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more VE per regeneration cycle


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Something I noticed as I played was that the better I got, the longer I had to wait between good attacks. When I started the game, I could heal all of my creatures within an hour. That made for some exciting gameplay as I could attack and be attacked more frequently. The problem is, as my creatures went from 200 or 300 health to 2500, it started taking over an hour to heal a single creature.

To fix this, I have several ideas. First of all, perhaps the VE regenerated each cycle could increase as the player gains more experience or increases their MP level. MP3 would still regenerate 300 VE an hour, MP4 might regenerate 500 or more VE an hour. Upgrades would also be available (perhaps unlocked during gameplay) to further increase this amount.

VE regeneration could also be based on Max Vitality. A player would regenerate anywhere between 5-15 percent of their Maximum Vital Energy every cycle. This would also allow for upgrades to be unlocked during gameplay to increase the percentage gained.

A third idea I had was to regenerate VE based on the average maximum creature vitality (the sum of the maximum vital energies of all your creatures divided by the number of creatures you own). One possibility with this is that every regeneration cycle, you gain enough VE to completely heal one of your average units, or, if that's too much, maybe half of one of your average units. In any case, it would add more possibilities to the game. Personally, I like this idea the best.

Please don't just shoot down my ideas - I understand that part of the game's concept is to be played a little bit every day, not all at once, but I think that improving the VE gained per regeneration cycle wouldn't ruin the concept but would actually make it more fun!

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personally i agree it takes a loooooong time when your creatures are all dead to regenerate them... I would have to wait about 5 or 6 hours myself to accomplish that. I like the second idea best mainly because it'll still take a while, but not as long. the percentage should be equivilant to what you start out with, e.g. 300 ve to whatever you start out with max(i forgot) this way you still have the same percentage increase per regeneration for ve

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The Principle of Syntropy is the basis of clear-sightedness,

prediction, intuition, healing, growth, some regeneration forms and

some forms of annulment of destruction based on energy consumption

I don't know what to say about cyclicity , you see it allover yourself, life is cyclic, earth is, etc....and related to the game, it will for sure have a conection with the regeneration interval and things that repeat.

This should help. Also, you DO get an upgrade to 500 Ve per cycle, but that is at MP5. I agree, maybe there should be an interim step between MP3, if MP3 gets 200, and MP4 gets 300.. I think maybe for each MP level, you should be able to get 100xMPlevel of Ve per cycle.

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Why cant VE of my creatures regenerate when Im logged off ?Now, if I want to regenerate all my army I have to log in every hour to spend all my points, and this is a bit annoying. I log in an hour or so and regenerate 2-3 monsters. :) Lets say it happens that you couldnt play the game for a day or two, you log in with the intention to have some pleasure, make some battles, but you remember that your army is dead and you have to start working on regenerating your creatures, and again you're frustrated because this takes a lot of additional time. Another example would be when you wake up in the morning and you want to play, however you again have to start regenerating for hours :)

I believe that the thing that could solve these problems would be faster VE regeneration or creatures VE regeneration when you're logged out(not idle). Of course there could be small problems like:

A person doesnt want his VE to go to his creatures, he wants to store it as he's, for instance, buying an egg :) or so.

Or perhaps someone doesnt like this because he wants to regenerate one particular creature or something like that.

But again, all this could be settled very easily I think. There could be something like simple ticks for "storing/not storing" or "priorities".

Probably there would be more problems, but still I dont see why this thing could be worse that it is now .

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I'd like to point out the the regeneration problem exists for MP3 players, as well. I have several Dark Archers with 1500 vitality. They require three regeneration cycles right now at 500 VE per cycle. Add in all my other creatures and it take a long time. Then to, my own VE Max is high enough that it takes a couple of hours to regenerate. And I can see it is only going to get worse until I have only a few minutes game per day. I can see it coming.

Additionally, there are so few "healthy" players in the game that by the time you've found someone worth attacking, you've most likely had your VE drained off by unwanted attacks. The result is a morass of wounded, dead, and dying players.

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