/11 01:08] Krioni:The marble dale park.
[09/12/11 01:09] :Diger finishes the food and countes to try and eat the plate itself getting more frustrated
[09/12/11 01:09] Krioni: *looks over* Diger, I can get you some more, or you can wait out for the pizza and cake. Your choice.
[09/12/11 01:10] Makino Mane:Oh. I just came from sages keep. Though wasn't able to enter it. :(
[09/12/11 01:10] Diger: *looks up this time trying to eat a fork* these...be...weird...clams? *gesters to the fork and clams* open...how?
[09/12/11 01:11] Princess Katt: (plate? not clams?)
[09/12/11 01:11] Krioni:Not clams Diger. We use them to eat instead of just using our mouths and hands.
[09/12/11 01:11] Diger: (yes plate not clams, for the gester anyways)
[09/12/11 01:11] Diger:.... *blinks and officaly feels embaresed* ....
[09/12/11 01:12] Krioni:No need to be embarassed. Could you tell us something about yourself Diger?
[09/12/11 01:12] Makino Mane:Where did you find such things? I always used my hands.
[09/12/11 01:13] Krioni: *shifts his position* I borrow them from the Root of the Matter Inn. I clean them up so that Mya and Sage don't get mad at me. I doubt if they have noticed.
[09/12/11 01:13] Diger: *blinks* what..you...know...what?
[09/12/11 01:13] Krioni:I don't know. What are you?
[09/12/11 01:14] Krioni: *stabs his potato* But they most likely have. Well, probably Mya. I think Sage has lost it.
[09/12/11 01:14] Makino Mane:Oh interesting. Sounds nice. ^^
[09/12/11 01:14] Diger:demon *thinks at least that what most people shout when they see me*
[09/12/11 01:15] Princess Katt:Yes, she went a little crazy with the decorating today.
[09/12/11 01:15] Krioni:And the puppet. What is with the phantasm puppet?
[09/12/11 01:15] :Krioni laughs
[09/12/11 01:15] Krioni:Well Diger, I know a couple demons, so that is fine.
[09/12/11 01:15] Krioni:You are like a tiger, right? But you can talk...somewhat.
[09/12/11 01:15] Princess Katt:It was a voodoo doll. I think she wished to harm Phantasm.
[09/12/11 01:16] :Kyphis misses Fury
[09/12/11 01:16] Krioni: *shakes his head* Hard to believe Sage has cracked so.
[09/12/11 01:16] :Diger isnt like a tiger or a dog
[09/12/11 01:16] Krioni: *looks over* Hello Kyphis!
[09/12/11 01:16] Krioni:Oh, my bad then Diger.
[09/12/11 01:16] Princess Katt:Hello, Kyphis!
[09/12/11 01:17] :Kyphis blinks
[09/12/11 01:17] Princess Katt:I think Diger is a "digger demon".
[09/12/11 01:17] Kyphis:Hello... I have been here for a while, you know >.>
[09/12/11 01:18] Princess Katt:Well, if you had spoken up....
[09/12/11 01:18] Krioni: *embarassed, runs his hand through his hair* Sorry, I get talking and forgot who all I have said hey too and who is just laying around half asleep.
[09/12/11 01:18] Kyphis: *laughs* Now why would I do that? I prefer to watch :P
[09/12/11 01:19] Diger: *blinks* demon..people...call me...what me is...me dont...know
[09/12/11 01:19] Princess Katt:Orbi?
[09/12/11 01:20] Princess Katt:Ah... some people just don't like togetherness, I guess.
[09/12/11 01:20] Krioni: *claps* Its alright!
[09/12/11 01:20] :Diger curls into a ball and rolls around some
[09/12/11 01:21] :Krioni begins preparing the pizza
[09/12/11 01:21] Kyphis:Hmm...
[09/12/11 01:21] Krioni:So we should do something. Last time Hedge entertained us, what should we do this time.
[09/12/11 01:21] :Diger spins befor ending up standing on the tip of his tail
[09/12/11 01:21] Falronn:We should all get drunk!
[09/12/11 01:21] Princess Katt:I find Diger quite entertaining.
[09/12/11 01:21] Kyphis:Oh, interesting
[09/12/11 01:22] :Diger picks up and starts juggling em
[09/12/11 01:22] Krioni: *looks at Diger with his head cocked* I think he is breakdancing.
[09/12/11 01:22] Diger:*picks up some rocks
[09/12/11 01:22] Falronn:Yes, he's an interesting little fellow.
[09/12/11 01:23] :Diger blinks and thinks little?
[09/12/11 01:23] :Diger flicnhes when a rocks thumps his head
[09/12/11 01:23] Kyphis:He's not that little?
[09/12/11 01:23] :Krioni takes off his coat and hat
[09/12/11 01:23] :Diger is the size of a young black bear thank you very much lol
[09/12/11 01:23] Krioni:Come now, you can juggle? How well?
[09/12/11 01:23] Kyphis:5ft bby 3ft is rather large, albeit smaller than a person
[09/12/11 01:24] :Krioni picks up a couple rocks and tosses one to Diger
[09/12/11 01:24] Falronn:Well compared to that golem I see walking around, hes pretty small.
[09/12/11 01:24] :Diger catches it and begins juggling it
[09/12/11 01:25] :Diger never looks at his paw like hands as he juggles the rocks
[09/12/11 01:25] Krioni: *stands up* Come now patrons of the Picnic at Tranquil Plains! We have before us the amazing talents of Diger the diger!
[09/12/11 01:25] :Krioni tosses another rock to Diger
[09/12/11 01:25] :Falronn begins clapping
[09/12/11 01:25] :Makino Mane watches them play.
[09/12/11 01:25] :Diger adds it to his juggling antic
[09/12/11 01:25] Kyphis:http://www.diggercomic.com/
[09/12/11 01:26] Krioni:*Watch his pawlike hands, or handlike paws, move without thinking! It is effortless, he isn't even thinking about it!
[09/12/11 01:26] Diger: (and for the record the name is pronouced DIEger just so yea know)
[09/12/11 01:26] :Krioni tosses another to Diger
[09/12/11 01:26] :Diger adds it in almost losing a rock in the proccess
[09/12/11 01:27] Krioni: *gasps aloud* Oh no! He barely added that one folks! We must begin to cheer him on. Let him hear your support! Diger! Diger!
[09/12/11 01:27] Krioni: *chants Diger's name* We have to work him up to the next one!
[09/12/11 01:27] Princess Katt:Diger! Diger!
[09/12/11 01:27] Makino Mane:*laughs and chants with Krioni.
[09/12/11 01:27] :Krioni picks up another stone
[09/12/11 01:27] Diger: (brb twin sis need me a moment)
[09/12/11 01:28] Krioni:Not loud enough people! Let them hear us over at the Gazebo!
[09/12/11 01:28] Krioni: (stall stall stall)
[09/12/11 01:28] :Krioni continues to chant as he waits for Diger to return
[09/12/11 01:29] Diger: (back)
[09/12/11 01:29] Makino Mane: (Ugh...I hate this time of year. I have to blow my nose a lot and nothing but blood comes out. -.-)
[09/12/11 01:30] Krioni: (ugh, that sucks)
[09/12/11 01:30] Krioni:Alright! Here we go!
[09/12/11 01:30] :Krioni tosses the last stone to Diger
[09/12/11 01:30] Diger: (i wish you luck brother)
[09/12/11 01:30] :Diger add it in flawlessly
[09/12/11 01:31] :Diger sends the stone flying higher and higher into the sky as he juggles
[09/12/11 01:31] Krioni:There you have it! The amazing Diger with the help of our patrons, pulls off another great stunt for us tonight!
[09/12/11 01:31] Princess Katt:Yaaayyy! Diger!
[09/12/11 01:31] Makino Mane: (Sure does. Thats winter for you.)
[09/12/11 01:31] :Makino Mane Cheers on Diger.
[09/12/11 01:31] :Krioni sits down and watches Diger
[09/12/11 01:32] Diger: *fumbles up and the rocks plop on his head one by one* ......
[09/12/11 01:32] :Krioni laughs and applauds Diger
[09/12/11 01:33] Krioni:Well done.
[09/12/11 01:33] :Makino Mane claps for diger.
[09/12/11 01:33] :Diger smiles his thumping the ground heavily
[09/12/11 01:33] Diger:*tail thumping
[09/12/11 01:33] :Krioni puts the pizza in a pan and sets a lid on, putting it on the fire
[09/12/11 01:33] :Princess Katt applauds Diger
[09/12/11 01:34] :Diger blances onto his hands and begins walking about
[09/12/11 01:34] :Krioni laughs
[09/12/11 01:34] :Krioni begins mixing together batter in a bowl
[09/12/11 01:35] Diger: *falls onto his back tired* ....
[09/12/11 01:35] Krioni:So are any of you planning on entering any of the christmas contests?
[09/12/11 01:35] :Diger shakes head no
[09/12/11 01:35] Makino Mane:Christmas contests?
[09/12/11 01:35] Princess Katt:I'm not sure. Time is short.
[09/12/11 01:36] :Krioni sets a couple tin pots of liquid on some coals
[09/12/11 01:36] Kyphis:No. I have a distinct dislike for the degree of prizes that are available right now
[09/12/11 01:36] Krioni: *looks at Kyphis* The degree?
[09/12/11 01:36] Princess Katt:Oh?
[09/12/11 01:37] Kyphis:Yup
[09/12/11 01:37] Diger:???
[09/12/11 01:37] Princess Katt:Meaning they are too great?
[09/12/11 01:37] Krioni:How so Kyphis?
[09/12/11 01:37] Makino Mane:Or not good enough
[09/12/11 01:37] Krioni: *gestures to the other two* What they said.
[09/12/11 01:38] Kyphis:The quality of prize is disparit to the degree of challenge
[09/12/11 01:38] Diger:both...great...too...nd...not...good...nough?
[09/12/11 01:38] Kyphis:The prizes are better than they should be by a ridiculouse degree
[09/12/11 01:38] Krioni:Ah, okay. You think the prizes are cheapened by the fact that there is not the challenge deserving them?
[09/12/11 01:38] Brulant:Just a little bit.
[09/12/11 01:39] Princess Katt:Hello, Brulant!
[09/12/11 01:39] Kyphis:http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=2454#comic
[09/12/11 01:39] :Diger offer Brulent some of his left over worms
[09/12/11 01:39] Krioni: *smiles* Brulant, you bless us by speaking.
[09/12/11 01:39] Brulant:I think that's part of the point though… Mur may want to reduce the value of wishpoints, morphs, etc.
[09/12/11 01:39] :Diger dosnt feel so blessed
[09/12/11 01:39] Brulant: *waves the worms away and smiles* No thank you, I just ate.
[09/12/11 01:39] :Brulant laughs
[09/12/11 01:40] :Princess Katt hugs Brulant forcefully
[09/12/11 01:40] Kyphis:I prefer to earn my prizes...
[09/12/11 01:40] Brulant: *oofs* No hugging!
[09/12/11 01:40] Brulant: *looks at Kyphis* As do I.
[09/12/11 01:40] Makino Mane:I gotta go.
[09/12/11 01:40] Princess Katt: *giggles* Gotcha!
[09/12/11 01:40] :Diger lays down in his own personly fire
[09/12/11 01:40] Brulant:I participate in quite a few quests, and I've never seen such good prizes.
[09/12/11 01:40] :Diger waves bye to Makino
[09/12/11 01:40] Makino Mane: (Gotta go get ready for work. See yas.)
[09/12/11 01:40] Krioni:*waves8 Thanks for coming Makino, take a piece of pizza with you?
[09/12/11 01:40] Princess Katt:Bye, Makino.
[09/12/11 01:41] Kyphis:Consider that I spent a full year at MP3 in an effort to fully work towards my goals of running the MDA, and having been offered the position several times I still refuse because I have not yet done..
[09/12/11 01:41] Makino Mane:Thank you for the offer but no thanks. I'm quite busy
[09/12/11 01:41] Kyphis:All the work for the position
[09/12/11 01:41] Brulant:And I'm rather disgruntled by the fact that most of the submissions cropped up AFTER the prizes show up.
[09/12/11 01:41] Krioni:See you later then.
[09/12/11 01:41] Brulant:If you like a quest or puzzle, you should participate before you see wonderful awards.
[09/12/11 01:41] Princess Katt:You are very conscientious, Kyphis.
[09/12/11 01:41] Brulant:But maybe that's just my mentality.
[09/12/11 01:41] Kyphis:Yes
[09/12/11 01:42] Kyphis: (@Bru)
[09/12/11 01:42] Princess Katt:Well, I can see why people would wait for better prizes.
[09/12/11 01:42] :Diger mutters something thinking i dont have a conscience
[09/12/11 01:42] Brulant:ZenTao, are you awake?
[09/12/11 01:43] Krioni: *nods* I can see that. So you believe a piece of work, lets say like art, is worth more if it is done out of desire for the subject rather than desire for the profit? Even if the latter is better?
[09/12/11 01:43] Brulant:"Art for arts sake."
[09/12/11 01:43] :Diger raise his paw/hand
[09/12/11 01:43] Princess Katt:I was thinking of starting a quest for wedding gifts... for originality... but I could only offer a few silver.
[09/12/11 01:43] Krioni: *points to Diger* Diger.
[09/12/11 01:43] Brulant:Take it this way, I don't help Mur test features, and get sent off the map in the process, because I want first glimpse of the features or the chance of a reward at the end.
[09/12/11 01:43] Princess Katt:But then, not a difficult quest.
[09/12/11 01:44] Diger:better...how?
[09/12/11 01:44] Brulant:I do it because I think it will improve the Realm, and I have fun participating.
[09/12/11 01:44] Princess Katt:We need more players like you two, Kyphis and Bru.
[09/12/11 01:44] Krioni: *smiles* That is the point. There is a distinction between value placed in the effort of attaining something and the value of its actual quality.
[09/12/11 01:45] Krioni:A matter of intention and not of action persay.
[09/12/11 01:45] :Diger thinks befor decideing he rather not say why he dosnt do quests
[09/12/11 01:46] Princess Katt:I'm afraid not all of us have such good work ethics.
[09/12/11 01:46] Kyphis:Brulant, make sure to find me on Christmas day
[09/12/11 01:46] Krioni:Is that what you mean Brulant?
[09/12/11 01:47] Brulant: *nods* Exactly, Krioni.
[09/12/11 01:47] :Diger sniffs around wondering if the pizza is dumb
[09/12/11 01:47] Krioni:Oh! *quickly takes off the pizza*
[09/12/11 01:47] Krioni: *opens it up* Feel free anyone.
[09/12/11 01:48] Krioni: *turns back to the discussion* So the quesiton is finding a structure that rewards intention as well as action and effort.
[09/12/11 01:48] Diger: *sniffs at the pizza* poisen..is.....it?
[09/12/11 01:48] Krioni:No, at least not to us Diger.
[09/12/11 01:48] :Diger takes a piece befor scampering into the grass to eat in peace
[09/12/11 01:48] Kyphis:Yes, but it is tasty poison, and it won't kill you unless you take a stupid dose
[09/12/11 01:48] :Princess Katt takes a slice of pizza and puts it on her plate
[09/12/11 01:48] Falronn:How about just make all the prizes a suprise?
[09/12/11 01:48] Kyphis:Falronn....
[09/12/11 01:49] Kyphis:Due to the way that quests need to be run, and a lot of less public rules....
[09/12/11 01:49] Brulant:Because Seigheart did that to me, and it turned out that the "prize" was a couple fresh remains.
[09/12/11 01:49] Brulant:And I felt that my effort was cheapened because of it.
[09/12/11 01:49] Kyphis:That sadly isn't an option.
[09/12/11 01:49] Brulant:It's a delicate balance.
[09/12/11 01:49] Falronn:I see.
[09/12/11 01:50] Krioni: *nods at Brulant* That, and then the one time there is something good you will have people who "grind" it all no matter what to just get that one rare thing.
[09/12/11 01:50] :Diger comes back and lays in the fire listening to the confusing conversation
[09/12/11 01:50] Kyphis:If prizes are not public, then people can create quests aim at reward ing the person they think will win. However, if the person they want to win doesn't win, they just hold back on the prize they wan
[09/12/11 01:50] Brulant:What Kyphis said.
[09/12/11 01:50] Kyphis:t that person to win until they make a quest that that person DOES win, thus essentially prize fixing
[09/12/11 01:51] Princess Katt: (afk for a long bit, need to eat, LOL)
[09/12/11 01:51] Diger: (enjoy)
[09/12/11 01:51] Falronn:If only people would be sensible about such things.
[09/12/11 01:52] Kyphis:There are argumants for both cases, however non-diclosed prizes opens up a lot of forms of abuse that disclosed prizes doesnt
[09/12/11 01:52] Brulant:Falronn, that's not the way capitalism works. *laughs*
[09/12/11 01:53] Krioni:So what if there are different types of competitions? Fighters, artists, etc are divided in to groups, after a certain amount of time you can choose to be one.
[09/12/11 01:53] Brulant:The only sense that makes sense is Benefits ≥ Costs.
[09/12/11 01:53] Krioni:Once you do, there can still be general competitions for all.
[09/12/11 01:53] Falronn:Just be like me, start giving away everything you have.
[09/12/11 01:53] Kyphis:Which, ironically, means that Capitalism can't work long term
[09/12/11 01:54] Krioni:But then rare benefits can be evenly distributed to the different groups. Someone who is a fighter cannot take advantage of someone in an art competition.
[09/12/11 01:54] Brulant:And, call me paranoid, but I'm not sure I like the idea of an anonymous community poll decided the outcome of ZenTao's quest.
[09/12/11 01:54] Kyphis:Because if the benefits always need to outweight the cost for something to happen, eventually you deplete all the resource pools and there is no benefit to doing anything
[09/12/11 01:54] Brulant: (deciding* wow typos.)
[09/12/11 01:55] Kyphis:It also means everything gets funneled upwards to whoever is at the top in one giant pyramid scheme :P
[09/12/11 01:55] Brulant:Ah, Kyphis, that's getting into the idea of scarcity vs. abundance. Which is something that is a huge factor in this Realm.
[09/12/11 01:55] Brulant:And yes, yes it does. *laughs*
[09/12/11 01:56] Kyphis:One of the major differences in this realm compared to real life is that resources, being imaginary, are not finite
[09/12/11 01:56] Kyphis:Which, amuseingly, is how real world money works :P
[09/12/11 01:56] Diger:....
[09/12/11 01:56] Brulant:But we've created artificial scarcity.
[09/12/11 01:56] :Brulant winks
[09/12/11 01:56] Krioni: *nods* But the ability to generate more of the resources, especially rare ones, are controlled by a privileged few.
[09/12/11 01:56] Falronn:So... hows that pizza Krioni?
[09/12/11 01:57] Krioni: *gestures to it* It is done, would you like some?
[09/12/11 01:57] Brulant:Ooou
[09/12/11 01:57] Falronn:No thanks. I am just wondering.
[09/12/11 01:57] :Diger has eaten more then half the pizza
[09/12/11 01:57] Brulant:Quest Clickables? What's that?
[09/12/11 01:57] Kyphis: (Money is a measure of debt. The more you have, the more everyone else owes you)
[09/12/11 01:57] :Krioni takes the rest away
[09/12/11 01:57] Brulant:Next to options.
[09/12/11 01:58] Brulant:When did that show up? *laughs*
[09/12/11 01:58] Krioni: (Not on mine Brulant)
[09/12/11 01:58] :Diger blinks wondering if there is more food
[09/12/11 01:58] Brulant:It's a list of everything I've coded, and shows which of my scripts have gone inactive and how many days the remaining ones have.
[09/12/11 01:58] Kyphis:You need to have coded clickies first, Krioni
[09/12/11 01:59] Brulant:AND REMOTE EDITING!!!!
[09/12/11 01:59] Krioni: *laughs* Brulant, you are so happy.
[09/12/11 01:59] Brulant:Oh, wait, maybe not.
[09/12/11 01:59] :Krioni puts the cake batter in a dutch oven and puts it over some coals
[09/12/11 01:59] :Diger tries to sneak for the rest of the pizza
[09/12/11 01:59] Brulant:Awesome!
[09/12/11 01:59] :Brulant dances
[09/12/11 01:59] Krioni:More food later Diger.
[09/12/11 01:59] :Krioni takes the pizza away
[09/12/11 02:00] Kyphis:Love this, and yes, remote editing
[09/12/11 02:00] Brulant:Oh, this is so useful!
[09/12/11 02:00] Diger: *frowns and sits* yes...master
[09/12/11 02:00] Krioni:Might want to grab some if you want it guys, not sure how long I can hold off Diger.
[09/12/11 02:00] Brulant:It's worth it to leave a little something on every clickable now.
[09/12/11 02:01] Krioni:So, consider the situation where after a set number of active days, or at a certain part of the story, you choose a craft.
[09/12/11 02:01] Falronn:Kyphis, find me in five or so hours and I will give you a memory stone.
[09/12/11 02:01] Krioni:Let is assume Fighter, Artist, and Adventurer are the three for the example.
[09/12/11 02:01] Krioni: (*us)
[09/12/11 02:02] Kyphis:I go to work in a half hour, I'll be back in 11
[09/12/11 02:02] Brulant:Farewell, Kyphis.
[09/12/11 02:02] Krioni:Each faction has internal competitions, quests, and rewards that are only available to that craft.
[09/12/11 02:02] :Diger waves by
[09/12/11 02:02] Brulant:No, Krioni.
[09/12/11 02:02] Krioni:Thanks for being here Kyphis!
[09/12/11 02:02] Krioni:See you.
[09/12/11 02:02] Brulant:That's too much like choosing a class.
[09/12/11 02:03] Brulant:And that's the reason we have alliances.
[09/12/11 02:03] :Krioni sits back and thinks
[09/12/11 02:03] Kyphis:... A half hour is not now >.>
[09/12/11 02:03] Brulant:Sort of. *winks*
[09/12/11 02:03] :Diger feels dumb lol
[09/12/11 02:03] Krioni:Then maybe there needs to be more activity in the alliances.
[09/12/11 02:03] Brulant:It may as well be, time flies.
[09/12/11 02:04] Brulant:I can't speak for your alliance, but the Tainted Warriors maintain themselves.
[09/12/11 02:04] Krioni:One way to aim at more intentionality is to limit what everyone can do. Make the rewards equal and try to make the difficulty equal, but limit how many someone can do.
[09/12/11 02:04] Brulant:I think what you mean is more _public_ activity. *winks*
[09/12/11 02:04] Krioni:They have to choose the things they enjoy doing.
[09/12/11 02:05] Krioni:Honestly, I see a distinct lack of both, at least for players of my level.
[09/12/11 02:05] Krioni:The reason I started this, for example. But this is not a context or quest, no rewards here except for time with friends and messing around.
[09/12/11 02:05] Krioni: (*contest, ugh darn typos)
[09/12/11 02:07] Krioni:Maybe the real problem is that there are too few people willing to actually get stuff going. We may sit and grumble about how we dislike the difficulty level for the prizes, but
[09/12/11 02:07] Brulant: *nods* That's exactly it.
[09/12/11 02:07] Krioni:maybe what we need is fresh minds, fresh people that want to create the new challenges worth being rewarded such?
[09/12/11 02:07] Brulant:We all love to express our opinions and offer ideas, but not many people like to see them through.
[09/12/11 02:07] Brulant:Myself included.
[09/12/11 02:07] Krioni:Since there is no one stepping up, the flow of prizes go to these efforts.
[09/12/11 02:08] Falronn:How do you know that those arent already here?
[09/12/11 02:08] Krioni: *nods* I agree.
[09/12/11 02:08] Brulant:I've had most of a quest finished for some months now, but haven't made that final push.
[09/12/11 02:08] Diger:me imagine...team quest..go all over relm, do quest to help coplete main quest
[09/12/11 02:08] Krioni:Pardon me Falronn?
[09/12/11 02:08] Falronn:Those fresh minds.
[09/12/11 02:08] Brulant:That, and I need to reorganize it because some of the recent changes blew some holes through it.
[09/12/11 02:08] Krioni:Oh, well. Hopefully.
[09/12/11 02:09] Krioni:I try and do some questing. I am enjoying Fyrd's right now, in between other things I do.
[09/12/11 02:09] Krioni: *takes a slice of pizza* Last chance before I give the rest to Diger.
[09/12/11 02:10] Falronn:I would love to make some quests, but my kind of thinking leads me to clickables.
[09/12/11 02:10] Krioni: *points to Diger* See you can get that started. It is a cool mechanic. Find someone with a neat storyline, get something going. Don't let the idea sit and garner dust. t
[09/12/11 02:11] :Brulant grumbles something about the random function not being random enough
[09/12/11 02:11] Diger: *tils head* ???? *wish he didnt say anything* .
[09/12/11 02:12] Krioni: *sips his coffee* If it is an old random generator, it is probably actually generating off of a clock. Those are terrible unless they go by milliseconds or something.
[09/12/11 02:12] Brulant:If anybody here gets any sort of storyline done, and you just need someone to implement it, I'd be happy to help in my spare time.
[09/12/11 02:12] Brulant:Which admittedly is rather scarce at the moment.
[09/12/11 02:12] :Diger raise paw
[09/12/11 02:12] Brulant:I don't know if it's that, but there's a very distinct pattern to it.
[09/12/11 02:12] Krioni:What if we sponsor quest making and generating activity in the realm?
[09/12/11 02:12] :Krioni points to Diger
[09/12/11 02:13] Diger:story...is...what? *point to pizza as well*
[09/12/11 02:13] Diger:*storyline
[09/12/11 02:13] Krioni:Like, you can have a great mechanic, but why do people care to do it? Some will enjoy it for the mechanic, others will enjoy it to hear story. Prose. Imagination.
[09/12/11 02:14] Kyphis:Falronn, I have full clickies access if you need help
[09/12/11 02:15] Brulant:Krioni, if you go over to the Gazebo I've put a simple card game on a rock.
[09/12/11 02:15] Diger: *has lots of imagination, but poor confidence* (in all ooc thats my biggest problem)
[09/12/11 02:15] Falronn:Thank you Kyphis, but I'm not ready to make any quite yet.
[09/12/11 02:15] Brulant:That I originally coded during the Day of Justice when we were all stuck in the ToA, but that's beside the point. *laughs*
[09/12/11 02:15] Krioni:But what if we did sponsor people? Have a judge of people in different back grounds who approve efforts, help people in seeing them through, then offer a reward for the effort.
[09/12/11 02:15] Krioni:Sweet, I will try it out Brulant.
[09/12/11 02:16] Krioni:They can seek out ideas like Diger's or Falronn's, people like you guys Brulant and Kyphis, people who already enjoy doing it. You guys can help new people in how to get started.
[09/12/11 02:16] Falronn:Well there is the Treasure Keepers who sponsor quests.
[09/12/11 02:17] Falronn:But that's not going far enough towards your point.
[09/12/11 02:17] Krioni:Yes, but no one to sponsor and mentor quest-designers.
[09/12/11 02:17] Brulant:Well, Fyrd is happy to help you if you ask him.
[09/12/11 02:17] Falronn:I liked Passant's Eon quest, and I have promised him my 3 silver coins to the next quest he makes. Anyone else could do the same.
[09/12/11 02:18] :Kyphis coughs
[09/12/11 02:18] :Diger looks around at the guys
[09/12/11 02:18] Kyphis:I'd talk to Burns about that...
[09/12/11 02:18] Brulant:Yes, we need more quests running in the Realm.
[09/12/11 02:18] Brulant:I'd love to see your idea take off.
[09/12/11 02:19] Falronn:And Krioni, that's a good idea. Perhaps you should work towards something along those lines?
[09/12/11 02:19] Krioni:Does that make sense though? It helps get people who have ideas but are unsure of themselves or don't know where to start the experience they need to get started.
[09/12/11 02:19] Krioni:Hmmm. Maybe, but I would need people who actually know about making quests. I have never made one and do not necessarily know of one myself I would like to make.
[09/12/11 02:20] Krioni:But I do want to see people more active.
[09/12/11 02:20] Brulant:I finally figured out a nice way to run multiple unique quest segments off of the same clickable, so I should be able to code for multiple people at once.
[09/12/11 02:20] Krioni: *laughs* Which is an oxy moron for me.
[09/12/11 02:20] :Diger sniffs around for that pizza
[09/12/11 02:20] :Kyphis coughs again
[09/12/11 02:21] Krioni:Oh! *hands off the rest to Diger* The rest is yours sir. Thanks for listening to our babbling.
[09/12/11 02:21] Kyphis:Ask the archivists. We kinda... record... EVERYTHING >.> in MD at some point
[09/12/11 02:21] Krioni:Kyphis?
[09/12/11 02:21] Krioni: *laughs* Sorry!
[09/12/11 02:21] Brulant:Kyphis, is your throat okay? You've been coughing an awful lot. *laughs*
[09/12/11 02:21] :Diger eats the pizza happily
[09/12/11 02:21] :Krioni laughs harder
[09/12/11 02:22] Brulant: [Archives article]
[09/12/11 02:22] Kyphis:Hmm? Oh, fine. Its a theatrical device for getting peoples attention, anyway.
[09/12/11 02:22] Kyphis:http://www.cvrpg.com/
[09/12/11 02:24] Krioni:So now I need to write my ideas down, so I remember them later.
[09/12/11 02:25] Krioni: (I am laughing hard at that comic)
[09/12/11 02:25] :Diger lays down snoozing but always listening
[09/12/11 02:25] Kyphis: (I have nudreds)
[09/12/11 02:25] Kyphis: (Literaly)
[09/12/11 02:26] Kyphis:(Hundreds
[09/12/11 02:26] Krioni: *rests back, checking the cake* Brulant, I always end up in conversations like this when I am with you.
[09/12/11 02:27] :Diger looks up hopeful the cake is done
[09/12/11 02:27] Brulant: *chuckles* It's you, not me.
[09/12/11 02:27] Krioni:But my other conversation are so much less....
[09/12/11 02:27] Krioni:Less. Intriguing. Not that I don't like them, but still.
[09/12/11 02:28] Krioni: *looks over to Diger* A few more minutes.
[09/12/11 02:28] :Diger tail thumps the ground, he seem ready to jump at the cake
[09/12/11 02:29] Brulant: *shrugs* I find that I'm a good foil.
[09/12/11 02:30] Diger:...
[09/12/11 02:30] Brulant:But the inspiration has to come from you.
[09/12/11 02:31] Kyphis:http://www.smbc-theater.com/?id=191
[09/12/11 02:32] Krioni: *smiles* Thanks, but still. I would consider myself the same way. Didn't you recently write an awesome piece on theories behind magic?
[09/12/11 02:32] Kyphis:http://www.smbc-theater.com/?id=188
[09/12/11 02:32] Brulant:Awesome a pretty subjective term...
[09/12/11 02:32] Krioni:I choose it then.
[09/12/11 02:33] :Diger cocks his head
[09/12/11 02:33] :Krioni nods
[09/12/11 02:33] Krioni: *pulls the cake off the fire and takes it out* It needs to cool first Diger, so I can spread some icing on it.

Also, there has been a suggestion to move it to 23:00 ST (Which is 4:00 EST I believe). I want to get everyone's opinion on this before we move it, so leave them dang opinions!

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  • 1 month later...

So an update on the picnics.

First off, I am very sorry for how inconsistent they have been. Moving up to MP5 and having the AP to explore new areas like the Tribunal, plus competing in the HC, has kept me very busy of late. I really do want people to be able to plan on coming!

An update on times: I have considered and I will be starting to do them on Fridays, because of my own schedule now. I will be starting them back up after the HC, so hopefully this coming week!

Also, I really need help from some of you guys. Please, please, please send me on the forum, in the game, or on this thread the times that work for you! I want to get as many people as possible to be able to come. I am already thinking of doing two different times, one around 21:00 ST and another later, around 4. Let me know, please!

See you all around the realm, and hopefully we can enjoy some coffee ^^

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